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  1. It would be nice to have model specific threads instead one just one common thread. Looking forward to the pictures.
  2. A two door Swift Cabrio would be just perfect for India. It is easily the hottest hatch in India and it could sell in few numbers for sure. @AMG1: Agreed that a Swift is small but then so is a Mini. And the Swift Cabrio should come in some funky colours. On another note the Polo would also make a nice cabrio. Does anyone here remember the Quantam Sports Convertible which was shown way back in 1995-96 and apparently bookings were open two. But it vanished without a trace. I didnt see any on the road. If there is one example I can think of a disaster of a locally made convertible it would be the San Storm.
  3. Nice to have to you onboard. The SEM page sure has some nice pictures of exotic machinery in Mumbai City. Hope to see good contributions from you regularly. See you around
  4. Audi has already overtaken Mercedes in the Indian market and is currently second to BMW. The recently launched Audi Q3 has been a run away hit with 500 cars being sold. It looks like a proper SUV as compared to the X1 which looks more like a 3 Series station Wagon. Do you think the Q3 will catapult Audi to the Nummer Eins spot in India? Or does BMW have an ace up its sleeve with the upcoming new 3 Series sedan? Lets have your opinions
  5. Fantastic opportunity for driving enthusiasts. Though a bit pricey its nice to see these kinds of events being organised. Driving a Quattro on the Buddh sounds super. Thanks to the Buddh Circuit opening up, more and more driving events are taking place. Also helps keeping the circuit busy in the absence of F1
  6. GM India did a Mumbai launch of the new updated Cruze this afternoon. Here are some pictures from the event. The prices for the Cruze Ex Showroom Thane are: LT (6 Speed Manual) : Rs. 13,84,447 LTZ (6 Speed Manual): Rs. 14,78,453 LTZ (6 Speed Automatic) : Rs. 15,66,443 The base LT variant also gets the following features: PEPS (Passive Entry Passive Start with Push button Start/Stop) Front fog lamps Tilt and telescopic steering adjust Chrome door handles Up-level smart screen
  7. Though that is good news for us petrol car users, I dont know how long it will last. With the rupee tanking from the dollar day by day it wont be long till the prices go up again. I just love the way Goa got rid of VAT. Petrol prices went down by 11 rupees
  8. The Mahindra XUV500 has been a game changer in the Indian SUV market. A world class product at a fabulous price made customers make a run to the showroom to get one for themselves. Crazy number of bookings and theres still a huge waiting list. But there have been some problems. Owners have reported issues especially with the electronics and the gadgetry on the XUV. Im sure the issues will be taken care of with time but did customers make a mistake by hurrying up and buying the car? It would be nice to know your opinions. Would be nice to hear from XUV owners on the forum as well
  9. As you all know Autocar India has its own show on Television on Bloomberg TV. Thought it would be a nice idea to share some of the video reviews here on the forum. Through this thread you can view all the video reviews in one place Lets start of with the two new launches in the sedan segment: The Chevrolet Cruze with the new engine and the new Volkwagen Jetta 1.4 TSI Petrol [media=]
  10. Hi Khaadu75 Good to have you with us. HP is one of the most beautiful places in this country and Im sure Delhi isnt as enjoyable. You sure have a petrolhead seeing that you have all driver's cars in your garage. The GTX is a personal favourite. So share your ownership experiences with these cars in the forums. See you around
  11. A Fiesta Hatch with that Dual Clutch Autobox sounds just perfect. Good power, the Fiesta has always been a good handler, decent size and AT would make it an ideal car for the city as well as the highway
  12. Hitesh Kalra, a reader of Autocar India sent in this picture to us. This is the Ford Fiesta Hatch and was spotted by him at Delhi Airport. Looks much better than the sedan in my opinion. Would make a nice premium hatch if Ford would launch this in India. Even the wheels look like 17 inchers. For sure this is a better looker than the sedan. What do you think? Would something like this sell considering the Optra SRV didnt find too many takers?
  13. Not a good time for the auto industry really. But atleast the X Trail, Santa Fe and the Captiva are diesels. The CRV doesnt even have that advantage. The CRV is all but dead now.With these SUVs going 30+ lakhs, That price now can actually get you into the German club with the X1 or for that matter the new Audi Q3. Looking at the current scenario, GM should seriously consider localizing the Captiva. If that brings down the price, it will make the Captiva a good proposition.
  14. Keep the suggestions coming in guys. Infact there are a lot of threads around which need to be moved to the right categories as well. A mobile application is a possibility as well in the future
  15. Thanks for the Welcome bala. Hope to catch up with you on some nice discussions
  16. Chevrolet has launched the new Captiva with a facelift and a new engine as well starting at Rs. 18.74 lakhs. However the new 2.2 litre 186.5 bhp diesel will be available on the AWD Automatic only and that comes at Rs. 24.59 lakhs Ex Showroom Delhi. I have always liked the Captiva as a car but somehow I feel this new one is a tad overpriced. Cant wait to try it out though. What do you guys feel? Will the new Captiva work at this price?
  17. Good to see this new board with a refreshed look. And its great to be part of this huge family.
  18. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Im sure it will be a blast. Sorry not to mention that earlier. My daily driver is a 2003 Honda City
  19. Though Chevrolet do speak a lot about their warranties, I dont know how good they really are. Thats where Hyundai and maruti come out tops. If stretched a bit, I think the base Honda Brio would qualify too?
  20. A big hello to everyone out there Its feels so good to be here. The all new forum looks awesome. Im on the other side of 30 years young and I come from Mumbai, the city of dreams and fast cars. Like most of you here, I live cars 24x7 and as the my handle suggests, Im a big fan of the marque from Maranello. But basically I love Italian cars because believe they are the only ones built with pure passion, everything else be damned. I have been lucky to have driven some really special cars from the Ferrari and Lamborghini stable. But the one car i would love to own in my lifetime would be the Ferrari F355. I would sell my soul for one Im an avid lover of music and I dig Retro from the 70s and 80s. Im not into the bat ball game which the country is crazy about. I just stick to Formula 1. Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher. Im a huge foodie and game to try new stuff all the time. Love meeting and interacting with new people and having good conversations. Im an avid scale model collector and I collect cars primarily in the 1:18 scale. Wearing the Moderator hat, always here to help out fellow forum members with anything you may need. See you'll around in some meaningful discussions on the forums Cheers
  21. This has to be one of the most beautiful Aston designs in a long time. Its a break away from the usual classy look and the new Vanquish gets an aggressive stance. Definitely on my wish list.,
  22. I would stick to the Alto K10. Its nothing short of a pocket rocket and even though the design is really old now, its still a great first car to own for the average Indian family. Plus Maruti also gives the peace of mind factor