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  1. Yes, it's very inconviniet! when I bought my Ford Fiesta, the whole jumbling was there for 1st few months, but it's all right now! But my father who has used to Maruti 800 for last 18 years, still does the same mistake many times!
  2. under perfect conditions it'ld go upto 100 kms! but yes, on indian roads it can go only upto 20-30 km (personal experience)! & if you go any further, then you will be ruining your precious tyres!
  3. With some current info from Autocar's editor, it's base petrol (1.2 lt from petrol from figo) will start from 4.99 lakhs! & for 1.5 lt. diesel it'ld start arround 7-8 lakhs & will go upto 10-10.5 lakhs! & 1 lt. ecoboost trims will be arround 7.5-9.5 lakhs! & 1.5 lt. petrol will be arround 6.5-8 lakhs!
  4. Just look at this pics of Gurkha! It's the best makeover I've ever seen! Many components are carried from the normax trax, but just with help of a body kit, snorkel, new bumpers, new headlight assembly & a new rediator grill the vehicle looks completely fresh & fantastic! Though it's overpriced, it's engine is underpowered & still can clear the BS-3 norms, I think it'll perform decently on the sales chart! (photo source -
  5. I always dreamed of car this large & if it's priced similar to the korea here (INR 12 lakhs), I'ld love to own one! It'll be surely shock the Innova!
  6. Ford Shouldn't do that! by doing this they may sell some decent numbers in entry level, but it'll harm the brand value of ecosport! & people may neglect it in upper trims, as after spending so much money, they will be have a car, which every tom, dick & harry has! & that 1.2 lt. motor will be highly inadequate for such Mammoth!
  7. really, this prices are sky-high! MU-7 should be priced at 15 lakhs<, as it's a completely new & you must offer something mouth watering to attract the customers! & the problem with the D max is that it isn't either a proper commercial grade pickup or a lifestyle vehicle! It can be converted into a lifestyle vehicle by improving the overall looks by accesories like bull-bars, large Fog lamps & also offering a better quality interiors & a 4X4 transmission, but at the same price! or drop it's prices upto 5-6 lakhs, so it'll be a proper commercial grade vehicle!
  8. Zx will be definitely a better option! But also look at some Lancers & Fiestas, this cars are much better to drive & also pretty decent on everyday jobs! +there is still a large demand of this cars in used car market & this vehicles are majorly owned by enthusiast, who really knows how to take care of them! Which means you can get a better car at lesser price!
  9. It's move clearly made by considering the lowering the gap in petrol & diesel! This thing will rock once the subsidy on the diesel will be lifted completely!
  10. If you want more space & luggage, mini SUV is always a better option! I think waiting for ecosport will be worth, as you will be spending majority of drive on Highways, it's stiffer chasis will help you to touch the ultimate speeds safely! & if it's urgent, I would suggest you Skoda Rapid or Nissan Sunny in sedans & options like Duster & Scorpio in SUVs!
  11. As per rumors, RR is also going to offer spirit of ecstasy in crystle & multi-colour LEDs will be embedded inside it! & this will be lauched along with Wraith. Any info regarding it?
  12. they aren't usually made presizely! & one that does are usually found in special scale model shops & you can visit them in auto expo also! thier stall is always there!
  13. Opps! I was thinking that he wanted tripmeter for his alto! (1st gen once didn't have it!) I know that Xylo has it across all the varients!
  14. Nice! & surely automobile enthusiasts would be more interested in this legends than john! =D I wonder,how they would have chosen the invites? You must have gone on behalf of autocar team?
  15. Just awesome! I watched it in news yesterday, but believe me you covered it better than them! I just loved that classic red Indian bike! They said that show wasn't open for the common public, so they were charging entry fee or was it just for media? John abraham had also attended this event, spotted him?
  16. Simple solution! Get a new instrument cluster & new speedometer cable of alto K10! As per my observations, it'll fit perfectly in your dashboard!& most probably will work correctly!
  17. I don't know about Grand Cherokee, but both this wranglers are going to be a huge hit! In India, there is no SUV which can be compared with wranglers! Hope this will bring the next gen LR Defender little bit early! But Jeep's reflections will be definetly projected on LR's sales figures or atleast on price list!
  18. It's nice to see that apart from me, there are many peoples using LS2 helmets! Actually college is the best place to launch the new vehicles & arranging the auto-shows, there are lots of enthusiats & tonns of volenteers! Now-a-days, many colleges have this events as part of ther gatherings! & this phenomenon was started by Symbiosis, Pune!
  19. Though price barrier between pertol & diesel is decreasing day-by-day, I don't think Indian consumer is that mature for full size petrol SUV! It's definetely a good vehicle, but it'll be still a niche on sells chart!
  20. Welcome on the board Prajin Ravindran, hope you will enjoy spending time here! Reminded me that of NFS Carbon ! & this one just looks awsome! I wonder why people buy those common red & black supercars! (yellow & blue are also pretty much hot now-a-days!
  21. when it comes to ferrari everything is premium & posh! Just look at at that private preview pass, it's also looks awome! this shows ferrari's curiosity in making smallest thing to the perfection! I must admire that your a pretty lucky to attend this event!