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  1. The noise comes from the pedal. Every time u press it And when u release it slowly. Jus changed the gear oil last time it was serviced
  2. my 2007 civic mt has been making this weird noise since the last two years. like that of an old spring that needs to be changed. i have given it to the workshop 15 times and all they do is lubricate it and return the car. it works fine for 5 - 7 days and then it returns again. they say the clutch is hydraulic so there is no spring involved. recently i got the entire clutch overhauled, with a new clutch plate, and 15 days later the noise is back. 3 different workshops have heard the noise and do not know what to do. any suggestions?
  3. decided to go for a diesel. only problem with the fiesta is that it seems too small. barely any leg room in the rear compared to the verna and vento
  4. however incase of diesel, for long term use and less maintenance what would you recommend. the hyundai verna or vw vento
  5. petrol 1.6 vtvt sx is 10,13,000 on road. so thats a differnece on 1,85,000*
  6. the 1.6 crdi sx. 12lakh on road mumbai sorry exact difference in 1,65,000
  7. im looking at the new verna fluidic crdi 1.6 but am still confused whether to buy a petrol or diesel. there is a 2 lakh price difference and my driving is not more than 10,000 km a year. also im looking to keep the car for at least 5 years, wanted to make sure the diesel car wont give any heavy maintenance.