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    motorj3di got a reaction from reyen7 in Hyundai i20 sedan revealed. Should it come to India?   
    Does not make any sense. It's like that time they tried to squeeze in an 'i40' saloon in between the Elantra (i30) and the Sonata (i45). It's a niche too far.
    This would be great if it was less than 4m long, but looking at the pictures, unless it is currently 4001mm long, there's no way they could trim it down without extensive re-engineering.
    The problem is the Verna and the i20, obviously. How do they price it significantly lower than the former, but higher than the latter? Hyundai has a habit of offering too many variants, and people now equate Hyundai with 'equipment'. So they cannot make the HB20S a 'stripped out' car; no one will touch it.
    The only solution seems to be to kill off the two base engines of the Verna (the 1.4 petrol and diesel) and leave only the 1.6es, those seem to be the really popular ones anyway. Since the HB20 isn't sub-4m, they could happily put these engines in here.
    It won't be as cheap as the Amaze and Dzire, but it could rattle up the Verito, Sail, Etios and Manza side of the market.
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    motorj3di reacted to neerajd in Spied: New Ford Fiesta hatch in New Delhi   
    Looks amazingly beautiful with its boot chopped off!! And thats the way it was supposed to be all this while.
    I'm pretty sure Ford would look at a launch after the Ecosport if not along with it.
    1.4 TDCi and if this gets the new 1.0 turbo petrol.. nothing like it. And maybe a sports edition with the Fiesta sedan petrol and diesel engines - I know, expecting too many power options here.. but thats what will sell..
    I too agree with AMG1 that the Chevy SRV and the Ford Fusion came in to our markets way before time. Had the Fusion been launched at this time, it would have sold very decently, esp with its 1.4 diesel.
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    motorj3di reacted to Sstar in Spied: New Ford Fiesta hatch in New Delhi   
    Exacly as AMG1, I feel SRV was way before than its time. If GM launches it again, I am sure with a diesel, it would do good.
    Looking at Fiesta hatch..I must acknowledge that the Hatch looks far better than Sedan. And looks like ford has some plans to do so.