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  1. Maruti Eeco, 3rd Free Service - Oil change is compulsory ?

    Yes i understand the time bearing. Ill ask them to get the viscocity and change if required. But regarding trusting the service personell to do the needful is asking for disaster. Recently with the inflow of cars increasing, companies like CARS India etc are more keen on churning out numbers. They hardly service the vehicles properly. Dont want the customer coming and seeing the car while the work is being done, which is a violation of your rights. My cars come back dirtier, damaged, with mild scratches, etc. Since im very particular with my vehicles and know where each hairline scratch lies. When the vehicle comes back i notice scuffs, patches of grease on the inner roof lining etc. Very small things, but they add up. In other words they make a small contribution each time in trying to make my car look old quicker. After 5 services the vehicle will look dirty and old, thanks to them. So customers ike me who want to maintain that new look have to suffer.
  2. Hi Guys, My first post here... I bought this Bosch Aquatak water washing system a few months ago. Ive heard a lot of people use them to pressure wash their cars every weekend etc. My question is, is it good for the car to pressure wash it with such a machine every week etc ? However, i intend to only wash it once in 3 months with the pressure wash. Rest of the time i intend to have my car wash boy rinse the car manually every alternate day. How often would you guys recommend pressure washing to ensure no rusting takes place ? Because when you pressure wash the water forces itself into all the nooks and crannies where ordinary washing or rain water wont reach normally. On a side note, how often would you recommend manually hand washing a car ? Daily ? Alternate Days ? Or maybe once in 3-4 days ? The car manuals sometimes recommend washing the car daily or as often as possible to maintain the sheen and finish of the body. But will this cause rusting ? Thanks
  3. Bosch Aquatak Washing System & Hand Washing A Car

    My zen is 10 Yrs old . Looks like it was driven out of the showroom. So much so ive always parked it in the open. My Eeco is a year old. The zen has started developing rust on the inside of the engine hood and such other areas. Anyway i bought the bosch machione only recently. So the rusting i guess is an age factor. 4 yrs is nowhere near 10 yrs. I should be happy the car is even staying together. Im wondering how to now repair the rust part. I think theyll have to just cut those areas and do metal work right ? Like for a dent repair.