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  1. The sexy Corvette Stingray and the Camaro at the Chevy stall
  2. Its surprising that Skoda is giving the Auto Expo a skip this time around. The new Superb would have been fantastic to showcase at the show. The two most important launches at the show according to me will be the Maruti Vitara Breeza and the new Innova for sure. Im also eager to see the XUV Areo concept and the Tata compact SUV. The Mustang event yesterday was a downer. They could have easily done the unveiling at the Auto Expo.
  3. So another Auto Expo is upon us and this time its the biggest show yet. As usual there will lots of important launches that will happen and Im sure many of us will visit the show too. So lets use this thread to discuss the 2016 Edition of the Expo. We can share photos from the show as well. So what are the launches you are looking forward to?
  4. Other classics like the Fintail, 170V W115 amongst others were also present
  5. The Pontons There were a number of W123s W124s W126s and 190s
  6. Mercedes Benz and Autocar organized a classic car rally in Mumbai on 13th Dec. 2015. A similar rally was held last year as well. It was an awesome way to spend a Sunday morning with some awesome beauties from the three pointed star, all from various vintages. The rally was flagged off from Nariman Point and the convoy drove all the way to Bandra Kala Nagar via the Sea Link and back. Here are some photos from the event. Here is a very special car that was present at the rally. The Mercedes Patent Wagen. Well not the original but a fantastic replica made down South.
  7. What car are you looking at? Big Boyz Toys is mainly into exotic cars. Do let us know the options you are considering
  8. Best wishes for the festive season. Have fun guys
  9. Well Maruti is current testing the YBA compact SUV which seems similar in size to the Jimny. Also the Gyspy is essentially the Jimny if you check pics of the previous gen vehicle. Hope the YBA comes soon with a nice price and an Autobox. The Baleno is priced well but I dnt feel Nexa has made any waves in the market.
  10. Mav please add some pictures and ownership report to the thread. Will make it better for all readers
  11. Nice pics cars4life. Here are some more from the show
  12. Mav thats a great purchase. With you many happy kms with it. How bout a detailed ownership review with pics of your car?
  13. @getmikeeboy... Thats a beautiful car. Why not start a new ownership thread on your car with detailed pics. Would surely be a great read for other members
  14. Nice catch Rapper and good to see you back. The Trailblazer is a really imposing SYV just like a true blue Chevy. GM is not having a great time in India currently especially with the recent recall announcement. Will be interesting to see if this new product can change their fortunes. Pricing will be very imp.
  15. Thanks for sharing the pics pics Neeraj. Personally I dont find the car appealing but Ive heard the 1.6 litre engine is pretty good. Pricing is going to be key for the car and I feel an AT box should have been offered. Did you get any pics of the Nexa dealership?
  16. Automatics are more modern than ever before with a variety of auto trannys available. My pick of the lot would be the DSG. Its very modern, shifts are super quick and at the same time you get good fuel efficiency too. The only problem is that if something goes wrong youre in for a big expense.
  17. Guys, Here are tentative prices of the upcoming Creta Thanks to Twitter user @yaminiakshaya for sharing it on Autocar’s Twitter handle Hyundai Creta 1.6 S Petrol: Rs 8.08 lakh Hyundai Creta 1.6 SX+ Petrol: Rs 9.45 lakh Hyundai Creta 1.6 SX Diesel: Rs 9.74 lakh Hyundai Creta 1.6 SX (O): Rs 11.41 lakh Hyundai Creta 1.6 Diesel automatic SX+: Rs 11.41 lakh
  18. Expect the top end Creta AT diesel to be priced at around 15 lakh OTR. That said it sure to be loaded with features and it looks good too. It would be a good idea to wait
  19. Reddy it would nice if you write a longer review and shared some pictures with all the members. Looking forward to a longer report