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  1. Hi, I think the mechanic must be giving the wrong info. cause he is not going to get anything from abroad. I think its not worth going for it. I'll ask him to give at around 15 to 20k & do the project on my own. Thanx for your help
  2. Hi, He is claiming that he will install most of the spares as original parts. But I am not sure cause getting the original parts of RD350 is the thing of the past well lets see what happens. Thanx for your help
  3. Hi, You guessed it very right ! Its not a stock 39.5 bhp model. Its a 30 bhp model. Then I think he is asking too much for it. I will try to squeeze him below 50k with complete restoration. Thanx for your valuable inputs !!
  4. Hi, Yeah, that's the best bike India has produced till date !!!!!
  5. Hi, The engine & chassis is intact but pistons have to be replaced. No accident history. Front forks, clutch, fuel-tank, seat, all electrical wiring, all lights n indicators, end-cans, painting n chrome plating has to be restored. Considering this work is 80k worth paying ?? Thanx for your other valuable info.
  6. Hi, I came across one RD350 in Pune at a garage. Its a Pune passing bike with all the clear papers. Its of 1984 model. But the bike has to be restored on 60% to 70%. Its for sale around 80k for fully restored one (with all spare-parts n chrome-plating etc.). The mechanic said the restoration time is almost 2 months. Is it worth buying
  7. Yeah you are right. I just visited RD500 fan club site. But I think RD500 never came to India. Its seems that fan club is in Europe.
  8. Hi, Even I heard that there are lot of RD350s running around Chandigarh. But I think its too far from Pune. But thanx for your input Today I am going to inspect a RD at Pune. Lets see what will be the outcome!
  9. Thanx for your valuable inputs
  10. yeah, you are absolutely right ! But is it advisable to go for 30bhp model??
  11. Hi, Thanx for your valuable suggestion !!
  12. Hi, I am searching for good condition RD350. Any info on spares availability of it at Pune? Kindly share. Thanx.