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  1. My 2 Cents : Optra LT with all those Features are Much Much Much cheaper to get.
  2. Honda is very reliable.More than Maruti.But Spares are Costlier on Honda.City is more safer on the Highways.Most stable will be the Civic.Something that is More Stable and More Comfy is the Optra.11 years of Troublefree Ownership on my Optra.Its cheaper to get and I highly recommend it for Highways.
  3. Thanks guys.I will surely help people here.Hackintosh means Running a Custom built Mac OS on a PC like Niresh OS X.etc.About my Cycle...well,She is all soaked in Dust.I will surely Clean her up and Post pictures of her.You can search me on Google as Bharath Narayan Singer and You will get an Idea of me.Thanks for Joining me in here.BTW,I can help fellow Chevy/Daewoo Owners too.
  4. Everyone,You are underrating the Cruze.She is the successor of Optra so She is Awesome.Also the Cruze is a Segment better than City.City is a good car but Cruze is better every way because of the Next Segment.Ciaz is a better buy than City.Cruze is better than Ciaz
  5. Optra has less Maintainence and This is from an Optra Owner with 11 Years of Ownership experience.Nothing short of Awesomeness
  6. Also Please consider the Chevrolet Optra LT.It is a very good Car.My Dad owns an Optra 2004.She is 11 Years old and has not given us a Single trouble on the City and the Highways.Petrol 1.6 Mileage is 12-1 Kmpl in City.It can go up to 18 Kmpl on Highways.Chevrolet also has good Service Centre.Optra is very cheap to get today.Optra LT which is the Top model has Sunroof,2 Airbags,ABS,6 CD Changer,Alloy Wheels.You can get one under Rs.3 Lakhs.Thanks
  7. KDar90HP is totally right.Please drop getting a Bike for Rs.60,000 and get the TVS Wegp or Jupiter and be happy because things cannot get better than that.
  8. Hello Everyone,I am S.Bharath Narayan.I am turning 16 this 16th of January.I am a Full-time Musician and I am also a Drop-out from School when I was 14 (8th Standard) due to Concentration on Music and Automobiles.I am also a Techie who Fixes Dead,Slow or Problematic PCs,Phones,Tabs.etc.I also Handle Hackintosh.So I can help fellow member with his/her Device or any Questions regarding a New Device.I do not own a Motor Vehicle myself because of no Valid Licence.I have a LA Sovereign Spark SP Black Edition.What's so special is that This is a Very Limited Edition in which only less than 20 Units are running all over the World.So I consider her as a Gem.She has been with me for the Past 7 Years.She was bought on my Birthday.Costed Rs.6000 back then.I am a Daewoo and TVS Fan.When I turn 18 and Get my Licence,I have various Plans.One is get a Daewoo Matiz SG and do a Full Restoration (Emotionally Attached) or get the RE Bullet 500 or the TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS.I got to know Auto car by that Bullet 500 review.I hope I will enjoy here.Thanks