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  1. Etios 'n Vios are so similar in dimension' date=' so as i said, a Vios-tised Etios will be another super hit in our country

    Etios, Vios & a Vios-tised Etios

    [/quote'] good job done by creatvebala, it reveals the secret. The Etios and Vios (Yaris in some markets) is made on a same body shell (the dimensions such as wheel base and width is exactly same), Toyota done a price cutting job in Vios such as interior design and some exterior makeup to differentiate the model and to save the image of the Vios from a budget saloon as Etios known as in India. 

    just compare the dimensions in this page




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  2. What is the Toyota secret behind developing and launging a new model in India instead of bringing a similar (in the size and price) exising model?

    I mean about the Etios is similar to Yaris sedan and Liva is similar to Yaris HB. (available in international markets). Why Toyota not interested to bring Yaris in India?