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  1. Adding to that, I was more looking at these car dealers (True Value, Honda Auto Terrace etc) as they would provide brand warranty and free service. I also have options from local used car dealers and known dealers like carnation.
  2. You have a good point about the car being a drying-out product. They are not at all negotiating beyond this. Today I drove this car (ZXi). Looks neat and drives smooth. 9k driven is justified. Prices in Bangalore are much higher compared to New Delhi, because of the road tax here.
  3. Hi All, thanks for your replies. Here's an update. Honda City ivtec pre-owned is pricy in Bangalore so I don't see them below 6.5 - 7 Lakhs that easily. If I do, there is something to bother. I presently have in offer 2 SX4's. One is ZXi (top end) for 5.75 Lakhs. Other Vxi (without abs, airbags, alloy) for 4.6Lakhs from Maruti True Value. VXi is 2009 Dec and ZXi is 2010. I can go for 2009 VXi but need to get a repaint as it requires a bit and may be alloy wheels. Plus need to change tyres after 10k kms run (tubeless). Its driven 29k so far. ZXi is driven 9k.
  4. Hello, I'm in a hunt to buy my 1st drive of my own pocket (presently driving Father's Indigo). Due to budget constraints and a will to buy Sedan class, I am compelled to buy a pre-owned car. Having said that, I do not want to go with local dealers/private sellers. So only options left with me are Maruti True Value, Honda Auto Terrace, Hyundai Advantage and Ford Assured which provide certificate, free service and 1 year warranty. My budget is around 5 - 5.5 Lakhs. I have so far seen DZire, SX4 and Honda City i-vTec 2009, 2010, 2011 models near to that range. I need your advices on how safe is it to buy from these dealers and what things should I be careful of. Or do you suggest me to supress my desire for a sedan and better go for new hatchbacks in that budget. Also, in case of pre-owned, which brand and car do you suggest would be best. Thanks. Regards.