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  1. As an Audi owner let me first get one thing out of the way, the A4 2.0 TDi is NOT worth all that money. Yea ok it has the features and the Audi badge but 140bhp with a multitronic ???? EVEN ON THE FACELIFT ??? I dont know which clown at Audi decides to overlook plonking 170hp and a better gearbox in whats their bread n butter car in India. The Laura/ Jetta have superior gearboxes and lesser weights hence they are quicker and more practical at a much lower price. The Q5 and Passat get 170hp + & even the superb though in 140hp tune, still gets the DSG box and hence its a gem to drive. Besides the superb too is cheaper and more practical than the A4 2 diesel. In short, ALL its relatives have an upper hand over it !! The A4 2.0 TDi is almost treated as a step-child by Audi and god knows why !? With a better drivetrain it can give some stiff competition to BMW and Merc but as of now in this tune it ought to be steamrolled. I dont see what exactly you pay 30 lakhs for with the A4 2.0 TDi. Yes the Volvo does make the best sense here. Good looking, exlcusive, good diesel engine too and you will get good discounts. Give it a shot ! Good luck
  2. Ok im about to suggest the least glamorous of options here but its a tried and tested product in the market & more importantly personally and i feel it should definitely count among your options. Lo n Behold , the 'Skoda Laura TDi Laurin&Klement lol ! Im sorry to burst your bubble incase you expected something better especially since the options youv mentioned above are atleast from a class above but hear me out - Just about a year ago we opted for this very car for heavy running and today after 11 months of ownership i cant tell you how happy and satisfied i am. In 11 months she has clocked 19,000kms and is still going strong. She was driven extensively through all sorts of roads through Mumbai's unforgiving monsoon and virtually non-existent roads and still flawless ! She has every bell n whistle that the superb has, the same engine in the same set of tune from the superb and that unbelievable DSG box. I regularly get 17-18km/l IN THE CITY (not in bumper2bumper ofcourse). Ok the engine is in a lower set of tune compared to the passat but then they are from different classes and besides, the passat is almost a good 10 lakh dearer. Car to car its much better value than the Jetta and when you drive her you will realize what a hoot she is to drive. To sum it up- Safe looks, ALL features skoda has got to offer in India, great handling, stiff ride but very very limited body roll , great engine and the legendary DSG. Ok Skoda will soon be launching the new Octavia but if that is not a deterrent for you , you could be plenty happy with the Laura and she should be around the 20 lakh OTR whereabouts in Delhi. Good luck !
  3. << that's the closest i found and wer just 20% there so imagine. About service , regular service with oil change etc will cost anywhere in the range of 15 - 20k on average. The car has been through 3 routine services so far and the cheapest has been in the 15k range and most expensive around 22k across the 3 years. Thankfully the car has faced NO issues in the entire ownership period (touchwood) and has been absolutely flawless. Maybe the CBU effect made the difference or perhaps am just plain lucky ! The only extra expenses incurred have been the couple of accidents which unfortunately were unavoidable but none that endangered the chassis/ dynamics of the car.
  4. So its finally happened. With Audi hot at BMW's heels for so long it was just a matter of time. I expect it to be a closely fought contest all throughout the year and maybe...just maybe Audi might edge it by a bit this year. I also expect Mercedes to be not far behind by any means thanks to their planned model offensive this year.
  5. Gimmick. Know the A6 inside- out and last i remember , all these features are available on the A6. A friend's BASE 2.0 TDi has 4-zone ACC too. Infact i remember him telling me it being one of the usp's of the A6 since the 5 doesnt offer it and on the 3 litre E's its 3 zone. That apart, adaptive suspension, all LED lamps etc are all offered as options on the A6 so nothing new there. Perhaps the price might be a tad lower but at 46 base, nothing to be excited about as well.
