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  1. Hey , I thought that the circuit was closed due to some Court Case ....... !!
  2. Why .. Why .. Why are these guys hell bent on squeezing us of our hard earned money ( for most its hard earned ) ?? At 25L ex showroom I don't see it being value for money from any angle ..... but then Indian consumers have a funny way of accepting things thrown at them !!
  3. How about an event report ... along with pics and videos preferably !!
  4. Cumon Prancing Horse .... lets make this a informative and fun place to hang out like the good ol days !!!
  5. Hey , Hopping aboard from the mountains of HP though I do spend a lot of my time in the heat of Delhi these days . Used to be an active member on certain other forums till they turned into a fish market under Hitlers rule and then as expected had to be shunted out . Hoping this forum turns into a great hangout amongst car freaks ... and hope the Mods allow a little BANTER along with genuine knowledge ( not googled posts ) to us Newbies !! Im more of a Sideways kinda guy or anything that allows me to get mud on my machines ... not much of a round n round in circles ( F1 ) kinda fan , though used to be before the sport became more about machine and less about man . I have and do possess the usual machines -- Palio GTX , Mitsu Cedia , Swift both in diesel n petrol and looking to add a SUV of some sort to the collection shortly . Anyways .... not good with the Intros but hope to form some long lasting friendships with other members . Cheers