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  1. I think Ninja 650 is the best and impressive model of Kawasaki and it has so many additional features in it. One thing about this manufactured gives completely new look for this.
  2. I think midgrade gas is 89, and premium is 91 or 92 and it is the best and ideal in this current scenario. all qualities of fuel contain approximately the same amount of energy power.
  3. All of knows that Yamaha is well known brand and increase it's popularity day-by day because it launches quality, durable and reliable motorbikes.
  4. The style of the Fiat Punto car is quite eye-catching to look at. The car is available in very different colors. Apart from the back storage space there are few notable areas of storage space, advantageous for travelling on outstation tours.
  5. Have a look on the engine of this car, you will say amazing. It has excellent exhaust guarantee the most comfortable drive in even overall challenging circumstances.
  6. My vote for New Ford Fiesta and it is my favorite mode of transport and it has own popularity in the automobile market. It has produced various type of car model and most good thing about this manufactured has designed to appeal to the youngsters.
  7. The lightweight style, curved sides and cheeky shapes give way to exquisite detailing, such as chrome entrance manages. It is extremely smooth and handles well in the on the road.
  8. The Xylo is designed and developed meticulously. It's smooth and suave details get combined with its macho lines and shapes which give it a exclusive look. This vehicle is designed to complete the gap between design of SUV and the comfort of a MPV.
  9. The Renault Duster is defiantly better and it's pricing is not that bad and I am falling in love with the car and now I feel people who have use the brand manufactured car.
  10. I totally agree with you and your topic and I always prefer for bigger car. They are typically safer than smaller cars and most small vehicles are developed cautiously and with fuel economy in thoughts.
  11. I think it some great news for me also car lovers, but I'm confusing what would be the price of the limited edition. I'm the biggest fan of this manufactured.
  12. Thanking you for sharing this nice and difficult calculation, I appreciate for your work and this calculation is very helpful for me and other vehicle users.
  13. The new Chevy SUV will be arriving in the ambit of likes Renault and Ford. Most of all, the latest shot that the car manufacturer is undertaking uncamouflaged tests for the new lightweight SUV.
  14. I think this is the great news for Indian Car lovers, but the company not specify the date of launching this amazing one. I crossing my finger and waited for the new one.
  15. I think both version like petrol and diesel. It's very beautiful cars but when it comes to India. The looks of the car stylish variant with a sporty and adventurous.