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  1. Dear rssh, By new rakes, I assumed them to be the new white and voilet rakes (like this rake). Only one rake of this type has airconditioned driving cabs. Moreover, the AC equipment in that rake is not roof mounted. I have personally been inside the cabs of a few of these rakes. There are three to four older rakes having roof mounted AC. They look like this. If you notice carefully, this rake does not have airconditioning. Here is a similar rake which has airconditioning. (All photos clicked by me)
  2. Sorry missed one point. Only one rake of all the new rakes has AC motorman's cabin. What is visible on the roof of the driving cabins is not an AC, but it is the equipment for forced ventilation of the passenger area.
  3. Hello, I would be thankful if the ACI team could clarify my following doubts about the rail test of WDG-4 locomotive. Also mentioning some more facts. Seatbelts are not really required for locomovites. There will be no quick acceleration/braking and collisions are very rare. In fact, if the drivers sense a collision imminent, they tend to get out of the cabin of the locomotive. Maximum allowed speed of WDG-4 is only 100 kph. WDG-4 is very efficient for hauling freights as freights are limited to 75 kph. Low and mid range are WDG-4's strong point. Acceleration is slow after 40-50 kph. WDP-4 struggles with long passenger rakes (23-24 coaches). I would like to know the source of acceleration figures. I think that they are of a light locomotive. The WDM-3D hauling rajdhani express will not be able to reach 90 kph in 68 seconds. In fact, No locomotive hauling a train will be able to do this. Airconditioned driving cabs are a distant dream in IR, where sometimes locomotives do not have proper seats also. LHF visibility is not much of an issue for drivers.
  4. M-800 4 speed. Around 16-17 in city and 19-20 on highways, 50% AC usage.
  5. Looks good. The central console could have been better though. Will be successful if they price it a bit lower, say 50 K less. 6-7 lakhs is a bit more to pay for a hatchback, IMO.
  6. Yes. Verna is a very good car. Go for it. Hyundai's service network also is good.
  7. I would vote for P-220 as the bike of the year. It was the first to introduce fuel injection. But its missing from options
  8. I won't mind fancy numbers. But with the heavy charges levied for these by the RTO, my vote goes for no.
  9. Yes. Zen MPFI has 60 bhp. M 800 carb version has 37 bhp, 5 speed version had 45 bhp and current version has 37bhp.
  10. Yeah..Cedia will be a good choice. Or how about an Octavia RS? PS: Is this topic in the right section?
  11. Akshay

    Yeh Mera India

    Good one. I just get a feeling that the speed of video has been increased.
  12. Yes...i10 also is a very good car & can win the award, but personally I like SX4 more
  13. Getz is priced higher than Swift. So, if budget is a constraint go for Swift. Swift loses out on the getz in terms of space. Performance of Swift is not as good as Getz, but not bad either! But, Swift is a good looker. Fuel economy of Swift is very good. No idea about FE of Getz diesel.
  14. Nope. Being in Mumbai, I was fascinated by local trains right from my childhood, and then I found the site in my signature. I am very impressed with the discussions going on on this forum. I will definitely gain lots of knowledge about cars & bikes. Akshay