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  1. I quite like the Fluence and its actually a brilliant car. Sadly it hasnt been marketed well since Renault is only into marketing the Duster which is their cash cow. Even Scala ads are no longer seen I think they show rethink the pricing and positioning of the car. Put it in the 12 lakh bracket and it should do decent numbers. It has a tried and tested diesel and I personally like the way it looks
  2. Polo GT TSI eyes closed. A great looking hatch, stonker of an engine, awesome DSG box and loaded to the gills with equipment and safety features. Fun to drive on highways and in the city. And in your budget too.
  3. Now for the pics. There were 2 trucks on display at the event:
  4. Tata Motors today announced the 2nd season of the T1 Prima Truck Racing Series. It will take place at the Buddh International Circuit on thee 15th March weekend. There will be 6 teams competing for top honours with 12 Racing trucks. The 1st season was a great success last year and Tat Motors now hopes to make this a yearly affair. There will be 2 qualifier races of 5 laps each on Saturday and 2 main races on Sunda with 10 and 15 laps each. Coming to the T1 Prima Racing truck that will be used in the second season. There are lots of upgrades from last year: Power has been upped to 370 bhp @2100 rpm with a new top speed of 130 kph. Lower chassis height for better stabilty. Improved brake cooling system. Bigger steering wheel for better ergonomics. Air deflector and footstep cover is replaced with fibreglass reinforced plastic. Lighter aggregates for weight reduction. Features of the T1 include: The T1 is powered by a Cummins 8.9 litre engine tuned for better acceleration Roll cage fir driver safety as per FMSCI norms. Side and rear under protection device. FIA approved seat with 5 point mounting for seat belts. Always on tail lamps in Red. New gen wider brakes and brake drum with water jet cooling mechanism. Lowered suspension suitable for racing New JK Tyres racing tyres testing to meet the new updated speeds of the truck. 90 litre fuel tank mounted on top of the chassis. The trophy for the Racing Series was also unveiled at the event Check out detailed pics of the Tata T1 Prima racing truck in the next posts...
  5. Thats a decent rendering. Here is more info from the ACI website This all-new Maruti compact SUV will be less than four metres long, have heavily stylised and muscular exterior styling, and will likely wear its spare wheel on its tailgate. The YBA will be an even more compact version of the Vitara. It retains the tapering window line, angular tail-lamps and the ‘open-mouthed’ lower air dam. Obviously, some things have been toned down, like the grille, which is a simpler one with horizontal instead of vertical slats. Overall, the YBA’s look is a good mix of sporty and rugged. The wheel arches don’t have excessive cladding, the windscreen is steeply raked back and, thanks to a floating C-pillar, the glasshouse gets a cockpit-like look. Like the YRA hatchback, this one will also use Maruti’s existing range of engines. As with the YRA hatchback and the Ciaz sedan, this YBA crossover will have to pack in a lot of equipment to seriously take on the EcoSport, so here too, expect a lot of equipment.
  6. Datsun launched the GO+ in India today at an event in Mumbai. It is essentially a longer version of the GO hatch. More than an MPV it is actually a small wagon. The third row is virtually useless for passengers and instead you can fold that up to get good luggage space. Interior are also built to a cost. The wheel wheels on the exterior have no cladding (see the pic below), But being under 4 metres in length has enabled Datsun to price it aggressively. Here are the prices ex showroom Delhi Go+ D- Rs 3.79 lakh Go+ D1 - Rs 3.82 lakh Go+ A - Rs 4.15 lakh Go+ T - Rs 4.61 lakh And here are the pics spreading over the next couple of posts:
  7. The Valley Run 2015 drag racing event took place at the Aambay Valley air strip in Lonavala. Here are some pics from the event: The event report can be read here
  8. Visited the 2015 Super Car show today which is being held over two days. Today is the static display while tomorrow that cars will hit the streets for a drive parade through Mumbai City. While there were some new cars this year and some usual suspects, the LaFerrari which is the showstopper this year is simply out of this world. Here are some pictures starting with the La Ferrari
  9. Speaking of the Accord the previous gen cars go for a song. If fuel efficiency is not a bother you can get a 220 bhp 3.0 litre V6 for 3 lakhs off and boy that is a fast car. I loved it even more the 3.5 litre V6 which came later
  10. Its been long since we saw some photos of your car. Can you post some latest pics?
  11. I would pick the Civic. There are tons of cars out there within 4 lakhs and honestly they are a bargain. You get a 16 lakh rupee car for that price . I have friends who have bought used Civics in that price bracket and are loving it. The Corolla would be second though they are boring cars to drive
  12. Hey welcome to the forum. You will surely be a great help to members who will have queries and issues with their gadgets. Tell us more about your Sovereign Spark too. You could start a thread on that. And what music are you into? See you around
  13. Congo on your new motorcycle. Love the colour on this one. But one pic will not do. Looking forward to more photos and updates on your ownership. P.S Moved your thread to the two wheelers ownerships review section
  14. Hi Anand and welcome to the forum. Nice to have a biker onboard. Looking forward to your travel and biking trips. Cya around and ride safe and while youre at it, how about an ownership review of your Avenger as well
  15. Happy New Year to everyone...Have a super 2015.
  16. Congratulations on your new Aria. Thats a super detailed report and pictures. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to reading updates on service etc as you drive along. Drive safe. I personally like the Aria a lot and I really hope they introduce that automatic box soon. That would be a good move.
  17. You need to get a diagnosis done. There could probably be an issue in the ECM. Many independent workshops are capable of handling Skodas nowadays. See if you can hook up with someone who has diagnostic equipment.