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  1. Interesting to have a Chinese designed American brand being launched in a very sentimental Indian Auto market. I really feel the design has not matched upto the expected standards keeping in mind that the Beat has been one good hatch design. But this seems more spacious and on the lines of Hyundai i20. But then we all know Chevrolet have been bad with design checks when products are designed somewhere outside USA. The Spark, old U-VA and another hatchback I don't even remember since it came and went like London rains, all were design sorrows. In addition, I don't see a reason why someone will buy this hatch over any other that flood the market, that too from biggies of Hatch like Hyundai and MS. Let's see if they will have the free 3 year maintenance offer along with this to boost up the sales. Also, I really don't feel Chevrolet are expecting high sales in midst of low production after the curtailing the manufacturing plant.
  2. I think that will be a move yet to see. Firstly Honda launches the car in 2014 trying to tap into the utility vehicle market in diesel variant. a year and half down the line the market seems unpredictable to prove and we don't know how Oil prices will affect it. Secondly, I hope the audience that honda tries to target is right. They cant afford to sell as the niche car of any product range that they have done in the past with Accord, City and Jazz. There are no two questions that when Honda delivers, it delivers quality and I would love to get a shot at their new diesel engines keeping into account my adoration for Honda since a long time.
  3. This seems to be an interesting move keeping in mind that the festive season is on. But there are many factors that probably have led to the downtrend of sales of Kizashi in the past that Maruti Suzuki may need to look into to boost sales. Firstly, the image MS has had for so long is difficult to shed off, which is getting tremendous competition from various International brands. The market is crowded with players who want to sell economical sedans with the feel of top end technologies and comfort. Marketing in this case becomes vital to break the market and to recreate the brand image, which MS messed up big time with the Kizashi. I have been following different brands online and looking at the trends of Kizashi on multimedia makes me feel it as a sad product. Bringing out awareness of the product, and it's incentives is crucial to make sales. The market dynamics already is not in favour of the Auto Industry, with loans getting expensive and markets moving sluggish, I truly feel a more long standing incentive might just work better than an instant cost cut for them, in addition to a new marketing strategy to cater to a broader audience rather than calling it a premium product.