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  1. Their is only a limited number of options are available for cruiser at low price ( avenger, thunderbird,..) show your interest in cruiser and participate in this thread. that you are interested in a cruiser. share ideas why they are not making or how to intimate the makers to make cruiser....
  2. when i am buyibg a new bike i usually call a bike mechanic in my area and he will come to check the bike and after testing several bikes he will recommend a bike . usually they will not charge you anything but if they charge you, you can give them 100 or 200 rs.
  3. hi i am varun from chennai. i am new to cars and i came here to know about cars before buying a car that is not suitable for me.i love bikes, Recommendation to Admin: 1. you can add more topics for bikes section. 2. after moderating the posting please do a notification if my post is not accepted . because i am not spamming but i cant participate in the topics and i dont know why my post are not showing up in the topics
  4. is there any modification done from dacia lodgy to renault lodgy.............or they are the same will be brought with out any change
  5. it is really a ugly one.............i came to see how the mojo bike look like but i never thought it would be ugly....
  6. will wait for lodgy before buying mobilio..............i saw some picture after reading your reply and i like it,,,,,it is good but cant find detailed picture or will wait for it .....
  7. this is going to beat eco sport .................i think it has more features
  8. is it a seven seater like mobilio or 5 seater. any new updates about the release date
  9. i am also interested in buying mobilio but before that i want to know is it possible for adding side airbags and also changing the seats into leather seats........i a new bie and this will be my first car. so give me suggestions
  10. can get a cover with a aluminium shiny finish that looks like a real alloy wheel. so we can make it more stylish