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  1. May your tribe increase. From a GTR to an SV thats some upgrade. Good luck with your channel Cheers
  2. A couple of more pics of the Venturer and a brochure scan Source
  3. Found this rendering of a Swift convertible.. Looks quite nice me thinks Source
  4. So the new Swift has finally been unveiled in Japan and will come to India next year. We should be getting the sport version as well hopefully. The new cr looks a lot more sportier than before. New Audi style grille and the headlamps look Jaguar F Type inspired for sure. The 1.2 petrol and 1.3 litre diesel should do duty in the India spec Swift for now with the diesel getting a bump up in power. Hope the Boosterjet petrol makes it into the Indian Swift as well. It remains to be seen if the new in house 1.5 litre diesel is offered. Hopefully the new Swift will get an automatic gearbox in India. Thats an important thing that the car has been missing all these years . The interior gets a minimalist dashboard, a new upmarket steering wheel, and a sporty two-pod instrument cluster. However, the India-bound model is expected to get a unique interior that’ll be shared with the next-gen Swift Dzire. Fully-loaded variants are expected to get a touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and MirrorLink compatibility, similar to the SmartPlay system on the Baleno and the Vitara Brezza. Some official pics
  5. Baja has finally launched the Dominar at Rs. 1.36 lakh. It is powered by a 373cc,fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine that is also seen in the KTM 390 series. Bajaj claims 0-100kph in 8.23sec and reach a top-speed of 148kph for the new bike. Seems to be well priced in my opinion Here are some pics
  6. Hi and welcome aboard Nice to have someone from the auto industry on the forum. Where are you based? Would be nice to know more about your work See you around
  7. Mumbai got its third instalment of the Mercedes Classic Car Rally on 27th November 2016. It was a sunny Sunday for us enthusiasts as we got to feast our eyes on some the finest classic metal from the three pointed star. It fantastic to see how owners have loved and cared for their cars. There were cars from all vintages present. From the legendary Nurburg to a super rare Ponton Estate, the Fintails to the W115s, the older gen SLs sharing space with the R107 and R129 models. There were a buch of 190s, which is the predecessor to the C-Class, W123s and W124s including a couple of limos too. And the big Daddy of them all the W140 S600 V12 S-Class. That car speaks German over engineering. The epic Unimog also made an appearance at the show. All the different cars made for a very colourful atmosphere. The display was followed a drive from Nariman Point to Bandra and back to the starting point. A fantastic weekend overall. Here are pictures from the show to feast on
  8. The Toyota Fortuner and the Ford Endeavour have been top dog in the SUV space for a long time. And now new generations of both these mammoth SUVs have hit Indian roads. The Fortuner is priced slightly higher than the Endy but has a reputation of being bullet proof. The Endy on the other hand has a choice of a 3.2 litre engine as well apart from the 2.2 litre motor. Both come in manual and auto. If you were in the market for an SUV and were to choose between these two, which one would it be?
  9. Ive just bought a Polo GT TSI but if Isuzu brings in the Automatic version of the V-Cross why not?
  10. The newly launched Isuzu V-Cross and D-Max have become a hot favourite in the off-roading enthusias communityt. Been seeing quite a few tastefully modified ones lately. Its also good to see the pick-up culture coming up in India. Here are some pics from the V-Cross D-Max Facebook group. A big shout out to the group for bringing together owners and enthusiasts of the machine from across the country. Here are some selected photos from the group Source
  11. Wow you live in Imola.. Thats Formula 1 territory. We have a scale model thread on the forum as well where you could post pics of your 1:18 collection. Also would love to see your Austin
  12. Chevrolet has introduced the Cruze hatchback in China and its quite a looker. Chevy in India is still continuing with the old Cruze in India and sales are not much to speak about. India is expected to get the new Cruze only in 2018. If China can get the hatchback version, I dont see why Chevy should not launch this in India. They had done it with the Optra SRV and they can do it again with the Cruze hatch. It just might breathe some life into GM India's fortunes. Your thoughts? Pics source
