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  1. Hi Guys, Nice hearing from you all and great to see your interest. @ librankur: the services cost me around 3150/- (1st Service) and 3502/- (2nd service incl wheel balancing and alignment). I didn't have to visit service center (250 Kms) only for servicing. I plan my visits to my hometown Chandigarh so that I can get the vehicle also serviced during these trips. As it is, I love long drives and if it was not for busy schedules, I would hit roads more often just for pleasure trips. @ scottzinne: Just some food for thought.. Do you really want a 4x4? I would suggest, if you won't really need that sort of traction, why not go for 4X2 only... @ Sstar: Thanx pal, didn't think of that.. I would definitely add some more photos.
  2. Hi Scottzinne, Regarding ride quality, I can confidently say that you would love it, as compared to any of the Mahindra vehicles. I think you should go for a test ride yourself to assess it. For me, the test ride was the main factor which helped me to decide in favor of this vehicle. I've driven the vehicle only for about 9000 Kms so far, but I'm happy with the performance and comfort during long rides. For me, the nearest dealer is about 250 Kms away, but thankfully I haven't felt the need to visit the dealership or workshop except for periodic servicing. I also must add that gear shifting is tad on the heavier side initially, till the vehicle has warmed up. Thereafter, it's pretty smooth. 4X4 would definitely have a more improved feature set, as I find even the current model very responsive, even during off roading.
  3. Thanx for your post kan_ranga. I haven't had any issues so far. Only the left sun shade lock gave way, if u could count that as an issue.. Not very happy with the quality of plastics as mentioned earlier also, definitely should have been better in a vehicle of this class, especially at this price tag. But then, engine and suspension are two major strengths of this vehicle, not to forget acres of space inside too. Handling even in city drive is a pleasure, which is definitely a plus for the vehicle. Only maintenance cost so far has been on change of oils etc during first servicing. I'm nearing the six month timeline, so will give an update after the second servicing again, which I plan during next week..
  4. Hello librankur, Thanx for your interest.. and keen observation I must admit. Those are indeed a/c vents over grab handles, both center and rear seat rows have independent a/c vents, which are fed by rear blower. The item on the top right corner of the windscreen is holder for my MapmyIndia navigator (not supplied with car). Car seat covers and audio system with four speakers, were part of the package. Glad to know that you also like the colour.
  5. Thanx Guys.. OTR was 11.97L in Chandigarh. Metallic Grey is my favourite color and it harmonises nicely with abundance of chrome on the vehicle, although white also looked pretty graceful. Presently none of the vehicles in this segment offer a complete package. Weighing Pros and Cons, I found Force One to be quite a balanced product delivering good value for money, so far till my requirements were concerned.
  6. Hi guys, I'm back with some snaps of my car.. Hope you'll like them. Front view. Side profile. Boot space. Inside Frontal view. Rear Seats. Central Console. ICE. Instrument Cluster.
  7. How do I post the pictures guys? Could someone please guide me?
  8. Yes. Of course.. I've been a bit lazy. I'll post the pictures soon..
  9. Thanx librankur. You read it right. The first servicing for Force One is between 500 to 1000 Kms and thereafter at 9000-10000 Km or 6 months, whichever is earlier. The vehicle comes with 1,00,000 Kms/ 3 yrs of warranty. Remaining servicing schedules are as given below:- 3rd service: 19000-20000 Km/360 days 4th service: 29000-30000 Km/540 days 5th service: 39000-40000 Km/720 days (Paid) 6th service: 49000-50000 Km/900 days (Paid) 7th service: 59000-60000 Km/1080 days (Paid) 8th service: 69000-70000 Km and so forth.. Hope I have answered your query..