  6. Oh she is going to be around for a long long time so rest assured there will be a 50k update and many more to follow. lol She really does come into her own on those amby curves so no surprises there Tend to agree with the 'exotic' tag. lol Thanks anyway
  7. Thanks karan You have quite a handful in your garage as well. happy miles Id initially put up this report on another automotive forum in 2010. I wasnt a member of the ACI forum back then and i dont think it was even all that active if im not wrong. I see enough activity here now & so registered and here it is. Thanks for the wishes
  8. Before i get started let me first clarify that the report is from April 2010, when i bought it. This might lay to rest all questions about delayed buys, facelift etc. Monday,19th April 2010,Santacruz,Mumbai - So there i was on my office desk glum as usual, going through a few pending files & reading a few books for an exam that i intended to appear for later that year. Glum as it was just another day, getting too monotonous. Longingly i stared at the F10 BMW 5 series wallpaper on my desktop when my dad comes out of this cabin - Dad- "Come on lets go" Me - " (sigh) where to ???" Dad - "shut up and move" My body felt like it weighted a ton as i moved my anchors (i mean legs) towards the car,trying to hide my irritation and sulking look to avoid an earful from dad. Little did i know that an amazingly pleasant heart attack was in store ! Emotions,expressions,feelings is a great phenomenon that all living things experience and i would fondly remember this specific day for the most abrupt change of feelings from being extremely bored and sulking to something completely ballistic & bonkers. Our office stands at Santacruz which is right next to Kalina,the suburb where Audi Mumbai West have setup their service centre. As the car entered the complex with "AUDI MUMBAI WEST" written in bold ,all i had in mind was "huh?? what the.....what in gods name is going on???" A man was waiting there to greet my dad as he alighted the car. My dads first words were, " ok where is she" & that is when my eyes first caught sight of her standing in a corner. WOW ! gleaming in altogether different shade of white and her Bulgarian beard grille shinning in a unique gloss ! It took me quite some time to interpret from my dad and the audi fellow's exchanges that they had already talked and held discussions before. Quite sometime later i was told that a day prior to all these events, a client had introduced my dad to this guy at Audi who had informed him about a CBU White coloured Audi A4 3.0 TDI ,the very same one that was displayed at the Auto Expo in Delhi earlier that year and had been transported down to Mumbai right after the event. They claimed that this was a unique A4 in more ways than one. For starts, it had all , i mean all possible features,gadgets and functions one could dream of having in a premium segment car. Since it was a CBU brought in from Ingolstadt , it did not have the usual IBIS white colour that is seen on other A4s and on the inside, it had "Audi Exclusive" packaging and upholstery which again would not be offered on any other Audi A4 in the nation. Whats more, i was really surprised when i learnt that the 3.0 TDI version of the A4 was not due to go on sale till August-September that year (and still isnt sold if im not mistaken). When i first heard this i had 2 things in mind - Firstly i was not sure how much truth was there to it and second being even if all of this was for real , they would surely demand a heavy premium over the normal tag that would be asked for the a4 3.0 tdi.Nonetheless i kept mum and decided to observe the proceedings. They talked & talked more and finally the time arrived for the TD. The 3.0 tdi we were after , was NOT available for TD since it was not registered and we were given a 2.0 tdi for TD. Dad took the wheel and we were quite liked how she behaved (up from a 132ps /175nm Civic). What really had me drooling was, if the 2.0 tdi felt like this (relatively eager), how might the big daddy be??? Yes that beast of a Teuton with the same body but different heart ! A massive 240hp 500NM 3 L tdi V6 engine and whats more, QUATTRO !! The TD happened, we checked out the interiors of the 3.0 tdi and YES, every word of what the Audi guy claimed was true !! A sea of features to start with which was coupled by red and black leather seats with "Audi exclusive" signature slabs on each side ! I just cant come up with enough superlatives to describe the eliteness and perfection of that cabin. That done it all came down to one thought - "The car was amazing but how much would they ask for?" Extensive talks later including a discussion with the chairman of Audi Mumbai West most of which i would discount, we managed to