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  1. You could buy a new diesel car at that price point. According to me that is a bit too high. If you are open to other options then probably you could consider Punto MJD or Polo TDi. Both are amazing products and are solidly built. Polo may lack certain features like climate control, steering mounted controls etc but once you drive it, you wont be complaining.
  2. @speedman Also ask for corporate discount they have a gold and platinum list, where a bunch of companies, public sector and MNC are listed. Depending upon the company you work for or your brother, father,sister,mother you can get a discount. But you should be in a position to prove the relationship. Secondly ask for dealer discount- Go with your cheque book and let them dance on your tunes. I recently booked my Polo and managed 15k dealer discount on top of free ins+amc+ accessories. Pitch two to three quotes and they will gradually try and match the lowest. FInally, take everything in writing. Their verbal commitment holds no value. Do not buy their speech on trust and confidence.
  3. @ wildon can you help me decode wvwc12600ct040529. My best guess is March 2012. and considering this is mid of July I have second thoughts on accepting this vehicle.
  4. Thanks for that. Anything on overhaul of the existing petrol engine and upgrading to the revolutionary TSI. Looks hard that it could be implemented since it has just made its way to jetta, but still curious to learn about any new developments in petrol engines.
  5. Wagon R CNG, Especially the 2008 make I guess, I drive my friends Wagon R CNG all the time. Sometimes I feel a CNG powered auto could take on this car, without much trouble what so ever. Gear shift- does not qualify to be in a car Acceleration- What is that? NVH- I like to be on the top
  6. No not now. Just booked my polo. Any update on the petrol polo.
  7. Friends, I have a 2004 Santro Xing up for sale, reason, I have booked a new Polo. It has done 48,600 kms and has the following new fittings:- 2 bridgestone tyres Set of pioneer speakers Amaron Battery Philips Headlight kit with relay.
  8. Whats with the latest micra campaign? Micra for 3999/- p.m
  9. I agree with you on the above. I booked my Polo 1.2 today and found my self in a hurry because of several reasons, one being, my pre-approved loan getting expired today. Overall I think I managed a decent deal, but i think i could have done better if had some more time. As far as ext. warranty is concerned, I tried very hard to bargain but could not manage because of shortage of time. but then again I haven't made the full payment yet. just paid 10k, wont hurt much. I'm offered tons of free accessories as you mentioned, so let me try once again to trade them with ext. warranty
  10. Because sarkari babus supposedly are social workers (social disruptors) who work for menial salaries (minus bribes), hence the subsidies/benefits/nonchalance.
  11. VW offer (dealer- downtown, Mumbai) VW Polo, Free Insurance- 1st year Cash discount- 20,000 INR (can be used for accessories) Free front speakers. Guys, this offer is without negotiating, once you have the booking amount with you it gives you more bargaining power.
  12. Contd.. If they are so prompt in hiking prices as soon as the international per barrel price increases, then why not show this promptness in reducing the prices. I have never seen a significant price cut, until recently(goa 11rs). Mumbai is just 21 away from a century and bangalore just 19 away. at this pace these two can reach the 3 digit figure in no time. Thank you for all the news and well played you two. After all these corruption scandals we just needed a cheery for the topping. Is it time we invited private players and foreign players to compete here. Just like most of our other industries. Let there be a price war.
  13. Well said librankur, Every now and then we hear about a price hike, I'm sure within a month they will bring down the price by about 2 Rs and will argue that the effective hike was Rs.5/- and people eventually will adjust with the price since they have no choice. Car lovers like us cant do without our cars. What about the numerous hikes we have had in the last 2 years, we started to live with the last price of 70.68 (mumbai) and will adjust with this price as well. Thats what we do, always... adjust. Adjust with corruption, defunct government, inflation etc and the list is endless. Yes, BJP will protest for a few days ofcourse in vain, since they have no power. Weak rupee, not really, every other currency is europe is depreciating due to euro crisis against the dollar, hence dollar is picking up. What is the solution? Stop driving or switch to alternative fuel, I dont think so. I am in no love with alternative fuel. I drive my friends wagon r LPG and guys its a sorry feeling. No offence to owners. I have to make frequent trips to hospitals with my father for his check up and treatment. Do you really think I would consider petrol prices then. Like me I guess number of people would be paying this irrational prices because they have no choice. they are helpless. Its a shame that our government is not willing to reduce their share of money. I guess it goes upto 50% per litre, including central and state government taxes. If goa can do it, why not others.
  14. Hi, @ashikawa, I guess you have a polo 1.2? Did you ever consider the figo? My heart says Polo but head says Figo, only reason its a lot cheaper than Polo. But I never did a test drive of the figo since I do not want my head to win over my heart.(which is tough in this respect) You did not elaborate much about the fit and finish, engineering, durability, FE etc of the figo in your last post. Looks is something very subjective so lets not consider that for the time being.
  15. Sir, my answer would still be in the favour of a petrol car. and the reason as always is going to be your limited usage. Plus the extra money you pay for the diesel, it will take you more than 2 years to recover that money. Diesel motors are also high on maintenance and require more attention then a petrol motor. And I guess once the government decide to deregulate diesel, which will happen very soon, it will no longer be a viable choice for many. If you are looking for a city car, then you can go ahead with an i10, easy to maintain and drive. Other cars to look for is a spark, Chevy has stepped up their game and are offering some great deals on spark, Plus its cheaper to own and has alternative fuel option. I'm not mentioning any car from Maruti's stable since everybody knows about them and you will find a million people to talk about them. So please excuse me. If you are looking for a balanced highway and city performance then I would recommend a VW Polo. Has great highway dynamics, ride is very stable with no or minimum body roll. Exceptional fit and finish for a hatch. If you want more room then nothing can compare to an i20 in India. Decent car with good city drive capability. The only downside is its price.