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  1. Thats a great writeup. Thanks for sharing a wonderful ownership review. Hope to see more regular updates here. Congratulations again
  2. Production of the 2015 Jazz seems to have started in India. Here are pics of the car which seem to have been snapped at the Honda factory . Im just hoping for an AT Source
  3. I would say get an Elite i20 Automatic and a Terrano. The ride quality is outstanding on the Terrano and looks slightly better than the Duster. For the hatch the Polo GT could also be an alternative to the i20
  4. Motorcyclists take the road in Lahore, Pakistan to protest against terrorism. Lahore, the capital city of Pakistani province of Punjab, recently witnessed a gathering of motorcyclists who rode in order to protest against the terrorists who stand responsible for the brutal massacre that took place in the province of Peshawar recently. The two cities are 524km apart and share the same sentiment against the accused. Protests are ongoing throughout Pakistan, and this time motorcyclists astride their superbikes have decided to take a stand on the issue riding through Lahore on their bikes seeking and spreading the message of peace, protesting and condemning the heinous act of terror.
  5. Thats quite a list of cars. Didnt you manage any pics?
  6. The hatchback market in India is no longer what it used to be. Premium hatches are the in thing now and the top end variants come loaded with all the goodies one could ask for. The prices of these cars touch close to those of entry level C segment sedans leave alone the sub 4 metre segment. In our country a sedan always gives the feeling of a BIG car while a hatch however loaded is looked upon as a small car. If given a choice, what would you buy? A top end variant of a premium hatch (Polo, Elite i20) or a base variant of a sedan (Etios, Sunny, Vento etc) Lets hear it from you guys
  7. Yes I did. And I should consider myself really lucky. People have gone for 7 safaris in a row and still no sighting. I was fortunate in my first safari itself and that too a very rare site. We saw a tigress and she had just hunted down her kill. She was later joined by her two cubs. Details will come up in my travelogue
  8. Hello and welcome aboard Do tell us more about yourself and the cars your family owns. Hope to catch you in an interesting discussion on the forum See you around
  9. Good to see updates here. Im back after my Rajasthan drive but we had to skip Udaipur due to an emergency at my friend's place. Will be penning my travelogue soon. Though I must say Ranthambore was paisa vasool.
  10. Wonderful pics. Love the desert view especially. Do start a ownership review thread on your Amaze in the Members ownership reviews section of the forum
  11. Came across these videos where 1:18 scale models of cars are modified to be equipped with working LED lights for the exterior and interior.. This is super cool [media=] See more here at the source
  12. Wonderful. This thread keeps getting better and better. Waiting for the next installment. Why not put some pics of your Amaze as well?
  13. Hi man2705 Now is the correct time to buy for sure. There are some killer deals going on currently. While the X3 is a new product, the Q5 is feels nicer. The interiors of the Q5 feel more plush than that of the X3. Coming to the engine the Audi motor is very refinded. I find the BMW 4 pot engine pretty noisy as is the case in most BMWs. I would say go with the Audi for sure
  14. Ahh ..long time no see. I was wondering where you vanished. Nice pics of the Duster. Great work. Looking forward to more
  15. Loving every post of this travelogue. Had been wondering about places to visit in Udaipur since we have 3 days there at our disposal, you have summed up things superbly. Thanks a bunch for this.
  16. Thanks a bunch for the suggestions. Will keep all in mind. Since we are also doing a road trip, I plan to write a travel story once Im back
  17. Superb write up. Thanks for sharing your travel story. Loved the pictures as well.
  18. Hey acevoyager Since you are posting a detailed travelogue, could you recommend some restaurants in Udaipur which we could and at the same time would love to try local street food as well
  19. Superb writeup. Thanks so much for sharing. I myself am headed to Rajasthan soon a roadtrip. Looking forward to reading your experiences in Udaiur and Ranthambore because thats where Im headed
  20. Bumping up this topic after a while.. Long back the Italian police a Gallardo as a police car for high speed patrolling and now after the Gallardo ceased production Lamborghini has presrented the Italian police with a Huracan I still feel that Dubai beats everyone in terms of cop cars Pics from Google
  21. This was held at Gautam Singhania's own private test track in Thane