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    PlatzdaTurbo got a reaction from BMWfanatic in What to buy for 25 lacs!!   
    As an Audi owner let me first get one thing out of the way, the A4 2.0 TDi is NOT worth all that money. Yea ok it has the features and the Audi badge but 140bhp with a multitronic ???? EVEN ON THE FACELIFT ??? I dont know which clown at Audi decides to overlook plonking 170hp and a better gearbox in whats their bread n butter car in India. The Laura/ Jetta have superior gearboxes and lesser weights hence they are quicker and more practical at a much lower price. The Q5 and Passat get 170hp + & even the superb though in 140hp tune, still gets the DSG box and hence its a gem to drive. Besides the superb too is cheaper and more practical than the A4 2 diesel. In short, ALL its relatives have an upper hand over it !! The A4 2.0 TDi is almost treated as a step-child by Audi and god knows why !? With a better drivetrain it can give some stiff competition to BMW and Merc but as of now in this tune it ought to be steamrolled. I dont see what exactly you pay 30 lakhs for with the A4 2.0 TDi.
    Yes the Volvo does make the best sense here. Good looking, exlcusive, good diesel engine too and you will get good discounts. Give it a shot !
    Good luck