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  1. Solar shed costs around a lakh & it also requires additional battery pack costing around 50k! It just got the perfect looks in such small dimensions! The front bumpers, radiator grill (though there isn't any radiator!), old gen lancer like head-lamps, A-pillar or that sandwiched tail lamps & huge rear bumpers, everything looks perfect! I agree on your observations, but if they made it low & curvy, then it may look worse a nano! & the most amazing part is that, it's looks futuristic! & you can see that this sharp lines looks like they are from Ford's kinetic design language! & this thing is in fashion now! For ex., even all new VW group products looks very much from the same brush!
  2. That's something mouthwatering! It's a perfect blend of style,performance & comfort!
  3. really stolen my words! Dear Honda, Please maintain some standards!
  4. Most of the innovas that I've seen were chauffeur driven! & I don't think any rich ladies (main consumers of automatic in India) wont preffer to roam with this elephant! & considering innova's current pricing, it'll surely cost around 16-18 lakhs! & If just by adding a few lakhs more I can get a segment above product like Ford Endeavour or MS Rexton, then I'll go for them, rather than automatic innova!
  5. Hi & welcome on the forum! You may go for Sony XS-GTX121LT, it's a from enclosure series & has a tube like structure! It's output is also awesome & you can get it for around 5-6k! & for amplifier I'ld suggest you Sony XM-GTX60412 it's a four channel one & has some decent output figures & you can get i for 4-5k! Sadly for this budget, there are very limited options & similar products from JBL or Blaupunkt will cost you almost 4 times more!
  6. you can go for that 3d floor mats made from PU leather! they are real easy to clean due to raised outer-edges!
  7. Nice bike, looks really nice! look at it, it's actually lower than engine & it may be a temporary coolant tank, as most of the ktm bikes are oil cooled! & it looks like a repair job done on the street & on the streets you have to use what you have there!
  8. Amby hatch with all modern amenities would be a real cool thing! Imagine you are in a white chauffeur driven amby hatch; even I20, swift or polo can't beat it as a office car!
  9. If priced comparative to that of Audi A4 & BMW 3 series, It'll really rock the global market!
  10. Looks pretty awesome & can be compared with likes of swift & lancer in terms of styling! Seriously looking at it as my next everyday car, but lack of charging points in hostels & societies is troubling me!
  11. Dude, Ford is offering 1 lt. ecoboost (petrol), 1.5 lt. Ti-VCT (petrol) & 1.5 lt. TDCI! (diesel) & as per my observations they will offer 1.5 Ti-VCT petrol (which is currently doing it's deuty in current gen fiesta) in 6-8 lakh price bracket! & ecoboost will be offered above 8 lakhs! & To grab diesel fans, they'll surely offer a lower trim with 1.5 lt. 1.5 lt. TDCI diesel moter at around 7-7.5 lakhs! & I'ld choose Etios rather than that ugly duckling Amaze!
  12. Ford has best expertise for sales & marketing with them! The anticipation they have created / are creating is just awesome! To talk about the car, I specially loved that dual tone black & ivory dashboard & even that ivory fittings on door panels also looks fantastic! & as Indian consumer likes more brighter colours in the interior, I'ld say this is a very clever move by Ford India!
  13. Those days are gone when you have to be a millionaire, to own a Ford in India! With constant improvements & higher level of localization, Ford's After Sales is now even better that that of Maruti's! I'd a booklet in which spare part costs & labor charges of nearly all vehicles were mentioned & too my surprise many common spare parts (which often requires to be changed) were lesser expensive than even Maruti, but body parts such as doors, boot lid or bumpers are approx.15-20% more expensive than that of Maruti's! I own a Ford Fiesta (now known as classic) for 3 years now & I've spent less than 15k on it & that too on regular paid servicings! As per my judgement, you can get a middle variant of ecosport with 1.5 ltr petrol (Same unit from current gen fiesta) or lower end variant of 1.5 ltr diesel! & considering the current policies of Govt., which is trying to eliminate subsidy on diesel, even the mid end petrol of ecosport can also fulfill your needs pretty decently!