  13. Buddy just noticed, your finished E-Type doesnt not have a windshield. Do you add that on later?
  14. Woe DJmz, Thats some talent you have there. The E-Type looks amazing. How long does it take for you t make a model like this from scratch? Do post photos of your other creations as well. Cheers
  15. Haha Karan Even I left my feedback on the board but was I was fighting for space to write. I see you got lucky with a clean slate
  16. Thats a fantastic video Karan. And boy I gotta say youre one lucky guy. You lived the dream of many a petrol head. Good choice with the Beemer. What are the detailed charges like for renting a car? Asking because I plan to do a ring trip myself in a year or so
  17. I was then taken to another track which was a 5 min drive from the main reception area. This track was designed by Off Road Junkies. These guys are into professional off-roading and also offer training courses. Each obstacle was designed to showcase the different capabilities and features of the new Fortuner. First up was a steep decline. Here you need to slot the 4x4 system into 4 Low. While the earlier Fortuner was a full time 4wd, the new one has the option drive in 2wd as well. You can shift from 2H to 4H or vice versa on the go, but to go into 4L mode you need to be stationary and in Neutral. I used 4L along with manual S1 mode and Hill Descent Control. I always prefer to crawl downhill and the Fortuner was impressive in that aspect. This is followed by a drive through a slush pit. The slush wasnt that challenging and good enough for newbies to drive. Since I have done hardcore offr-roading before, all this was easy peasy The slush pit is followed by a steep incline where the Hill Hold Assist feature is showcased. Crawling along with slight throttle inputs and keeping the steering in check should do the trick to get you up. Next you get to drive though a pool of water to check out the new Fortuner's water wading depth. The instructor told me that this water body had a depth of 600 mm. It was fun gliding the SUV through it. This is followed by a side incline display. Didnt find that challenging at all. I then went to one obstacle that was extremely dangerous. We decided not to attempt it fully but couldnt help but get a photo op at the spot Overall it was a nice event organised by Toyota. A good initiative to do something like this right after a new product launch. All Fortuners used at the event were 4x4 automatics. The only fly in the ointment was that they came equipped with HT tyres. The least that could be used were AT (All Terrain) rubber for this kind of off-roading. Still was a nice way to spend a Monday morning. Hope they have more events like these in the future
  18. Close on the heels of the launch of the new Fortuner, Toyota has organised a 4x4 Experience Boot Camp in three Indian cities simultaneously to showcase the off-roading prowess of the new SUV. While most Fortuners are highly unlikely to see that kind of terrain, this is a good way to show owners what this thing can really do. The event is happening from 12th November to 20th November in three Indian cities simultaneously: Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. The event is by invitation only by Toyota dealers for its customers. One can also call this number +91 8422028750 and try to book a slot for the event I got a chance to attend the event held at Film City in Mumbai and chose an early morning slot. On arriving at the venue I was greeted by the Toyota team and taken to a lounge area where there were two Fortuners on display for everyone to check out. Following a product and safety briefing (this is important especially for first timers), you are first taken to small track where the instructor takes you for a short spin. The highlight of this track area is the wheel articulation showcase. Here are some pics: Continuing into the next post...
  19. Hello and welcome. Thats some fantastic skill you got there. Welcome to the Autocar forum. Do post more pictures of your creations for us to enjoy. And do tell us more about yourself. I am a scale model collector too. My collection is made up of 1:18 scale cars as well though I do have a few 1:43 cars . Looking forward to your contributions and pictures
  20. Interesting topic Tejas. In my opinion, I really dont think VW is looking at numbers with the GTI. Hence they have imported only 99 of these. Yes the 25 lakh rupee ex showroom does not justify a car that looks no different from a regular Polo except for the fact that the GTI is a 2 door. For the typical Indian car buyer performance is not a priority but that is not the customer VW is looking at . The GTI is aimed at buyers who already have a fleet o high end cars at home. These people will buy the GTI as a toy to have fun. It is surely a car that would buy from the heart and not the head. The Mini is expensive too but it has a unique identity. When you buy an expensive car it has to turn heads which the Mini will do. The GTI will just pass off as a regular Polo and get shocked looks when you utter the price. That said, I dont think VW will have a problem shifting those 99 cars off the showroom floors. There are many people with money out there. For the rest of us the Polo GT TSI with 105 horses would do just nicely. Ask me I bought one last month
  21. The new Fortuner has been launched. Here are the ex showroom Delhi prices Diesel: 2WD MT 27.52L 2WD AT 29.14L 4WD MT 30.05L 4WD AT 31.12L Petrol: 2WD MT 25.92L 2WD AT 27.61L Yes the Endeavour is cheaper. Will be intersting to see how buyers lap this up
  22. Automatics have a come along way in India. While buyers would earlier shy away from automatics due to fuel efficiency and maintenance concerns, things have started changing. More people are going in for automatics now and we have now a slew of automatics with various gearbox technologies on offer. And now we have entry level auto hatches as well with the AMT gearbox. The Alto K10 AMT has been around for a while now but the newest kid on the block is the Renault Kwid AMT. All things considered which one would you choose to buy given a choice between these two? The Alto AMT or the Kwid AMT. ?
  23. My old Honda City automatic 2003 had been serving me well for the past 10 years. Extremely reliable and a constant companion, this car had a special place in my heart. The car in total is 13 years old and there was no way I could stress the old girl longer. So the time came for me to go in for a change. I dint not have to go through the fuss of deciding which car I wanted to buy. I wanted a car with solid build quality, loaded with all modern features and yes it had to be an automatic. And with all this in mind, there was only one car I wanted. The Volkswagen Polo GT TSI. I booked the car end of August and was given a waiting of about 1.5 months. The GT TSI is offered in three colours only. White seemed to common and red was too loud for me. So we went ahead with Carbon Steel grey. I somehow managed to pull some strings at VW and got the car alloted to me in two weeks. However due to the inauspicious shraadh period, we had to delay delivery and we finally brought the car home on 2nd October 2016. Total on road price came to 10.51 lakh. I did my own zero dep insurance through a friend so saved a bit there. Rest the are no offers on the GT at all. They are selling quite well as I saw during my time at the showroom. The car has such a fantastic feel to it. Its an expensive hatch but comes loaded to the brim. My version gets touch screen audio, auto dimming internal mirror and rain sensing wipers as well. The flat bottom steering is nice to hold and Im a big fan of all black dashboards. The mirror adjust switch feels a little fragile in an otherwise nicely finished and well built cabin. Space is cramped at the rear but that isnt a bother for me since I drive solo most of the time. The 7 speed DSG is a gem of a gearbox. Shifts are super quick and Im sure that will reflect in the FE figures, add to that I drive with a light foot as well. The car is still in the run in period, I have done just 370 km till date. Got ceramic coating done for the car, got new number plates and a set of mats. There are a couple of things I have ordered from Ali Express but more on that later. I also got rid of the GT TSI stickers on the C pillar. I feel they look too wanna be. I also upgraded my tyres. The car came with JK Vectra 185 profile stock. I exchanged them for a set of Yokohama S-Drives with 195 profile. Thats it for now. Will keep updating this thread as I munch up the kms. Till then here are some pictures