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  1. It's not very long that we seen Ferrari tractors coming to India & now Lamborghini is completing the circle, they are going towards their beginning! Any automotive enthusiast worth his burnt rubber knows the story of Lamborghini’s humble beginnings: Ferruccio started out building tractors, and only got into exotic sportscars to stick it to Enzo Ferrari. But even after the focus shifted, Lamborghini’s tractor-making division still soldiered on. It's a month old story, but I forgot to share it with you guys! Last month, Lamborghini's tractor division unveiled the 2013 Nitro described as a stylish and powerful tractor. Styling is certainly on the bottom of the list when buying a tractor but for the very few who want to look good while working, Lamborghini Trattori has come up with the Nitro. Giugiaro was in charge of designing this medium power tractor which features double LED taillights and a lowered contour hood. The spacious and comfy interior cabin provides a 360-degree visibility thanks to the panoramic, convexly-mounted windows made from athermal glass. Power comes from four-cylinder Deutz Tier 4i engines connected to a fully mechanical five-gear system or a three-speed Powershift. Stopping the tractor are independent oil-immersed disc brakes and a servo-assisted braking system. As standard, the Nitro has a Park Brake system while for more money it can be fitted with a Steering Double Displacement steering pump which will reduce the number of steering wheel turns for quicker maneuvers. it’s a Lambo – even if Lamborghini Trattori has been part of agriculture-equipment giant SAME Deutz-Fahr since 1971. & I can bet this is the coolest tractor on the earth. & I'm ready forget about my engineering studies & start farming to drive this one! Considering current drought situations, it's definitely going to launch in near by days! But one day, it'll surely come to the India, as revelry between Ferrari & Lamborghini is well known! [media=] [/media]
  2. BMW and its Chinese partner Brilliance Auto are reportedly setting up a new sub-brand for the domestic market. According to reports from Chinese media, vehicles sold under the new sub-brand will be based on the previous generation 3-Series’ platform. The same reports also mention that the BMW-Brilliance joint venture has registered a new brand name called “Zhi Nuo”, which translates into English as “The Promise”. However, neither BMW nor Brilliance haven't confirmed these reports. But why would BMW want to create a sub-brand for China? Well, it doesn't It has to, as regulations are becoming stricter for foreign manufacturers in the biggest car market in the world. For the last ten years or so, overseas automakers have been forced to collaborate with a local manufacturer (most of the time state-owned) in order to get permission to sell their cars there, with production facilities split 50/50 between the two parties. If they refuse, the government would impose sky-high tarrifs making their cars impossible to sell in China. Now, the Chinese government is stepping up the game in order to make its own car makers more competitive. China is pushing for the creation of sub-brands within the existing joint ventures because the sub-brands will be 100 percent Chinese and will have all the rights on intellectual property. Nevertheless, the cat and mouse game continues, as foreign automakers are not so foolish to give the Chinese their latest technology. They are putting on the table older platforms in order to comply with the government’s requests and remain on the market. For BMW the situation is simple: if it sets up the sub-brand, it will be granted permission to build a new plant with Brilliance in Shenyang. Expect the new sub-brand to be launched at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show which is proposed to take place during April 21-29! It will be Interesting to watch some cheaper options from BMW & they may bring those products to developing counties like India! Do share your views on it! (Source -
  3. India's largest utility vehicle maker, Mahindra &Mahindra announced on Friday that it would carry out voluntary replacement of certain components of the select batch of its hot selling sports utility vehicle, XUV5OO. A first recall from the company in the automotive space, M&M will replace three parts namely fluid hose, front power window units and left wiper blade cover of select number of over 60,000 to 65,000 units of XUV on the roads sold in 2011 and 2012. M&M did not disclose the number of vehicles, which needs replacement. "This recall is in keeping with the M&M's customer centric approach as well the compliance with the recently announced voluntary code on vehicle recall," said the statement issued by the company. The company will carry out the replacement of parts free of cost and the replacement will be carried out immediately. In the past, the Group's two wheeler division had stalled the production of Stallio because of product related issues. While, this is M&M's first recall, In the past car makers like Ford, Toyota, Honda and Maruti Suzuki have proactively resorted to voluntarily recall in case of faulty components. Industry body, Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturer Association member companies implemented "Voluntary Code on Vehicle Recall" with effect from 1st July 2012 . This voluntary recall code is a reinforcement of their sustained commitment towards the consumers and to the society at large by ensuring that the vehicles continue will perform effectively during its operation. The Recall Code is a uniform frame work for recalling the vehicles by vehicle manufacturers. The code is applicable on the registered passenger cars, two wheelers and commercial vehicles. For CBU imports by the member companies or independent importers, the concerned importers shall bear the responsibility of enforcement of the code. The Voluntary Code on Vehicle Recall will address potential issues that exist in a motor vehicle which do not meet the safety requirement due to manufacturing defect and the remedial actions taken in this regard. The vehicle shall be covered under safety recall for a period of seven years. The decision on Recall will take into account the degree of seriousness or severity of occurrence of any possible hazard involved. The Code ensures that the recall information will also be posted on the company website and the communication will be received by the vehicle owners. The reported vehicle will be rectified by the manufacturer through its dealers at no cost to the customer. It was shared that the recall penetration rate may be improved by the correct information of vehicle owners. (Source -
  4. Yes, you can buy 1.5S & put a nice touch-screen In-Car Entertainment system & a rear camera for around 30k! & Nope, City's rear seat drops, but only by around 20 degrees, which makes no sense at all & you can't fold it flat & store long things!
