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  1. The Fiesta looks fantastic in that colour. It's the one I would've picked if I were to buy the Fiesta. What's your experience with the interior plastic/trims quality? I found it to be a little cheap/low quality when I test drove the car.
  2. The white exterior with the read interior are just a fantastic combination. That's just the mix I have been saving up for to match up on my recently acquired ANHC. Getting your car with the right combination, as you've listed in great detail seemed like quite a task, but having seen the pictures, I do believe it was well worth the wait. Here's to many happy miles and safe driving in the lunatic 328i!
  3. That definitely is a very good looking scooter and the pricing is also on par with the segment. Hope Yamaha backs it up with good power and service/reliability to ensure they really get a hold of the segment, which is a new one for them.
  4. Companies seriously need to consider adding an AT to their diesel sedans in the C segment, considering the percentage of diesel vehicles in India is on the rise, thanks to the disparity between petrol and diesel fuel prices. Like the original ANHC, now also updated in the ANHC 2012, I do hope at least the top 2 variants get the AT box, rather than being limited to the top spec one, like most companies have been doing.
  5. The Ssangyong XIV and Concept Alpha from Maruti seem like to be heavily influenced by the Range Rover Evoque, especially with the sloping clam-shell roof. Personally, the Ssangyong comes across as a Kia soul passenger cabin/roof with pumped up front and rear wheel arches.
  6. While the front is definitely "inspired" from the Mazda CX line up,the interiors lack any kind of flair. If ICML decides to sell this vehicle at a relative premium, which I believe they will, they will need to rework the interiors, otherwise they'll end up with the same fate as the Premier Rio and Force One.
  7. That's true. All I was trying to imply is that the Ecosport will need some rework for India, to fall under the 4m bracket. Out of the 4241mm length of the Brazilian Ecosport, I would imagine they would shave off at least 200mm for the wheel. The other 40-50mm would have to be adjusted with the overhangs, whether it be a different front or rear bumper.The rear overhang already being at the bare minimum, I'd assume the bumper/grille might be a little different from India. Retaining the same style, but a bit flatter than the global design. With the Ecoboost engine due to be localised here, I would expect Ford to have learnt something from the success of the Figo as against the Fiesta disaster, to arrive with a very appealing pricetag. The rear, as we've seen from the Autocar India test also, is not necessarily "roomy" and the ingress/egress might be a bit of a task for chauffeur driven India because of the relatively smaller rear doors.
  8. I believe the front overhang of the new Xylo is much more than the original Xylo, which with the already tight dimensions of the Quanto, would have pushed it beyond the 4m barrier. Then again, I could be wrong and Mahindra could just be holding back that front for a mid-life refresh.
  9. The vehicle exterior and interior are fantastic. That being said, I'm quite curious to see on how they've managed to shave off close to 250mm in the length of the Global vehicle, to bring it under 4m. The bumpers might be a lot flatter on the Indian spec Ecosport
  10. The pictures show that the rear seats will end up being child seats at best, keeping in line with the side view/curvature of the rear, which would end up affecting head room. The vehicle will sell, because the pricing will be good, considering this will be a sub 4m vehicle. On a personal note, I'm not a fan of the styling at all, but then again, I'd never really liked the original Xylo to begin with.
  11. The exterior is quite an attention grabber, quite unlike the interior which is just a mash up of cheap plastics and very strange ergonomics. While the exterior might be able to justify the price tag, the interior is definitely several levels down on quality and fit/finish. If the 2nd service cost is actually on par with the Fluence at 15k, that would just be crazy! Even VW and Skoda which have their service intervals at 15k kms have service costs of about 9k out of which the synthetic oil accounts for almost 50%.
  12. The dual-tone dash seems surprisingly well finished, if compared to the quality of the exterior. The vehicle was initially restricted to non-metros because of the BS3 engine, but now with their new engine, they might be able to increase numbers considerably if the price and vfm tag is explored. The lack of brand recognition though might limit the sales outside it's local market, just like the Force One is currently experiencing.
  13. Absolutely agree. The rear end of the new Dzire for example is ghastly, but that hasn't stopped Maruti from bagging a record number of bookings for it.
  14. With the next gen Logan supposed to have the underpinnings of the Fluence, I highly doubt they will be able to undercut the Scala in terms of pricing and size. With the Renault-Nissan alliance having tied down all price brackets from the Micra to the Scala, I doubt there would be any room infact for another sedan to fit it. If anything, it might be the Sandero that makes it here, which I am guessing will come badged a Renault, unless Mahindra also bought rights to the Hatch when they bought over the Logan.
  15. Letting this car have the 500 branding is just pure sacrilege. While the overall proportions are inspired by the 500, I would've preferred if Fiat had not kept the 500 branding here.