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  1. All people who had planned to book aduster ost oct will now definitely go for the XUV500 W8.
  2. I have just test driven the Duster110RXL and too me the product is simply overpriced. Exterior: The first impression of the vehicle when I touched the door handle was, Oh GOD this is worse than the ALTO. Renault should have paid attention to the first thing that people come in contact with, when they have to get into the car: the door handles. The doors sound like a tin box, even the alto doors shut with a more re assuring thud compared to the duster’s and this is uttering not acceptable. Rest of the fit and finish on the cars exterior is acceptable, but the fuel filler cap is overly large. Coming to the interior: How come the 7-8LAC PulseRXZ gets a keyless go and the 13-14LAC DusterRXZ does,nt, I really could not understand this. The interior quality to me was acceptable except for some ergonomic glitches. Driving Experience: It was surprisingly better than expected, as I was excepting a lot of turbo lag after going through the specs but this was not the case. The driving position too seemed good and the ride quality was good too even on totally battered roads. The wipers are horrible as I found out when it rained they shudder a lot. All in all a good car let down by a steep price for whatever quality Renault is providing. I will have to wait to drive the 84duster and I think I will have to wait for the Ford Ecosport before I pay the Renault guys my hard earned money. COMMENTS ARE WELCOME
  3. If i am not mistaken 20% of the XUV booking are for the 4WD. I doubt if renault has done a proper market study for the pricing of the duster and about withholding the duster's 4WD version. I feel the diesel 110 top end should have been a 4WD and cost 12lakhs ex show room and every other variant lower should have be 50-60k cheaper. Any comments are welcome and please convey the message to renault too.
  4. there are two things i just dont seem to understand about renault: 1] they have priced the 110 duster at 12.5lakhs and 14lakhs OTR in karnataka that throws it out of contention for most of them i believe. 2] again the 110 duster's engine choice seems to be worst than the first version of the fluence. It would have been good to see the lastest version from the fluence in the duster aswell. Seems like common sense is very common at renault. hope to see price revisions on the duster in early 2013 as the localization increases or else the duster both 85/110 versions will get gobbled up once the ecosport is launched
  5. I went through the prices for the ertiga and it is very well priced. Renault should have priced the duster85 a max of 50k more than the ertiga spec to spec. The duster 110 is murder it too should not have been more than 50k than the similar 85 version, then and only then would duster be the king. As a lot of other forum members have pointed out the XUV will rule the market.
  6. The top of the line Vento/Rapid/Linea are cheaper than the RXL 85 Option and I think this is what is going to put Renault in trouble. You cant have a Micra/Impulse without airbags but a highway cruiser like the Duster has it only as a option. I think it should have been the other way around. For the duster to succed they should have kept the prices closer to the Ertiga spec to spec.
  7. Renault have blown it big time . After all the hype surrounding the super pricing of the duster, the duster is going to bite the dust. All its variants seem overpriced without a doubt. The top of the line cost 13lacs OTR that ridicolous. I think the XUV will keep going great guns and the duster, which was supposed to give mahindra sleepless nights(both for the scorpio n XUV) is done n dusted because of its pricing. RENAULT WAKE UP and re price the duster before FORD launches the ecosport.