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  1. A hatch in India has always been seen as a economical mode of transport for most. The words performance and hatch has never gone hand in hand. The first to come up with a proper hot hatch was Fiat with the Palio 1.6 GTX. It was way ahead of its time, 100 horses in hatch was unheard of. It sold in very limited numbers but those who bought one swore by it. I have driven one and its absolutely mind blowing. Fast forward car manufacturers have now started getting performance hatches in various price brackets. VW started it with the 1.6 Polo and then replaced it with the GT TSI and GT TDI Fiat again upped the ant by bring in a 145 horsepower hatch in the Punto Abarth. Moving up the price ladder you have the Mini Cooper S which is priced at the higher side of 40 lakh and Volkswagen is all set to launch the GTI in in India, which again wont be cheap. My question is.. Has India warmed up to hot hatches yet? I do believe that upto a certain extent yes, considering the amount of Polo GTs I see on the road and that itself is not a cheap car to buy with OTR prices going above 10 lakh. I havent seen many Punto Abarths though. There are quite a few Mini Cooper S models that I see which say that yes Indians are willing spend. It will be interesting to see if people will shell out 25 big ones on the GTI which looks almost like the regular Polo but with two doors less. What is your take guys?
  2. Hi there Between the two I would say go for the Creta but you should consider the diesel. The Ecosport is pretty old now and a facelift is expected sometime. The Creta also has nicer interiors and feels more spacious than the Ecosport. I would say get the Creta. Any particular reason why you dont want the diesel?
  3. Hi Ashok welcome to the forum. Please post a full intro of yourself what you do and the cars you drive
  4. The Ford Mustang has is one of the the most iconic cars of its times. And it has evolved and how. While the new one is loaded with tech and more power, nothing quite comes close to the charm out the original pony car. Given a choice money no object, which wold you buy? The classic Mustang from the 60s or the current gen car that is now sold in India as well
  5. Good point there Tejas. We all know that Mahindra has been well know for making SUVs and rugged ones at that for sure. I for sure do like the way the Nuvosport looks. Makes you wonder why they made the Quanto in the first place. It feels decently built and has good features. The AMT box is sad though. The TUV would have looked better as a non sub 4 metre SUV and I personally find the KUV downright weird to look at. They market as an SUV but its no where close. Its a confused hatch in my opinion. I feel the Nuvosport has potential do do better. They need good marketing a little better fit and finish. I dont see why it cant go up against the Brezza and the Ecosport. The problem is the TUV and Nuvosport could cannibalise each other as well and I think thats happening. I see more TUVs on road then the Nuvo.
  6. Never though a Creta would look so good. And whats more it has a remap. Pete have remapped this Creta to put out 150 horses. The stock car makes 128 horsepower. The car gets upsized tyres n sexy alloys along with a blackened grille and roof rails. The remaps costs 19,000 rupees. Source
  7. Quite a hot looking Thar this. the Day Break Edition Here are pics Source
  8. The Renault Kaptur SUV has been spotted testing in Brazil and is expected to be be Renault's next SUV offering in India. Its a full size SUV and will be positioned above the Duster. A 2.0 litre diesel motor with 4wd and automatic gearbox should be a great combination in my opinion If priced well, should be a sucess what do you think? Source
  9. Here is a modified Chevrolet Cruze. Finished in pearl blue shade with huge air inakes, wide body kit and sporty bumpers and customized interiors Source
  10. A nicely done up Innova Crysta with a body kit and alloys. Looks like the Crysta is mod friendly Source
  11. Production version photos of the Avancier SUV. Looks quite good. Honda should really think of bringing this here. Would go up against the Santa Fe Source
  12. Toyota has taken the wraps off the Calya which is a small MPV. Powered by a 1.2 litre petrol engine it develops 88 horsepower and 108 Nm of torque. Comes with the option of a 5 speed manual of a 4 speed auto box. From the looks and size this looks like a direct competitor to the Datsun Go+ which currently has no rival in India. Maybe Toyota should launch this year as a 7 seater. With the Toyota badge this should do well. Even the dashboard looks well finished. What do you think? Source
  13. I doubt that. Wouldnt it cannibalise the Ciaz then?
  14. The Maruti Baleno RS was first shown at the Auto Expo this year. The car is expected launch during the festive season this year. The 1.0 litre turbo petrol with Bossjet tech will develop 111 horses and 160 Nm torque. Whats more its expected to come with a 6 speed auto box with paddle shifters. Here are some spy shots This could be a serious rival to the Punto Abarth and the VW Polo GT TSI. Hopefully Maruti prices it aggressively with a sub 10 lakh rupee price tag. Im seriously tempted for this. What do you think guys? Pics source
  15. Hello fellow members, Just like a car goes through a facelift in its life cycle, the Autocar India forum has also got a makeover. We are back with a new layout and new interface. We hope you like the new format of the forum. Looking forward to contributions from you guys as always do give feedback and suggestions on the new look Keep posting Cheers PH
  16. Congrats sachin. An automatic Innova is a very sensible buy. Do post a new thread in the ownership reviews section with a detailed review and photos. Drive safe
  17. Here are the links to the videos: Renault Kwid: Maruti Eeco: Hyundai Eon: Maruti Celerio: Mahindra Scorpio: I agree with all you said librankur. But nothing will change if the people's mindset doesnt. No one wants to pay for safety. Basic safety features should be standard across all variants of cars. Its ok if some convenience features are omitted. Plus the road laws need to be enforced strictly. For eg: its scary the way people jump signals even in the day time. Helmets are worn to save 100 bucks. Is that what a life is worth? Sad state of affairs
  18. Nice review Karan. Attaching the ACI video review of the new Endy here Here is how the new Endy compares against its rivals
  19. Hi there Many congratulations on your new Himayalan. Please write a more detailed review and include pictures of you bike. It should be beneficial for our other forum members. Ride safe
  20. sachins Have you considered the Lodgy? Its a very underrated MUV. The engine is bullet proof and fuel efficient too. Plus its easy to drive as well. Only thing is its not AT Considering AT the Eritiga is your best bet
  21. The Polo GTI. A super sexy hot hatch but is sure to make a hole in your pocket if you want to buy one.