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  1. hi i am varun from chennai.

    i am new to cars and i came here to know about cars before buying a car that is not suitable for me.i love bikes,

    Recommendation to Admin:

    1. you can add more topics for bikes section.

    2. after moderating the posting please do a notification if my post is not accepted . because i am not spamming but i cant participate in the topics and i dont know why my post are not showing up in the topics

  2. Prospective Mobilio owners do wait for Renault Lodgy and then take decision.

    Mobilio is nothing but stretched Brio and Lodgy is stretched Duster so Lodgy more space and good engine options available than Mobilio.

    Mobilio is waste of money due to poor build quality, interios are too basic (even new Alto K10 has better interiors than Mobilio), limited features list, noisey engine.

    will wait for lodgy before buying mobilio..............i saw some picture after reading your reply and i like it,,,,,it is good but cant find detailed picture or will wait for it .....