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  1. Here's the official introduction video, my speculation about ecoboost turned out to be true!
  2. Just after posting this came to know that it just got launched before few moments! Here's list of few articles covering the story: 1. 2. 3.
  3. Our philosophies have told us that feeling of revenge is bad, but revenge can also cause miracles! A car evolved as result of rivalry between two legends, turned out to be another legend! Something which won prestigious Le Mans for four consecutive times, reached top speed of 210 MPH in 1964; which is still a dream for most of our modern cars! Due to extra practical approach of Ford Motor Company, the world was unfortunate to taste this beauty between 1969 & 2002! Sadly it was just a glimpse & only 4038 of those were produced between 200-2006! Now after around 12 years history is going to repeat itself! As we have heard that ford is going to showcase a new supercar from Ford's Detroit autoshow stand map tipped to, Ford racing's official FB page has confirmed the news & issued this rendering, Though no trustable information is available regarding engine options; I guess apart from conventional V8s, Ford Will also introduce Ecoboost GT40. Would like to know your onions/suggestions regarding this!
  4. Nice coverage! Would like to see our Indian manufacturers adding this kind of detailing & refinement in our homegrown defense vehicles!
  5. Well tejen has covered majority of the part, I'ld like to add one small but most cost efficient performance upgrade; In Topgear (Season 20/21), they featured story on similar subject & in that they found that use of high performance fuel is best cost efficient performance upgrade & can improve the performance around 20%! & I've myself experienced the boost in various vehicles with likes of Shell Super!
  6. it might be, but the market for automatics is very niche where major consumers are wealthy women or NRIs & I don't think they'll like to settle for alto! I guess Maruti better bring swift with automatic, It'll be much more deadly! As of now, Celerio is better option!
  7. Bit flashy, but can actually grab decent numbers if launched with slightly powerful engine & stiffer suspension!
  8. Looks much premium than current one! Would be better add AAM AADMI emblem on it!
  9. That white one reminds me of Kinatic Blaze! (Once my dream ride ) I've always felt that there's huge potential for high performance scooters, as driving license issued at earliest age (16) is valid for gearless scooters only & as per Indian standards you have to use a vehicle for 5 years at least! & I know thousands of guys riding access/dio/activa to their college which they bought in their Jr. College priod; are living with guilt. Considering this, I think this can burn a big hole in 150 cc+ bike as well as 125 cc scooter market! But this will hape only when they'll upgrade their after sales & manufacturing facilities, After burning my hands in Mahndra Rodeo (whose battery drain issue is stll unsolved even after 1000s of visits to official service center as well as so-called expert mechanics), I'll think twice even if they offer me Mangalyaan for a penny!
  10. Good to see lotus back in action again! Hope it'll bring back lost glory to British Automobiles!
  11. Hi folks! Does anyone here got an Oneplus One invite? BTW, Blackberry will be giving 550$ cashback to IPhone owners who'll ditch there IPhone 4S, 5c, 5s and 6 for BB Passport!
  12. LOL! Yup, by default Legacy boot option is set on Windows, as I use it more frequently! For ubantu, I've to make some changes from boot manager! @BonFre can't really recognize you with this new avatar, that 'MOD' tag confirmed your identity!
  13. Windows 8.1 pro 64 bit & Ubantu 13.10! I installed it by myself & as I got some good contacts at Microsoft HQ, I got legal copy for free! & even with dual OS, it manages to boot windows 8.1 in around 8 secs! Another special fact about my laptop is ASUS's Ice cool technology, which keeps my laptop cool even after 4 hours of playing NFS Rivals! The overall fit n' finish is also top-notch! It's full size keyboard with separate numeric pad & full size navigation keys is also awesome, even better than XPS series or even macs! I must agree that I'm completely satisfied!
  14. & talking about MM Canvas Knight.... After owing 4 Micromax phones, all I can say that they seems perfect on paper & also seems pretty decent in showrooms, but they really start to annoy you after 6 months! The components which micromax use has very short service life & as a result phone literally decays! & you can't really expect software updates from micromax, which again shortens device life! Another important con of MM is fact that they aren't well engineered & as a result the overall ownership experience isn't that good! I'm also looking for a new phone, but this time I'm gonna break this loyalty & place my bet on Sony Xperia Z2 or rumored Z3 featuring Biometrics!
