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  1. Why don't you look at Santro & Even you can get a Ford Figo LXI at this price!I think this both are best choises in the segment as: 1.They are more refined 2.They are more Stable.(Figo) 3.If only gadgetary is left aside, they are great Fun-To-Drive vehicles! which will not disappoint your Co-passangers!
  2. Hi, I'm a Tech-crazy also! I Right now owns Micromax a70 cellphone (android 2.2, 660Mhz, bought @ 7k before 18months), Compaq CQ40 ( Core2duo 2.2 Ghz, 3GB Ram) & My favorite Desktop.( Core 2 duo 2.2, original intel Motherbord, 4GB RAM, NVIDIA TEGRA , bought 6 years ago, CPU alone cost me huge 35k & biggest tragidy is that It has 10 year old Samtron Colour CRT moniter & arround 20 years old 2 Huge Sony Speakers!) Share Your Opinion!
  3. Tissot watches are awsome! Nice choise bro!
  4. Making thread countinuous like facebook, instead of page format also will be of great help!
  5. You'ld also include a spellcheck facility great & correct information gramatically also!
  6. If anyone has a fleet cars like Rolls-Royces,Range-Rovers,Bugattis,Hummers or person like H.H. Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, who solely owns Emirates National Auto Museum containing more than 4500 cars does it; then it's understandable as the person has every best vehicle in the world & still have heeps of money! But if person owning a Octavia or Karizma; Then world will call them crazy for sure! We've no right to tell to anyone to do charity or stop wasting money; but they themselves should need to think wisely!
  7. There is crusial need of training for all those who buy supercars & drives them without complete knowledge of the beast! As Volvo trains the diver 1st & then only handover the bus & Land Rover does same with their suvs in GB & US; all the supercar makers should also do the same & not only supercars but all car makers selling cars above 80bhp, should provide a half day tutorial about vehicle & then only hand it over to owner! This will reduse no. of accidents significantly!
  8. If you can strech your budget or doesn't need to carry more than 5 at a time don't go for it! On paper everything may be looking perfect, but belive me this kind of cars are not Heart graber & you will always had a feeling of sacrifice, so better to choose from following vehicles if your clearing above mentioned criterias: 1. Mahindra Xylo/Scorpio (If you need MPV) 2. Ford Fiesta Classic/ Nissan Sunny/Ford Figo/Volkswagon Polo (If you want to carry 5 & every single rupee spend on your vehicle to be value for mony) 3.Ford Fiesta(new)/Maruti Swift/Hundai Verna/Mitsubishi Lancer (If it's just going to be your toy & rear seats are going to occupy by Shoping bags) Share your thoughts on this!
  9. Post deleted: While copy-pasting from MS-Word, etc. delete the colors, fonts, URL's, etc. BornFree2012-06-21 02:26:05
  10. Hi guys! Myself Anand Tuse! I was born as an auto enthusiast; my parents told me that when I used to cry in my childhood, only pics of vehicles can stop me from crying & that's why my father subscribed to AutoIndia, even before I started walking & since then I'm still sunk in the sea of Passion & love of automobiles! I'm 18 now & I use my Mahindra rodeo for daily commuting, though it doesn't go with my 'FAT-GUY' image I choose it as it has best-in-class pickup & I'm not complete 18, so I have without gear scooter lisens.sometimes my big-bro lends me his Bajaj Pulsar 220F.My family owns a Ford Fiesta (1.6SXI) (which I've driven more than 3000Km) & Maruti 800 (which is older than me by 1 year & on which I leaarned to drive & driven over 1000Km). We also have Kinatic Y2k ( on which I learned to ride & riding it for 8 long years) & Bajaj Priya scooter (My father boughht it before birth of my bro, who is 26 now & this was the 1st geared vehicle which I learned to ride in my life & I still ride it occasionally). Well guys this was my story, hope we'll have great time together!