  14. The only considerable option in this segment is DSK Hyosung 250R, this bike will give you proper taste of a super bike, yet it's a cheaper on your pocket! But the service network is very limited, So I'ld suggest you to go segment down & try some cruises & sports bikes like RE Thunderbird 500, KTM Duke, Pulsar 200 NS & Honda CBR 250R! & if you want serious Super bikes, you can even get a year (or two) old Ducati or Harley!
  15. According to me Ford Figo has the best VFM product in this segment! It may be a little less than it's competitors in BHP war, but as you are going to use it in city this won't be an issue! & Ford did the great job with it's suspension & it'll offer you ultimate grip & confidence to throw it into any situations! & another plus point for Figo is it's comfortable & spacious interiors! It feels almost like a c segment Sedan! & Going for the factory fitted music system is the best option, as this untrained workers at car accessories shops often done wiring in incorrect manner & in some cases, they had even damaged interiors! Go For top-end Figo, it's the best option! Another option would be Top-end I20, but it's slightly out of your budget! & you can even go for a lower-end/mid-end Ecosport if you can wait for a month!
  16. ! The whole Indica range (including Manza & Vista) looks dated now. Only God knows when they will design a completely new range of products!
  17. Correct! Rather than chopping full size SUVs, they should build newer products based on smaller hatchbacks!
  18. @v12b, Welcome on the forum & congrats for the new ride! I personally think that you'ld have gone for that version with ABS, as ABS is a must in vehicle with huge body roll & plenty power! & you were getting it for no addition cost & after 6 months when shine of paint starts to faint, it doesn't really matter that you have newer version or older! & even if you had some major defects, you were able to fix them within warranty! & you can turn your Qualis into a luxury limo in this money & ACP Pradumnya would be proud of you! but that would not have been suitable to you, as you want proper 7 seater with individual AC vents! & it'ld be really cool to have a top-end Tata Winger's luxury variant with some a cool looking bodykit, two giant horns on roof & a wacky custom paint job, but that would solved the, "IMAGE" problem, but that would have put some extra burden on your budget! overall pretty wise decision!
  19. 6/8 seater version isn't really a must! Even 5 seater SUVs like duster are doing great & the customer for this vehicle isn't going to be a joint family or tour operator, young people who are short on money but have a stylish lifestyle will buy them! & in India there are large no of this peoples! & dude, plastic & carbon fiber constructions are costlier than the metallic one & they are lot safer also, as plastic brakes & metal bends! Dude this is my dream specification too! & the only vehicle near-by this specification is the upcoming Ford Ecosport! If they reworked the interiors & put all 4 business class like captain seats with channels (like Mini Countryman) & replaced all the black interiors with beige or white interior + Longer wheelbase & 1 ltr. ecoboost engine with 4WD & I'll happily pay upto 10-12 lakhs for it! but here we are talking about sub 4 lakh SUVs! & if they provide 75HP with 4X4, dual airbags & comfortable interior, I'm more than happy with it! They can really make cool desings using tall-boy frames of likes of WagonR or Santro! or a small cute dune buggy like SUV based on Nano or Spark would also be a big hit!
  20. Micra was a femine, cute looking car & with this facelift it now looks nicer & more balanced! I don't know it's due to colour or what, but it's appearing very similar to I20!
  21. I think of the same at the 1st sight! Considering today's SUV craze, there is definitely place for a Super Compact SUV below 4 lakhs! & I'ld suggest tata that rather than making a nano sedan, think of a 4X4 dune buggy based on it! It's really possible & when the same thing was done with VW beetle back in 70s, it was a huge hit!
  22. Govt. should either provide world class transportation in every part of the country or rethink on it's taxation policies! For years, they are enjoying heavy-revenues from this sector & returning nothing to it! I guess Auto Sector should also make a strong lobby & then only they can turn the situation in their favor!
  23. I was expecting 2.2 lt. version with price tag of 32-35 lakhs & Top end variant around 40 lakhs! But considering Govt.'s latest taxation policies, this pricing is also acceptable & with proper marketing this thing can also sell well!
  24. Looks pretty much similar to latest Range Rover, Yet with small changes like newer bumpers, front grill & Freelander imspired air scoop near A pillar highlights that "Sports" factor in it! This thing will surely sell like hot cakes!