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  1. Are those floor mats standard? As I've not seen them is majority nanos that I've seen!
  2. Unlike Tata Prima or Mahindra Navistar, this one looks very MANly & will definitely attract truckers!
  3. Looks very mean! & this may be the test car , as now a days many car manufacturers test their global vehicles in India! & hilly roads of NH-6, can be really good test track for a SUV!
  4. It's muscular thing for sure! But it's owner will get disappointed when people on street will compare it with Bolero & Specio (Sumo with round headlights!) But really it's a awesome beast & I'ld love to have one in my garage!
  5. It's so much Like Wagon R, that they may introduce it as new wagon R to the other part of the world! & Surely, Maruti will not even think of launching such a fancy thing in India!
  6. Some sites say it's for 19.11 lakhs, some says it's for 21.23 lakhs & now, you says that it's 22.32! What's the reality?
  7. It's extremely difficult to repair the auto gearbox & in 99% cases, it needs to be replaced! So better replace it than repair, as they will charge you heavily to just even open it!
  8. I'ld say go for Sony or Blankput only! they may be little costly than the competition, but the performance which they deliver is awesome! & when it comes to speakers JBL is also a good option, along with Blankput & Sony!
  9. Best just got better! that's what I can say! From years, all of us are saying that, If marketed well they can be a worst nightmare for German trio! Hope they will do things differently this time!
  10. I do know that It's not going to lauch in India, but this video of ecosport 4WD from portugal is interesting!
  11. ! Waiting period has nothing to do with real sales figures my friend! Don't forget Ford is one of the largest Automotive manufacture & they roar like lion! There Maraimalai Nagar ( Chennai) plant can produce 1.5 lakh cars in two shifts & 2 lakh cars in three shifts, but ford never produced more than 1 lakh cars! & with the recent investment of there, right now it produces 3,30,000 engines, which earlier was 2.5 lakh! (majority of which exports!) & In 2014, when $1billion worth sanand plant will be completed, together they can manufacture 440,000 cars and 610,000 engines annually! & there target is to be India's second largest car manufacturing company by 2020, which is currently Hyundai which manufactures 3,65,956 cars a year, which is 13.92% of the market share! & by considering the new manufacturers & increasing sales, lets assume this figure as constant! then also ford has more than enough production capacity for that situation! & to talk about maruti , which sold 10,63,599 cars last year is capable of manufacturing 14,50,000 vehicles annually. & Recently, my Uncle bought a Toyota Innova , the dealer 1st quoted that it'll take 60 days to deliver the car! My uncle's garage has around 50 vehicles & he has some nice relations with large no. of people in Automotive industry, so he called a senior person from Toyota & then he got his car at that moment only! So, this whole shortage is marketing gimmick & nothing else!
  12. I think this is the first of it's kind campaign in India! Hats off to Nissan for doing this things in India! I think events like this & then contests like Maruti Autocar Young Driver should be held in each on city basis in whole India, where traffic sense & common sense, bith are rare sight!
  13. These are the first spy shots with the next generation of the Chevrolet Cruze. Chevrolet has started testing the next-gen Cruze which will be launched in fall next year and will go on sale as a 2015MY. It will be the first model based on GM's new platform which could be called D2XX. This new architecture will underpin approximately 2.5 million compact cars and crossovers by 2018. General Motors previously stated the new Cruze will have "new exterior and interior styling, improved fuel economy and an improved interior compartment and more storage space." This all-new platform will be used for the next generation of the Chevrolet Volt, Chevrolet Equinox, Opel Astra and others as well. There were some statements from GM officials, saying that it'll have 'Impala' inspired styling, but looking at this pics, it's not at all looking like the Impala! Do share your views on this! (Source -
  14. Yes, this could be really the test module of new passat! As new Skoda Superb facelift was also spotted recently & as seen earlier VW & Skoda launches there vehicle by gap of 2-3 months; & as Skoda Superb is scheduled to launch by end of this year, we can expect it during mid-2013! & as it's pretty close to the lauch & the product devlopement is in last step, they may have chosen light camouflage, just like skoda did it on Superb in Europe! Here is the Superb's facelift story,
  15. TVS Motor is gearing up to launch a diesel variant of the TVS King auto rickshaw in the coming months. The King is now available in both petrol and CNG versions and the huge price difference between petrol and diesel has prompted TVS to come up with a diesel rickshaw. The manufacturer estimates that the current market for diesel auto rickshaws is around 30,000 units a month. The TVS King is powered by a 200cc single cylinder petrol engine which develops 7.4 bhp. TVS has managed to sell 13,602 units of the King in the last quarter of 2012 against 8,899 units during the same period in 2011, which is a 53% increase. Mr. K. N. Radhakrishnan, CEO of TVS Motor said “Our investment in this (diesel King) would be low, as the design is going to be the same and the target market would be largely domestic market.” Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are the prime markets for this launch and TVS is looking to improve its penetration in states like Punjab, Bihar, Rajasthan, Orissa, etc. While there are no details available on the specification and displacement of the diesel engine that will go into the TVS King, the rickshaw is expected to lock horns with the diesel variants of the Piaggio Ape auto rickshaws. ( Source : )
  16. Some more pics, Loved those front seats! ( Pics Source -
  17. What you are seeing in this pics is the new facelifted Skoda Superb, which is expected to land on indian shores by end of this year! The car with light camouflaged were caught testing in europe! After Octavia & Rapid, It is now the Skoda Superb’s turn to get the new family face & it's going to serve in both saloon and estate body styles! Externally, it appears that the lightly camouflaged test car features a new and wider waterfall-style grille (it's shown clearly in 2nd pic!) along with mildly revised headlamp and bumper designs at the front, and a different styling for the rear bumper and possibly, new tail lamp clusters as Skoda engineers covered the lights with faux decals. To talk about the interiors, one of the component maker has said that it is expected to remain the same except for new audio system, instrument panel and other electronic gadgetry that will be borrowed from the new Skoda Octavia. While powertrain options are expected to continue with some minor tweaks, for European countries a new variant which offers the 2.0 litre TDI diesel engine with 4×4 system and DSG gearbox will be offered. The current Superb offers 4×4 system with the 2.0 litre TDI but it is available only with manual transmission. Finally, Skoda is getting ready to lock it's horns with it's german rivals, will it succeed in retaining it's success story? Do share your views about it! (Source -,,
  18. WTF, no cover for the gear shifter & hand-brake! this is bare minimum! It definitely needs a better interiors, a new dashbord & steering wheel atleast!
  19. Like those LED brake lights! & what I can see here is, it's rear now got some nice curves! hope to see more details about it in future!
  20. There are some rumors stating that, Tata is devloping a new range of engines for the whole JLR range! Hope devloping a smaller petrol & diesel will be a part of that devlopement! & according to some rumors, it'll be launched by mid-2015!
  21. by going at some mechanics who does prepare cars for rallies, you can upgrade to all four disc & a bigger brake booster. & this should improve the braking power decently!