  5. I'ld have chosen vento, as its lots more superior on quality front compared to manza! Just listen the door thuds of both the cars & you'll know the difference !
  6. Guys, please launch mobile apps for the forum! With my engineering entrance approaching closer & closer, It's real hard to spare time to switch on the PC!
  7. I'ld suggest you to talk with the admin of this fb page, this guy is real genius & knows each & every bit about esteem!
  8. That's a lot! Last time when I was out for Projector beems for my Rodeo! I saw Genuine Philips Stuff being sold at 3k! (With fitting) But that was grey market stuff!
  9. If you think Hummer is little less muscular & if your garage isn't big enough (& you love your home & it's compound) to accommodate a Marauder; this thing is for you! I personally liked it's simple yet aggressive looks very much & If I'd millions of dollars to be spend on a tough off-roader, I'ld choose this one over Hummer H1!
  10. Absolutely right! The designers were trying to add more machoness & ended with this ultimate show-off machine! (Though they are lagging behind the Lambo here also! ) I'ld say that it's a over-sweetened coffee!
  11. Built-quality of Force one is big disappointment! I still remember that one of our forum member wrote about problems regarding weird noises from steering column & even the body panels & doors aren't fitted precisely! Considering all this factors & very poor after-sales network of Force motors, Endy would be my pick!
  12. This is something very strange, Till now I've not seen anyone to ask for commission in claim settlement! I think you should raise this issue to the higher authority at the dealer & officials at the insurance company! Though M&M dealer from nashik is a reliable, but I'ld recommend you to cross-check this figures from some other dealer or M&M officials!
  13. Nano is bettering day-by-day! But it'ld be interesting to see how tata manages to balance all this goodies with it's biggest USP, ie. price!
  14. Another brave soldier died due to pre-fixed Indian Mindset! RIP Jazz!
  15. Unlike my preconception, many of this Ssangyong products are very well designed! & yes this Rodius can do wonders if launched in 15-20 lakh bracket! & Guys, SX4 would be fine for Baba Adam! You can't really compare it with likes of ecosport, duster or even yeti! Well, I liked it very much! It is a perfect tool for an off-roader who lives in crowded cities!
  16. This surely will be a very helpful service! Whenever I visited the Himalayas, I dreamed of it! & anyways it'ld me more comfortable to board in volvo, train or a jet, reaching at your destination, hiring a self driven car, doing your jobs, leaving it back near railway station or Bus Stand & setting off to your home; than driving your car for hundreds of Km! This may also reduce the traffic considerably! Only one demand from this guys & that's a GPS! I actually saw a signboard of a cab company offering self driven cars at domestic terminals of airport around 2-3 months ago!
  17. I wish atleast this big players (VW group, Ford, GM & Toyota) should maintain a safe distance from this CS buzz! As this may benefit them on sales chart, but can damage their product quality & brand value! But till now 2 of them made the mistake, I expect the remaining 2 should think on it seriously!
  18. Etios already looks pretty nice! only thing where it lacks behind, is it's weird dashboard & poor quality materials in interiors! Just fix them & you have a winner in your hand!
  19. Merc S class is a always a very special car & it really looks like presidential vehicle; but they should compare it with likes of Audi A8 & BMW 7 Series. RR is a class above!
  20. This thing will work only & only when, our Govt. will develop the whole ecosystem around it! & I guess rather than just offering subsidies, they should provide 3-phase electricity connection more easily & should offer electricity at the discounted rates, as it can save a large part of foreign currency!
  21. I think this CS era will remain for the next 5-6 years or until people will find status symbol in estates or grown hatches!
  22. Just find a nice RTO agent, handover your problems & some money to him & there you go! Your problem will be solved within a week!
  23. Really, very well written & No doubt, you'ld have enjoyed a lot! Lucky fellow!
  24. Dear Hyundai, You can't feed the rabbit & tiger with the same meal! Your fluidic mantra will not work everywhere! Go to the drawing table & try something else for a SUV, which is considered to be a manly thing!
  25. Considering the past of Air Asia, I don't think it'll trouble them much!