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    Wish you all a very happy and safe Diwali. Drive Safe.
  2. There are many travel companies in every city. for example makemytrip . You can visit the local travel company personally in your city. For your knowledge, Check this http://enfieldriders.com/leh-ladakh-bike-tour http://www.himalayanmotorbike.com/ If you don't mind to share your location, anyone can suggest some good travel companies in your area.
  3. There are many travel agencies who organise such trips. They have their fixed schedule and later you can ask them for changes accordingly. It depends on how are you going to travel, In Group or Solo? Moreover, you can also bargain with them. If are planning to do a solo trip then you should visit xbhp forum and read the experience shared by many bikers.
  4. Those bulbs have same rating like stock bulbs(both 60/55W). I could not find Lumen rating anywhere. So you can hardly notice any difference in light output. I had mentioned its advantages earlier. It is the good design from philips which gives 10-20% more noticeable output. No doubt about their reliability. Apart from this if you need a powerful light then Philips Rally (130/100W) will serve your purpose. For this you may need to do relay wiring(again which you would not like to do). They will heat up the reflectors reducing their life and they draw huge current from battery. These can easily blind the oncoming traffiic on highbeam (imagine its a 130W). HIDs (again) need a wiring modifications. Sometimes not reliable. It can blind the oncoming traffic easily. Legally they are supposed to be used with proper xenon projectors. Moreover you can avoid all this and stick to stock bulbs till their life ends. you know Colgate toothpaste sometimes do wonders. Use it to clean your transparent reflector glass.
  5. I would suggest you to go for Philips Xtreme Vision bulbs(55/60W) for the headlights. Perfectly suits your requirement. Advantages: Direct fit (no electrical modifications required) Draws same current from battery Slightly whiter light( not pure white)(typically yellow) Slightly Slim construction enables longer throw of light Long life No heat related issues or reflector problems Disadvantages: Cost Around Rs. 1200 per pair For the Fog Lamps HID is a good choice. Such combinations are becoming very popular.
  6. I will suggest you to replace Air Filter and Spark Plugs if never done before or long time. And also you can get disk brake pads cleaned because there might be slight resisting contact. Check for the rear drum brakes too. Keep your tyres properly inflated to recommended pressure. One important thing you should not ignore, always fuel from good, busy, reliable fuel stations.
  7. Wow!! Such a good collection. I am really a big fan of those Red Machines
  8. You are most welcome on Autocar India. What kind of research do you carry out on online communities ?
  9. After the petrol price was decontrolled and now Diesel will be, so CNG is the best alternative fuel now. But less availability of CNG is the main issue and the reason for very few CNG models. If you want to fit a CNG kit after buying a new car, I would suggest you to have the initial running period on petrol only. It would help to settle or mate the engine components well as it is solely designed for petrol.
  10. Check out this new Vento. Its really good. http://forum.autocarindia.com/index.php?/topic/9981-vw-vento-gt-tsi-launch-expected-soon Otherwise I would suggest you to wait for new Honda City as they offer always the best.
  11. I suggest you to wait for the new ZMR, the old one is just outdated. I hope Hero will not miss this festive season. It is expected to launch somewhere between October and December. They have not reaveled the specifications yet. There are a lot more expectations from a leading 2-wheeler company. I am quite sure mileage won't be less than 30. The price is not a constrain for the right product. Moreover, there is a upcoming price hike by all 2-wheeler companies. (Bajaj and Mahindra have already announced the hike). Still I hope the pricing will be competitive. Always feel free to ask any questions.
  12. Finally the wait is over now, Hero is launching around 12 more new different models. So they have revealed their Karizma here. I think they won't miss this festive season. Point is that, can EBR engines have the real potential to beat Honda engines in terms of mileage, power and lets not forget the Reliability.
  13. A nice upgrade from VW. I am sure it will provide decent mileage with such a good power. The only thing I am concerned about is the pricing.
  14. After reading your post, I would suggest you to approach media (CNBC "Pehredaar"). I think they will help you. And BMW India will not like to spoil their image as it will seriously affect their sales.
  15. Pulsar 200NS is best buy here. Its performance and power packed. Here its a good ownership experience report. Read This!! http://www.autocarindia.com/Review/344819,bajaj-pulsar-200ns-4000km-report.aspx.