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  1. My pick would definitely be the Toyota . Though the Fortuner is slightly pricier than it's American Rival the Fortuner can easily outlive the Endeavour with easier and lighter maintenance bills . If people were thinking that Reliability and maintenance was only Toyota's advantage they were extremely wrong cause the Fortuner actually drives a little better Than the Ford though the Fortuner seems to be less powerful on paper it's got a much better power delivery and also the space and comfort of the Fortuner second and third row are comparatively better than the Endeavour . The Fortuner can also easily travel in all terrains that the Endeavour can and its got almost all similar bells and whistles except for the sunroof which most people don't really use in India and a power folding third row which isn't so important considering Ford has cut down on the telescopic steering wheel which is something much more mandatory for such an expensive car . I conclude by saying that for the couple of extra lacs that I pay for the Fortuner I get a more comfortable car which will last my entire lifetime without burning holes in my pocket .