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  1. The Certificate from MapMyIndia - MapMyIndia.pdf The Confirmation Letter from India Book Of Records - prabhakar rao cnf.pdf The Certificate from India Book Of Records - The ID Card from India Book Of Records - The Momento from India Book Of Records -
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    The Final Result now - Race Dynamics, Spider, Engine Cal, Pete's, Race Chip, Tunit. The Results are based different tests done. The tests are done for finding the following - Mileage In-gear Acceleration ( 20-80 in 3rd gear, 40-120 4th gear) Acceleration figures 0-60, 0-100, 0-150 Top Speed Pollution Refinement The Devices & Methods used in this process were - Tank full to tank full for 1 V-Box & GPS phones for 2,3 & 4 Smoke Meter & Pollution testing for 5 Decibel meter for 6 ( NVH levels) ‚Äč Basing on these a Point system was used to determine the positions. Lot more things like DYNO charts, Exhaust gas temperatures were also used for this Extensive comparison.
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    @ rssh Thanks!! Race Dynamics manufactures DieselTronic. The Exact Prices of the Boxes can be obtained from the makers. They vary depending on the Locations ( Shipping, taxes), Make of the vehicle & model. Indicative Prices from them at the time of testing - Race Dynamics (DieselTronic) - 20k Spider - 22.5k Engine cal - 28k Pete's - 28k Race Chip - 12-15k Tunit - 30k
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    Diesel Tuning Boxes are an easy solution for the people who want some extra power with minimum hassles. In simple terms it is a small box (Resistor, Potentiometer, etc.) which tries to FOOL the ECU in pumping more diesel into the engine. It is primarily preferred because of its ease of installation & removal. Any person who can drive a car can install & uninstall in 5-10 minutes. It usually does not leave any error codes when scanned with an OBD Scanner. However it has its own advantages & disadvantages. In the market there are numerous Tuning boxes claiming that they have the best Box. They simply claim they boost the power by crazy numbers at the same time increasing the fuel efficiency. When someone tries to purchase a box they have lots of options & claims which confuse the Potential Buyer. To make things easy we did a full test of some available boxes. These boxes are either sourced from the makers or taken from the customers who purchased them. We tried our best to perform these tests in identical conditions. The comparison is to check the 1. Drivability 2. Mileage 3. Performance overall 4. In-gear Acceleration 5. Turbo Lag 6. Acceleration figures 0-60 7. Acceleration figures 0-100 8. Acceleration figures 0-150 9. Top Speed 10. Refinement 11. Pollution 12. Price 13. Ease of use 14. Quality The list of tuning boxes in comparison is: 1. Pete's 2. Tunit 3. Unichip 4. Race Dynamics 5. Race Chip 6. Spider 7. Engine Cal We chose the Fiat engine for the test as it can be called the national engine of INDIA with maximum number of vehicles ( Fiat Grande Punto, Linea, Palio, 500, Tata Indica Vista, Manza, Maruti Swift, Ritz, Dezire, SX4) running with it. The Chevrolet Beat also has the same engine with 3 Cylinders. Moreover Fiat sold 4 million units worldwide. Cars used for the comparison are - 1. Punto 90hp 2. Punto 75hp 3. Indica Vista Quadrajet 4. Indigo Manza Quadrajet 90 5. Old Swift We now have a OBD scanner & V-Box for the tests along with our regular GPS Phones. Dyno charts have been prepared for the TOP 3 Contenders.
  5. Driving is a passion for these two, which made them attempt this record. 6000Kms in 79 Hours and 30 mins---- AVR Prabhakar Rao and Mandapaka Bhaskar, engineers by profession attempted this drive with a slogan called