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  1. I am really impressed that you have maintained your car so well even after rolling so much Kms. As I have purchased Honda City recently ( 15 days owner to be precise), would like some recommendations and suggestions on the maintenance of the car.
  2. thanks ... Its cost on road is 8.73 Lacs including all the accessories.
  3. thanxx ..banadict austin, As everybody say its really a gem especially engine.. So far I have driven more than 200 Kms.. engine is absolutely silent..sometimes I even fail to notice that engine is still running when I was waiting for my friend. Suspensions are amazing ..they handle rough road with ease.. Tyres are of Goodyear make and effective with efficient braking system. Though I haven't checked FE of the car.. I am getting notion that it is better than my expectation ..even with A/C on. This is it.. I will surely post detailed ownership review...later !!
  4. thanxx buddy... I bought my car from the dealer 'Landmark Honda' .They also deals in Volkswagen & Mercedes - Benz quite a big group.. The deal was great.. All of my accessories were installed by the dealer itself.. However.. no matter how much you get always left wanting more.. HSRPs are not mandatory in Gujarat as of now but I would like to get them mandatory as one can feel secure having one of them.
  5. I have installed only Blaupunkt subwoofer with GTA 2 amplifier and I am quite happy with its performance. I have opted for JVC speakers which are installed in the doors and I dont regret my decision as I do like to pump up the music but also want to hear horn of other vehicles.. I believe Blaupunkt lives upto its brand & efficiency.. it absolutely justify cost.. but before going for it.. try 2 get demo of it..
  6. hi guys, after so much discussion within autocar forum and studying reviews of other members, I finally landed myself on Honda City Corporate Here are some pictures I would like to thank all the autocar forum members for their suggestions and support.
  7. @ rssh... I live in Ahmedabad and on road price of honda city corporate is 8,13,000 inr. As for alloy wheels i can choose any of designs from neo wheel alloys. though i am still negotiating on cash discount.. the audio-video-navigation system, is from the honda itself. it includes usb, aux, bluetooth,etc.
  8. HI, well guys, I went to Honda Showroom with thought of price enquiry for Honda City Corporate Model. However, I end up getting a deal which I cant resist. And I am still puzzled whether I am tricked or it is really a good deal. I need your suggestions guys ..the details are : I am getting Honda City Corporate on- road @ 8,61,000.00 inr which includes : a) Neo Alloys wheels Honda Audio Video System with 230 watt*4 speakers (speakers of JVC make) c) leather seat covers d) Rear reverse camera e) Autocop security system f) body color handles & mirror g) Honda genuine accessories (mud flaps, floor mat, car perfume, 3M teflon coating, etc) h) Nil depreciation So guys .... this is all.... Tell me what you feel or any other suggestions.. what will cost of this accessories if i go for after market ...
  9. hi, Can somebody suggest standard procedural check of facts or things to be followed up with the dealer.. !!!
  10. Thanks guys .. for all your support & advices ... I have finally settled my eye on ...Honda City ..version has to be decided yet..
  11. I wished if Chevrolet guys have launched Sonic in India ... I would have grabbed it on its very 1st Day of availabity..
  12. @ dr nishu forget to mention... that FE part of aspect I asked for was for Honda City & Skoda Rapid...
  13. @ ashikawa Earlier I was swinging between Skoda Rapid .... Honda City.. and Volkswagen Vento.. Well now it is between Honda City and Skoda Rapid.. Volkswagen is out of picture (Hyundai Verna is also have peppy look,low cost spares, gud A.S.S .. but it is also out coz of its soft suspension and irresponsive handling on high speed .. Maruti SX4 and Desire ..I dont feel much about them). Between Vento and Rapid, Rapid is better choice...more VFM.. more safety features.. @ lesser price Apart from strong build.. spare parts and A.S.S is also important.. coz it doesnt matter how good car is from outside and inside.. If it cant be maintained due to hindrances like high spare costs or bad A.S.S.. However, u have Volkswagen Polo and certainly can tell your part of story in terms of A.S.S u have experienced. Thanks for advice.. I appreciate it
  14. @dr nishu; As expected you have provided polished information as usual. I am totally agree with points you have presented. Some of my folks and friends have gone for Volkswagen Vento and Polo ; and are quite happy with their performances. In my city (Ahmedabad), we have only one Skoda dealer which in many terms gives upper hand to them. However, I will certainly would go in-depth of A.S.S scenario of Skoda in our region. As for spare parts, I think they might have some comparative chart of spare parts and would ask for... I have also heard and read that apart from spare parts..It is the Synthetic Fluid or Synthetic Engine Oil is which rises the cost of services. Pls confirm it... as I am indirectly related to lubricant business.. I can certainly get benefit in this genre. As in for Fuel Efficiency.. Lets get real,one can certainly cut out 3 to 4 km/ltr mileage from what any car manufacturer claims. I know mileage is subject to City traffic and road conditions. (Driving style also.. ) Honda City owners claims FE to be 9 to 10 km/ltr in city.Skoda I dont know anyone so cant comment. My travelling is subjected to mostly 90 % in City and 10% of outstation visits (which is also quite rare & few). So I am interested in Car which can deliver the performance in City.. It will be really helpful If u can provide information on fuel efficiency (realistic figure not ARAI ones) separately for City and Highway driving.. I hope I am not asking too much....
  15. @ Sachins Even I feel Honda City is the best car in this segment. It is still in purview of cars I am looking for. Based on negotiations and best possible offer I can bag.. I will finalise the car I will be driving. Thanks for your advice
  16. hi guys, I am planning to buy Skoda Rapid Ambition 1.6 MPI MT. However, was going through several various other forums and cited various cases of Skoda's wrost after sales service. It has led me to be very concerned about it. As parent company Volkswagen also has great presence in India and doing well too. Does not it improved the scenario a little bit. It will be really helpful, If recent skoda owners can throw some light in these issues . If not Skoda Rapid ..which will be better Honda city, Ford fiesta or Volkswagen Vento (Petrol only). thanks in advance