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  1. They should also do the following--- 1. Change the name to VISTA 2. Provide Alloy Wheels as Standard in Aura + 3. Change the dashboard from central mounted to side mounted , like Manza
  2. Just wondering, how will the Renault Logan team react after seeing the Manza and its pricing. Puneet2009-10-15 09:43:58
  3. the promos look good with red cruze
  4. i am eagerly waiting for the car as i want to see how Tata Motors positions it alongside Fiat Linea
  5. Mr aryan man these pictures are clicked by me Thank you guys for your comments. I didnt knew this will be such a big news big news. I should have watermark the pictures.
  6. I saw the bike and i think its 150 cc
  7. you have to search for it. but if you dont find it please let me know at puneet@perfectmarketingmrt.com , I will courier it to you and you deposite money in my ICICI account.
  8. Dear Vas007, I am using it in my Ford fiesta and the sound is very clear. I can asure you for that. Please go for this device as its very useful and you dont have to carry your Tapes/CD etc with you , just carry you USB Pendrive with all your favourite music. Even I have sold 10 pieces of these modulators to my friends and all of them are very happy with it and they are thanking me for getting such as useful device for them.
  9. Hi , I have recently purchased a FM Modulator which can play music from USB Pen Drive SD card and Ipod/any other device through its FM Modulator. All We have todo is set a FM frequency say 87.5 in the modulator and set the same frequency in the car stereo , then it starts playing the music. We have to put it into car lighter for power , It has a small screen and remote control .It also comes with a wire for connection IPOD etc Its an Amazing Device for everyone who does not have a USB/SD card access in their stereos . Price Rs 795/- only Features : MP3 Car FM Modulator & Transmitter with Remote Control, Decoding format : MP3 Supports USB Flash Drive Switch channels with one key or Remote Control Memorizing FM Frequencies Memory Play - Remembers the Current File 6 Frequency selection Connectivity with CD / MP3 / DVD Player through Line in Power : 12 V DC through car cigarette lighter. 1. For Flash Memory (usb drive AND SD CARD SLOT only) Plug FM Modulator into vehicle's 12 Volt adaptor (Cigarette Lighter) Plug your Flash Memory / usb drive into FM Modulator's USB Port Select one of the 6 FM Modulator preset stations that a local radio station is not broadcasting on (87.7, 87.9, 88.1, 88.3, 88.5 and 88.7 MHz). Tune your car stereo to the same FM Frequency as the FM Modulator. Press the Play button on the FM Modulator. Music/Audio is transmitted to vehicle's stereo system, making it a complete wireless system. Press the forward, pause, stop or back buttons to advance, pause, stop or go back one track at a time or use the remote for easy operation. 2. For use with MP3, CD, DVD Players, I-Pod's, etc. Plug FM Modulator into vehicle's 12 Volt adaptor (Cigarette Lighter) Using the universal audio cable (provided with the modulator), plug your MP3, CD, DVD player or any other audio device into the FM Modulator's stereo jack. Select one of the 7 FM Modulator preset stations that a local radio station is not broadcasting on (87.7, 87.9, 88.10, 88.3, 88.5 and 88.7 MHz). Tune your car stereo to the same FM Frequency as the FM Modulator. Press the Play button on the FM Modulator or use the remote for easy operation. Music/Audio is transmitted to vehicle's stereo system, making it a complete wireless sytem Puneet2009-05-09 08:41:56
  10. you can get any car parts in Meerut as it is the biggest spare parts market in North India as lots of people here do trading for 2nd hand parts. i myself have purchased some parts from here
  11. While going to Noida from Meerut I saw these 3 bikes bearing UP-16 Numberplate in yellow color . From back it looked like the Yamaha FZ and from front they were masked on the fairing. I immediately took the pictures from my mobile phone. Please see the link for the pictures http://img18.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=image044s.jpg
  12. http://img18.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=image044s.jpg
  13. the bikes I saw were same as FZ from back but had big fairing from front and these fairings were masked
  14. Can anyone please tell me how to upload the pictures?
  15. Hi , while going to Noida from Meerut yesterday I saw these 3 Motorbikes with UP-16 Numberplate and these motorcycles were masked from front. I suddenly realized that these were Test bikes and from front it had big fairing.
  16. Nice looking car and very spacious. I saw it last week as I was in London.
  17. I think FIAT should get Mr. BVR Subbu ( I know he is doing his own business) or Mr. Jagdish Khatter ( Same Case) or Some Smart chap like them from the Indian Automobile Industry , who could help FIAT achieve its goal. There first priority should be to change their image in the mindset of indian people and there service related problems. When Fiat is the partner with Tata Motors then why dont they have every dealership as Tata-Fiat Dealership rather than selected few in India . I feel this is very strange.
  18. We still have not decided which car to buy but most probabely we will go for Optra Magnum diesel as just now 4% rates have been reduced further decreasing its price , so as i told earlier we will decide in the last week as discounts will be maximum.
  19. Dear Bluesapphire, In my city Meerut (65 Kms away from New Delhi) we dont have a Fiat , Toyota and Skoda dealerships. Rest all Dealerships are there - Maruti , Hyundai , Tata , GM , Ford , Honda and Mahindra-Renault All this I am mentioning because of the Service issues other wise we have to send the car to NewDelhi for servicing. We want to sell our swift as it does not give a reasonable fuel average ,about 9-10 kms in the city. My younger brother drives it and is very irritated because of this fuel average issue. He has also tried his best to get it resoved by sending it to service centre but that was of no use , the fuel average is same. We think that a Chevy Spark will fulfill his needs
  20. Dear friends, I thank all of you for your valuable suggestions and comments. Me and my father have decided to buy the car in either the last week of December or first week of January. By that time the Fiat Linea will also be launched. Last week my father in law also braught top varient of Chevy Optra Magnum Diesel, which we test drove and found amazing and very comfortable. More one thing i want to share with you guys is that at present we have got 3 cars - Hyundai Verna CRDi - 60000 KMS - 1year 8 months old Suzuki Baleno Petrol - 82000 KMS - 3 years 6 months old Suzuki Swift Petrol - 35000 KMS - 2 years 6 months old (Not very fuel efficient) We have 4 people who drive in our family My father and me were thinking that if we sell both Baleno and Swift and buy 2 cars in a period of next 2 months. So what do you suggest if we buy a Ford Fiesta ZXi Diesel and a Chevy Spark instead of a Optra Magnum Diesel
  21. Thankyou all for your suggestions. one more thing is that my father's friend was telling my father that there are chances of GM being bankrupt as he has read somewhere , so if this happens then what will be the scenerio here in India??
  22. Thanks Vibhor for your suggestions. I will defenately wait for Fiat Linea before making my decision but it will be difficult for me as i have to convince my father about Fiat ,as he has lost faith in this brand. I will make my decision in the last week of December as discounts are very very high and therefore i can get good deal.
  23. Hi friends! I am planning to buy a new car. As my running is high please suggest me which one is better keeping in mind Fuel Average , Maintainence cost , Comfort , Ride & Handling and Resale Value (as i generally sell my cars after 3 years). My budget is from 8 to 9 lakhs, can stretch little bit more. Optra Magnum diesel MAX or Ford Fiesta Diesel SXi
  24. Hi Everybody, I have just received a invitation card from T&T Motors New Delhi which says that they are showcasing Maybach 62 on their West Delhi Showroom on 15 & 16 October 2008. So This Maybach has been in Delhi for the same purpose.