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  1. I think exteriors of the aria are pretty only place where it falls behind is interior space, overall material quality & refinement level of engine & transmission! & If they borrows some expertise from JLR, this problems can be solved easily!
  2. Really, Developing such tech, is surely a head-ache! Hats-off to RR engineer's!
  3. Zigwheels fetured a same story & by looking at the ex. they have given, they must have read this thread!
  4. & really if it's true, then they'll have to put it below the safari storm by at least 2 lakhs & by looking at it's evoque like looks, (I would prefer saying cross bread of Honda City ZX & Tata Safari instead!) It's not possible to put it in that price range! or this could be the next gen Safari!
  5. Nope! Buy Safari & get Nano free! (Seriously this is possible!)
  6. Really nice review with awesome snaps! Before reading this one I was in very much favour of Sunny over Scala; but your review really made me think over on it! Still I'ld preffer sunny over scala as I love simplicity, which is more pronounced in Sunny! ( specially front looks!) When you bought this one? have you considered other competitors of it, like Ford Fiesta Classic, Nissan Sunny (Special edition with leather interiors & modern touch screen enabled ICE) or Skoda Rapid?
  7. New I10 is on it's way, this may be a stock clearance sell!
  8. Really, if they were a perfect square & about 40% larger then it would look like a handsome jeep!
  9. Till date I've read lots of complaints about dealerships & majority of them was from Gujrat, specially from Surat & Ahmedabad! What's wrong with this guys?
  10. There is nothing extra-ordinary from old 5! Even all BMWs from last 5 years, looks highly similar & it's very tough to tell it's gen! I think they should completely redesign the whole product line-up, just like Merc!
  11. Listen to your mind then, as after spending so much money & buying a car, only thing which matters is your happiness! All this on paper data, doesn't matter, if the can doesn't appeal to you!
  12. Thanks for the praise! But I'm just enthusiast & not an expert! But like you all I haven't driven it yet & all that info which I have is completely based on Internet! But will surely, TD it & then will share my opinions about this!
  13. I agree that 2 lakhs is a lot for small transporter! but as proven in a survey by Volvo India, Normal Indian trucker cruises 180 Kms a day, but with help of AC cabins & powerful engines, he can cruise upto 600 Kms! That's a lot long-term gain! Yes, It's a true! they are really well built & can save life of drivers in some cases of accidents! Yup, I love machines, Weather it's a Shivneri volvo driven @2:00 clock in night at 100 Kmph or my skates with which me n' my dog both plays a lot!
  14. Surely, ML350 is fine product & surely stands out of the crowd for sure! But now when you are also considering VW, volvo & RR sports, I'ld like to suggest you Mitsubishi montero which is a way cheaper than competition, has great off-road capabilities & on road drive, has nice butch looks, rear seat that is comparable with ML350 & specs are also comparable with your quoted cars! It's a tried & tested product, has won dakar rally & you can trust on it!
  15. I posted this pics by myself, I've read librankur's comment but doesn't find it! So I googled it & got this two pictures & Posted them!
  16. High Fuel Efficiency”, “Cabin Comfort” and very importantly “Cabin Safety” are the operative words marking the launch of the highly anticipated range of BharatBenz light-duty trucks, which will now be commercially available across their India dealerships. The launch of the three light-duty trucks – 914, 1214 for the haulage segment and 1217 for the construction segment is part of a week-long celebration by the Indian subsidiary of Daimler’s truck manufacturing division, wherein over 1,200 customers have been invited to get themselves acquainted with the full potential and might of these vehicles Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Georg Weiberg, Head - Product Engineering, Damiler Trucks, Germany, said “It is an obligation for us and our brand BharatBenz to ensure that customers will be happy with these trucks and our Heavy-duty trucks. Our focus was to create a truck with superior performance, efficiency and the best quality but at a very competitive price. To achieve this, we involved our German/Japanese engineers for their technology, experience and Indian engineers for their local expertise and ability to create cost conscious solutions.” Based on the FUSO Fighter/ Canter platform the new Rigid and Tipper models feature a 4D34i four-cylinder CRDi (Common-rail Direct Injection) engine with 140PS and 170PS power on tap. Considering the current day fluctuating fuel price scenario, the proven fuel efficiency of these light-duty trucks would offer a major advantage to owners, offering efficiency that is a minimum of 10% better in comparison to existing products in the market. Daimler’s financial arm, Daimler Financial Services will offer BharatBenz customers a helping hand in financing these vehicles. BharatBenz dealerships across the country would also provide tailor-made financial services / service packages to interested customers to encourage investment. Prices for the new model-line up are listed below Model Min. Price in INR (Cab & Chassis) Max. Price in INR (Fully Built) 9 tonne Rigid (914) 1,015,010 1,066,366 12 tonne Rigid (1214) 1,111,644 1,162,090 12 tonne Tipper (1217) 1,175,057 1,358,759 (Source -
  17. Here are pics of interiors of the top end Ecosport with 1lt. ecoboost, which is made in & made for India,
  18. It's a functional tractor designed for grape gardener farmers & why they need to go to the sideways? but with oscillating chassis system width of the tractor can be adjusted! Really, Ferrari red tractor will look awesome & Let's hope they will launch it soon!
  19. ML350 just completes checklist of every aspect about performance, comfort & exclusivity! Go for it!
  20. Yes, you read it right, it's a brand new ferrari, which will be delivered to your home dirrectly from the showroom! But unlike your expectations, this one has only 26 HP & It's as good looking as any other ferrari! & another plus point is it's 4WD & and oscillating chassis system! & performs lot better than most of the SUV & literally can go anywhere! Tractor manufacturer Escorts Ltd had inked a partnership with Italian company BCS S.p.A to distribute and sell the speciality Ferrari brand of tractors in India. The first product being launched under the partnership is a 26 HP model that has all four equal sized wheels, an all-time 4-wheel drive suited for use in vineyards and orchards in India. Initially to be available at selected dealerships in Maharashtra, the tractor, which comes with an introductory price of Rs 8 lakh, will soon be extended for sales across the country, Nikhil Nanda, Joint MD, Escorts said. The company also launched a new product in the Farmtrac executive series of premium range tractors showcased in April last year. According to Escorts, the share of lower HP (less than 35 HP) tractors in the country has started to shrink. The below HP range tractor accounted for 15% of the total market in 2011-12 but was going to be at 8% next year while share of the 50 HP and above tractors was expected to go up from 12% in 2-11-12 to 23%. Similarly there is a 10 times growth expected in the specialty tractor segment from around 5,000 units to 50,000 units in the same time. Escorts will initially import the Ferrari tractors from Italy and market them through its distribution channels. “As volumes grow, we will take action to make the machines cost competitive and the level of engagement will change,” Nanda said, adding that assembling them locally could also be undertaken in the future. (Source -,,