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  1. Hello. I am a student staying in Hyderabad.I need a 2-wheeler as i have to commute about 30km everyday. I cannot handle the heavy 150cc bikes as i had suffered a froearm fracture a few months ago. Hence i have zeroed in on the 125s. The recently launched XCD looks quite good. Mileage is also an important consideration as 'Bucks saved are Bucks earned'. People do not prefer Bajaj here a,(though there exist a huge number of Pulsars on the road). HH remains the predominant choice. Also Honda Shine is another consideration, but it is 6k dearer that the XCD. Please Suggest. There have also been opinions that the XCD's breaks are not strong enough, can getting the XCD fit with a disc (Probably from the discover 135 be a good idea) Suggetrsions please Thanks