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  1. What !!!!! No edit button to even edit my spelling errors a minute after posting ???
  2. Hi Guys, Anybody here knows what the Chennai RTO slabs are for fancy numbers (or do you have link to any online chart of the TN transport dept) as i could only find a govt chart for the MH transport dept. The MH chart clearly states what type of numbers and lists the actual numbers with a general slab rate for that group of numbers. The slabs start at 5k and go right upto 1 lakh etc. Unable to find a chart like that on the TN state govt site. Tried calling the RTO and speaking but they only said its a % of the vehicle value (which is true) and you can pay that and pick ANY number ! Im sure the person who answered has missed out something since i know a single number 9 and a 9009 has a difference in cost or in this case the percentage might be different dpending on which slab type (such as single number '9' '7', palindromic mirror numbers '9009' '1001' etc). Can anyone shed some light on the slabs ? Thanks
  3. I will use the above refilling procedure at least next time onwards.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to explain. This will definitely be of use. But i think is an intricate and cumbersome job though. But i read this just after i bought the new battery. Fixed the 35ah amaron battery. Wtih extreme diufficulty. The battery guy gave up and said he cannot fix the clamp back. Its true as its really in a craped place stuck under 2 solid iron bars and its like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. So had to start it with the new battery but lose rods and went to NANO authorised service station. Took the engineer 1 Hr solid to figure out how to put it in. That too cramping himself between the seats lying half outside the vehicle and half inside. This is the position the battery has been placed in the 'wonderful' vehicle. He himself agreed that its near impossible to put the battery back. And sweat pouring in the sweltering heat, he was trying and trying and then finally another service guy had to go in and do it. And throughout they were asking me "where did u change the battery" again n again. As if we damaged it or what. Its in brand new condition and its obvious its been design by a foolish company. And its like as if i dont have the right to change my own battery or what ? My advise is dont buy a Nano. Most people giving good reviews about a nano are first time car users and are highly kicked up about the vehicle and feels it great, because theyve probably not used a well designed car. Using an eeco and zen and the nano makes you want to ram it into the wall.
  5. Its out of warranty. 18 months right. The Nano orginal battery has only a measly 1 year warranty on it. So they are offering just 300-400 bucks adjustment on take back.
  6. Only issue i can say is that i sometimes leave the car for a week or 10 days. Since im using the EECO then. Cant help it because i have to juggle and use to give both some exercise. To further explain what happened, the battery went flat recently after not using the car for just 7 days. So i called a local exide shop and asked him to recharge it and also check water levels. When he brought back the battery. There was water (or something like water) oozing down it onto a newspaper that we kept the battery on. So when i looked closer, the battery was sweating (for lack of a better word), and i wiped it and mounted it into the car. After mounting it in i tried starting and the entire dashboard was flickering like a strobe light with a very audible high speed KRRRRRR electrical kind of noise (not mechanical) which was matching the console panel flickering. And the speedometer was rattling away against its resting pin while the car was in neutral and stationary. And the the engine would chug and chug and then start. Took it to the nano service center and he didnt know anything and was blank. He checked it with a multimeter and said its delivering the correct voltage but yet behaving like this and he doesnt know why. He will have to keep the car for a day or 2 to research and find out. Which i dread !!!. They will ruin and break the vehicle and give it to me (based on past experience, more details in my upcoming nano review). On a sidenote, nowadays car dealers greatly help make your vehicle get the USED or OLD look. They cant stand customers who have the car without a single hairline scratch and in brand new condition. The car came back from first service looking like a grisly bear lived in it for 2 days. Complete dashboard scratched and abrased. Perfectionists like me will die of heart bleed. Is it possible he poured tap water into the battery given the train of events ? If yes is it possible to revive the battery or better to change it to be on the safe side ?
  7. Just 18 months down the line and my nano battery is dead beyond revival. Im having a nightmare with this car. Compared to my Zen and My EECO. Will soon be giving a 2 yrs of ownership review of the car. I called the service center and they either dont want to tell or dont know whether i can put in an AMARON battery. The Amaron helpline confirms i can put in a 35AH 12v battery. But the problem here is that the battery that comes with the car (that is the one that's now dead) is a 25AH battery from exide. So can i use a 35AH battery from amaron ? Has anyone used such a battery in the Nano. Some say it can be used with no problems. Some say you cant. Can any of you comment ?
  8. Hi Hersch, I just spoke to them at Concorde Motors, Chennai Ambattur and they declined to have me inspect the vehicle, even from a distance. Thats a little shady. I wonder why ? Then he was trying to tell me he will try and get special permission etc but still feels they wont allow it.
  9. Hi, Have any of you asked to see your cars oil change being done ? Some service stations dont drain the oil fully etc and ive had friends experience things like this. With all the awareness of consumer rights doing the rounds, i guess how they still refuse to let you see them working on YOUR car. Do share your thoughts. Thanks
  10. Sorry but i have to add, i also found an impeccable condition 2002 lancer. Its been maintained by a guy that loves cars obviously since i had a chat with him. Hes quoted about 1.75 lacs. Its black and the body is perfect. The boot looks clean and well maintained too. Single owner. brand new battery etc etc.
  11. We found a 2005 model M800 which was in OK condition. The front bumper etc isnt perfectly aligned etc. But then im a perfectionist and have maintained my vehicles with immense difficulty. I remember replacing bumpers and doors to brand new ones because the original got a small dent in it and i didnt wanta tinkered door. My 10 year old zen looks just like it rolled out of the showroom till date. So maybe i cannot be appeased easily. He's asking for 1.15 lac for the car. But might come down to about 1.05. Would it be ok to buy ? Its not a 5 speed car. This is the 4 speed version. We could hardly find a good Wagon R of 2005 or later within 1.3 lacs etc. Also the other honda city cars etc were qouted much more than what some of our friends here have mentioned. But maybe they pitch high to start with. But the honda city is a large car and my wife might definitely meet with some small scratches or maybe worse and replacements would cost much more than a maruti, so thats one thing to keep in mind. Also i have another doubt. Many of the cars are all with open TO papers. Meaning the seller has got the TO signed by the previous owner and has been happily using it without implementing the name transfer for god know how long and its hard to tell transpired during that tenure. And i found this to be the case with 7 out of 10 cars. Any opinions on this please ? Thanks
  12. Sorry to go off topic but may i know where the edit button is, if i want to correct a post that ive just submitted a moment back ? Seems elusive or is it non existant ?
  13. Hi, Yes a lot of folks are recommending the hyundai accent also as a relatively trouble free car. We are in Chennai city. Regards
  14. Hi Guys, Thanks for all your feedback. I think i will dump the Ford Ikon idea. From the beginning i was tuned to a maruti. There are some pretty good conditioned Maruti 800s etc. What do you feel about an 800/Santro to just learn driving for a ladyand then give away ? Would those also be good options ? If its a Maruti 800/Wagon R/Alto etc, how old a car is ok to take ? upto 2000 model is a safe bet ? What about Hyundai Accent, how far back a model is safe to go for ? Upto 2000 again ? Thanks
  15. I wonder why theres not even an edit button available to correct typos and other errors ? Kindly pardon my typographical/grammatical errors if any. I just wanted to add that this is the Petrol version and that we are buying this because the other cars at home are impeccable in every sense of the word and we wouldnt want to see them scratched etc. Also are ford icons very troublesome and do they cost too much to maintain or for parts replacement ?