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  1. My recent Updates, I went to Hyundai showroom in Chennai regarding the new face lift verna, But the sales manager told that all are rumors, nothing like that face lift in verna so far. I dono whether he is not aware or hiding to sell the existing verna. Regarding Honda city, I changed my booking to SVMT petrol from VMT because 3 things I need customization. Alloy, Music system, fog lamp. All this 3 + ORVM + chrome handle + sensor camera is VMT model. Then why I need to choose VMT? Its good value because only 65k difference SVMT and VMT. But I can use this amount according to my wish. The sad thing is fresh waiting period
  2. I am not sure , the booking days will be considered if i switch to Petrol Variant. The current revised price is, Petrol SVMT = 10.38lac Diesel SVMT = 12.24lac Previously the price difference of SVMT petrol and diesel is 1lac after 2015 its 1.8lac (definitely high cost revised) So i'm leaning towards petrol. May i know , how much mileage for ANHC petrol in city and highway? And maintenance cost?
  3. Thanks ! According to me , C2 segment is high for me, so i don't want to choose a car which is not fame, or going to be fame/hit. My mind has been set like Ciaz will be in (Baleno, kizashi, SX4) list which is good to buy , but people buy less and that makes resale value less.
  4. Hey folks, I have booked (dream car) Honda City SVMT diesel, and now i have lot of confusions to buy. I am 29, i will drive the car in weekends only,for me two things important. Good sporty look sedan and resale value. I opted for two cars City and Verna. Diesel Variant( for resale value) City +ve reliable brand, nice comfort, decent looks. -ve is i came to know diesel variant is not good like noisy inside cabin, normal interior, old model alloy wheel, poor grill design (some peoples say Honda City is uncle car/family car) Verna +ve is stunning looks,well shaped. new trendy, cool interior, diamond cut alloys wheels. -ve Backseat comfort, front headlight, grill looks and ( doubtful hyundai cars quality after 3yrs) MyTest drive experience Diesel city is not satisfied as compared to verna, driving feels that i drive diesel engine van. As usual sales person excused ,this is test vehicle. but Verna feels soft,silent, fast, new car. Now another big confusion, yesterday i went to hyundai showroom to check/sacrifice back seat comfort. The sales person said , wait for this month end New Hyundai facelift verna is coming to solve all -ve things(like suspension change, front look etc., but not sure about rear seat comfort. And also i received my new tariff from honda with 4% customs charge. Which makes my booked SVMT to cross 10lac from ex-showroom, this results additional 5%tax. So the current SVMT diesel car value is 12,24,000. Should i wait for the new verna? Or go for petrol variant city? Kindly advice please.