  15. Hi librankur! Just gone through your query for new laptop & replies to it! I also bought a new laptop (Asus K55VM-SX086D Laptop (3rd Gen Ci7/ 8GB/ 1TB/ DOS/ 2GB Graph) ) 2-3 months ago & was about to recommend the same to you, but I bought it at 40k & now it's price is around 63k! So after going though recent offerings, I'ld suggest you, this one, of course, you can't get fit n' finish like macs; but just like horsepower & torque are most important factor while buying a vehicle, similarly processing power is what you should look into electronics! & this one with 3rd gen I7, 8GB RAM & 2GB graphics is a rocket! & considering current technological trends, it's touchscreen will also be very useful in future! I guess this offers perfect bang for buck & it seems like a good gamble!
  16. Hey guys, So we are supposed to meet tomorrow! I guess 10 AM would be right time, Btw what's the starting time? We should try to attend it at earliest, so we can avoid the crowd! @ mods , please share contact details in pm, so we can coordinate!
  17. @mods, spot registration available? Will bringing this month's magzine will do the job? Free Passes for forum members?
  18. Well tried to do so, but just after sending single pm, I saw a error with the next, saying that I can't send next pm, by next 24 Hours! @ Mods have a look at it! If not possible, someone please take the responsibility of coordinator, to whom we could massage our details! So, 11:30 Am on Sunday morning, Is that fine?
  19. So, would it be interesting to attain it during press timings? Can we? Well Sunday afternoon also sounds fine, but I'm damn sick of crowd & huge ques! Let's exchange our phone no. & real names in PM, so we can coordinate on that perticular day! & @mods, you haven't answered about free passes!
  20. Hi guys, I'm back after almost a year! The life of a engineering student isn't easy by any means & to become a engineering student is neither! Due to hectic schedules of entrance exam preparations, heat of that 1st year's 1st semester of 4 months, really drains all of your energy & time & as a result you have to be inert from your 1st love! Now, as diwali & Christmas holidays (+PLs), I'm determined to deal with those triple digit notifications & all the stories appeared on the forum for last year & rebuilt my relation with my 1st love, the automobile world! Anyways, I got a email from autocar containing a link to , where we could buy the tickets of upcoming Autocar Performance Show 2013 taking place @ Bandra-Kurla complex, Mumbai on 18-20 of October. & then I remember last year's discussion about arranging a group meet @ Autocar Performance Show, which didn't happen that time, so I decided to start early this time & make it possible! I'm thinking to attend it on 20th, as it's sunday & will be most suitable to me (& to the majority also!) @ Mods, expecting more info & free passes! Guys lets discuss & finalize this, so we can show to the world that we are not alone, there is whole army of Autopsyches with us!
  21. Another prediction of mine is becoming true! Just before 2 days, Mr. Bhanu Sharma, MD and CEO of SDF India said, “We are studying the market and may introduce some range of Lamborghini tractors in about a year. We have not decided on the models that would be introduced in India, so it will be difficult to comment on pricing.” The interesting fact is that, SDF India already manufactures Lamborghini branded tractors at their Ranipet facility in Tamil Nadu. Mr. Sharma said, out of 6,000 tractors made in India last year, 800 carried the raging bull logo and were exported to Europe and Malaysia. He also said that the tractors made in India are heavily localized. Components like the tires and battery are supplied by local vendors. Lamborghini tractors cost more than Rs. 10 lakhs in the export markets, but the level of localization should help SDF position it this side of Rs. 10 lakhs. With the Lamborghini tractors, the company is targeting well off farmers, high profile individuals with farming interests, golf courses, cricket stadiums and luxury resorts. This tug of war will be the most interesting thing after Lambo 350! It's going to be really interesting to watch Indian farmers driving ferrari's & Lambo's! Anyways I'm really happy; as Automobile industry is honoring the son of soil, who feeds the nation ,yet no one cares about him!
  22. Yes this setup will also do the job nicely, as rated output & input ratios matches! Not, only sony but all amplifier's have that heat problem, but as long as wiring is done correctly, it shouldn't be a issue! & I'ld suggest you to go for Sony XS-GTX121LT subwoofer, as it's tube like structure produces better output compared to conventional designs!
  23. SX4 was always great as a cross-over & considering the market situation in India, I guess it can do a good job even as a cross-over!
  24. Surprised to see another sonata facelift! The current gen still feels very fresh & many people are still unaware about the fact that it's available!
  25. One thing is for sure, Ford will sue them in really well manner!