  10. Thanx Sstar.. I am indeed privileged..
  11. First Impressions. After a long wait for TATA Safari Storme, I finally decided to go in for Force One SUV on 21 May 2012. Overall a good value for money package, the vehicle looks smarter in flesh as compared to the photos. It has an imposing presence with overall attractive looks. The vehicle has a striking resemblance with Ford Endeavour when seen from distance. First Indian vehicle to get the DRLs, these add to the attractive front fascia of the vehicle. The fit and finish however, definitely needs to be better for a vehicle which costs 12L OTR. My car, for example, has uneven panel gaps on both sides of tail gate, with left side of tail gate almost touching the side wall and the right side showing a wide gap of almost an inch. The contours of the headlight units do not match with the contours of the body shell. The sealed (right) headlight unit had some sort of stains on its projector lens, which I showed to my dealers. They did offer to change the unit, but the new unit also had the same problems. The paint work is fairly good and well complimented with chrome work. Both ORVMs are electrically adjustable, though have to be manually folded. Vehicle comes with all 5 Alloy wheels, which are of very good quality and add to the masculine looks of the vehicle. These are nicely mated with 235/70 R16 Apollo tyres, which add to the ride quality. Interiors. Interiors are extremely spacious, with best leg space in the segment in all the three rows. Even the third row, can comfortably seat two adults. Then there is space behind the third row to accommodate decent amount of luggage for long journeys. Steering wheel is comfortably placed with audio and cruise controls mounted on the steering wheel itself. The car comes with dual ac with independent vents for each row, and dual controls on the front central console. Ac is quite effective for a large cabin of this size, though blower noise is slightly on the higher side. Instrument cluster is a decent job, with a host of lights, indications and readouts. The car comes with a 2 DIN JVC KW-XR816 audio system and four speakers. The audio system is fairly good and has an integrated bluetooth for pairing with mobiles or other bluetooth enabled devices. The speakers however, are of manageable quality and may be replaced with better units later on. There are a total of three 12V sockets in the car, two on the front console and one for the middle seat passengers. One of the front sockets houses a cigarette lighter and other has been left vacant for using 12 V appliances such as mobile charger etc. There are two ash trays/ small stowage units, one on the front console and other next to the central seat charging point. Check all these before delivery, my vehicle has been delivered without the front ash tray/stowage unit and the sales as well as the servicing team of the dealer have been unsuccessful to solve the mystery of the missing panel ever since. The door lock pods are the vertical kind and could have been better, since all four pods are of different length, even after tightening them properly (definitely a no no for a vehicle of this class). All three rows have independent ceiling lamps, with the rear two lamps having an option of activation through door switch. Puddle lamps on all four doors with red lights, which I personally feel, would have been more effective if they were normal white lamps, or even L.E.Ds. Gear shift throw is rather long and so is the clutch lever travel. A dead pedal has been provided, which is a nice feature for long journeys, where you could take the foot off the clutch pedal. Engine Performance, Fuel Economy and Gearbox. Engine performance and ride quality are two extremely strong points of this car and were definitely my reason fo selecting this SUV, even fully knowing that the ASS network would not be as strong as TATA and M&M. As I mentioned earlier, I must admit that I was more inclined towards TATA Safari earlier and had been awaiting launch of Safari Storme for quite some time. I have driven Safari Dicor 2.2 VTT also but this car definitely has much better engine response and extremely well controlled NVH levels. The overall economy that I have been able to muster through city and highway drives is a healthy 12 Kmph, and I'm sure it would improve further as I have only clocked about 1900 kms so far. Gearbox mates well with the engine and vehicle accelerates effortlessly to three digit speeds. At the same time, city handling is also quite convenient, with especially third gear providing decent range from 20 Kmph to more than 65 Kms or maybe even more (I've been a little conservative in order to allow a healthy run-in for the vehicle). The gear lever though, as I already mentioned has very long throws, and gear shifting doesn't give a very well planted feeling. First gear in my car would bounce back on its own, as car used to roll forward. The situation has improved a bit after first servicing, and I am hopeful that gears would give a better feel as the gearbox settles-in and both car and I get better used to each other. Ride Quality & Handling. Ride quality is once again a strong point of this vehicle with very smooth ride and good handling on all sorts of roads and a little bit of offroading that I have subjected the vehicle to, so far. Body roll is probably the least in the class, and ride comfort for the passengers of all three rows, one of the best. Suspension does a good job of gobbling imperfections and surface irregularities of Indian roads. I was a bit apprehensive about lack of ABS/EBFD for a vehicle of such large dimensions, owing to its inertia at higher speeds, but I am pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the LCRV system, and the confident stance the vehicle maintains during breaking at high speeds. I have faced issues with power steering, however, which tends to become hard after prolonged drive as the day temperatures rise beyond 45 deg C. I had to take the vehicle back to dealer two days after delivery for this problem, and then twice again after that. They have flushed the power steering fluid twice and refilled it. The response is slightly better, but the problem is not entirely gone. There is no leak in the system either. The company definitely needs to look into this aspect, and maybe need to switch over to a better fluid (they are currently using Valvoline) or re-route the oil lines in engine compartment. I would request fellow F1 owners also to give me feedback on this aspect. Final Words. It is definitely a good package with potential to capture better market share, provided the company remains vigilant in ensuring that all the checks and balances, that have been formulated are followed in complete sincerity. This does not appear to be happening as of now. My vehicle was handed over to me with 54 Kms on odo, and sales guy explaining to me regarding how each vehicle is extensively driven to weed out all problems before final delivery of the vehicle. That, however, did not appear to be the case as after I took the charge of the vehicle, I had to return twice to the dealers for various problems, which definitely would have been noticed and rectified, if the PDI would have carried out with even 30% sincerity. Still, the vehicle has been delivered with missing bits which I am desperately trying to obtain now. The people at the company need to listen to the market and need to open communication and feedback channels with their customers and potential customers, if they are serious about their product. Any link for this is missing from the Force One site as of now. Areas of improvement. Fit and finish, Need for providing more options for colour of interiors, quality control, better servicing network, Need to establish a consumer feedback system for product improvement, Need to better educate sales and servicing team as they tend to consider very customer as naive and at teams give ridiculous inputs, which only lowers the confidence of an informed customer. Pros: Very Spacious, Excellent Engine Response, Good Ride Quality, Very Low NVH Levels, All 5 Alloys. Cons: Fit and Finish of Exteriors and Interiors, Practically non-existent PDI, Uneven Panel Gaps