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  1. Hi Neeraj, Thank you so much for the advice. I am actually buying it for my family. So I am not looking into Sporty Vehicles. Hyundai released new 4s Fluidic Verna last week right? How is that compared to old Verna or City? Thanks & Regards, Shiva
  2. Whats your Budget - Rs 10.00+/-1 L Bodyshell - Sedan Ownership - City/ Outskirts Safety -Medium Prime requirement - Ride/ Handling/Looks/Passenger Comfort Softcorner'd Manufacturer -Any
  3. Thats the cruelest thing!!! What had that innocent R8 done to her!?
  4. Hi, I am looking for a bike which is around 250-300cc which is specifically for long ride purpose. (I am planning for an all India ride). I have asked many, finally I got stuck between Honda CBR250r and Thunderbird. Many said TB needs a high maintenance and after few thousand KMs it will start giving problems. Is it true? Please suggest me which one to buy. If there are any other good models please suggest that also. Thanks