get them down a massive 6.5lakhs from the price they were originally quoting and trust me , it was now pretty reasonable! Let me just disclose the 1 dialogue that my dad repeatedly used which sealed the deal from their side- "This car is no doubt amazing, but my son here wants me to wait for the new 5 series that releases a week later . But that doesn't matter , you give me your best possible quote and i will seal the deal right here right now" Formalities completed, arrangements made and voila !!! ..she was ours !!!! History was in the making. The first Audi A4 3.0 TDI Quattro in the nation, that too a limited edition CBU ! Trust me, i was drooling, paralyzed all of it almost at the same time !!! Today its been 3 years since shes been with us and in hindsight i realize that had anything been even slightly different on that day, she wouldn't be standing in our garage today. We had been waiting for the f10 530d to launch and it was on the very next day that BMW were going to launch it. We even had invites to the launch. Had BMW launched the car a day earlier we probably wouldnt have even visited Audi considering the A6 was aging and no one was aware of the existence of a A4 3.0 TDi in the Audi Mumbai West stables. How that Expo car made it to Mumbai of all places , how my dad came to know about it & all this less than 24 hours prior to the f10's launch is anyone's guess but trust me i wouldnt have it any other way ! & i say this after extensively driving the 530d and more than 45k of happy miles with my car. The smile is intact and it always will Am attaching pics from throughout the ownership period so far, right from day 1 to across the last 3 years. Hope to enjoy them
  9. How difficult is it to categorize ? I am sure a good percent of people have certain priorities before them when they set out to buy a car. A few people are efficiency obsessed, who might have a very high running yet not many 200+ km drives in the car's lifetime. For them a 3-cyl oil burner makes perfect sense. While i do agree that these units are absolutely pathetic on the refinement front, they do deliver on the 1 single major parameter that theyr manufactured for and that is 'fuel efficiency'. You have vehicles like the VW UP which too might get a 3-pot IIRC. I dont really foresee anyone driving an UP or a nano diesel complaining about how sluggish the car is. Your buying a not-so-refined 3 pot oil burner with long ratios tuned for a million kilometers to the litre and you want 9 seconds to 100 ? Sorry, look elsewhere then. Personally i feel as long as something substantial can be achieved on the refinement / NVH front (relatively..from unacceptable to bearable levels) , the 3-pot oil-burners can go a long way especially with technologies like bluemotion etc.
  10. The DSG on the polo will be identical to the one thats offered on the Superb tsi. Yes the same dry clutch unit. Word is that theyv worked on it and its not as unpredictable as before. Ofcourse thats strictly relative. For those not wanting to take chances theres always a manual or the option of a 106ps /250nm TDI polo that will accompany the 1.2 tsi. That though will only be offered with a manual.
  11. The choice is yours to make. What you say is right - the 530d makes the most sense as a package since BMW are offering a lot of things standard on the 30d where as Audi have optional packages which dramatically increases the cost of the car. Besides, you did not like the rear seat of the A6 (you are right about the poor thigh support part, many Audis rnt great at thigh support). But the problem lies here - You already have BMWs, you dont like the rear seat of the Audi, the Merc just isnt your type and the Jag doesnt have the best rear seat in the business. The only NON-negative comment out of the 4 lies with the BMW and there-in lies your answer. At best you could TD the XF S 3.0 and A6 3tdi again but i dont see you swaying your decision away from the BMW unless the other 2 came up with some dramatic discounts. By the way that did remind me that the A6 3tdi is going for hefty discounts. If at all you sway away from the BMW bargain hard and get a killer deal. Good luck.
  12. The XF does not come with fog lamps as standard. For rear seat space the XF is NOT a wise option. Head room is severely limited due to the swooping roofline and legroom is strictly average considering its 49xxmm length which is huge ! In terms of downright comfort it still lies with the E but in terms of space it should be tight between the A6 and E class. While the A6 3.0 TDi and 530d are genuinely quick , the 350 CDI and XF S are brisk in their own right its just that against the former 2 they are lacking in outright pace.
  13. Congrats ! Quite a looker and will always be exclusive on our roads. Great choice