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  1. Great race! Alonso and Ferrari managed quite well to finish in the position they started. I wouldn't say Ferrari is in the same league as Red Bulls or even Mclaren but Alonso manages well to be with them. Straight-line speed of Ferrari was good. Mclarens touching 318kmph with DRS and Ferrari maxed out at 302 which really helped and not made Alonso a sitting duck! Special mention of Saubers who really drove well esp Perez who started 15th and ended up 6th just behind Kobayashi who inturn drove well. Kobayashi really looked after his soft compounds which really I didn't expect. Fastest lap goes to Michael Schumacher but he really needs a car which is just not fast over a single lap but through out the race! Hot climate doesn't suit Mercedes and I see them struggling at Hungary too unless it rains!
  2. Guys, have a look at this video. Crashtor Maldonado crashes under red flag! Youtube
  3. Hello folks, First of all, congrats ACI for putting up a great New Forum. Looks really good and pretty easy to navigate. New to this forum but not new to forums. I strongly believe that forums have a bright future in emerging Indian Web World and would love to see ACI Forum at the top. I'm 27 year old, earned myself a business degree from US and back to start my own Insurance Brokership in Mumbai. Naturally, I love cars and Ferrari is what I worship. A big Formula1fan, Ferrari and M.Schumacher in particular. I have been following F1 from past 13 years, religiously. Off-roading is something I recently got hooked to and boy its fun! Looking forward to buy a Thar to explore 4x4 territory. Apart from driving, I also promote cycling. Looking at the current traffic woes and hectic life, I needed something which would help me relax and stay fit. I ride a 2011 GT Transeo 4.0 to various parts of city and beyond. I have already clocked 1000 kms on my bicycle. If I'm not riding, I'm driving. I drive a 2008 Swift Vdi. I shall open threads on my Swift in Test Drives & Reviews and Bicycle in Opposite Lock soon. Already noticed many known people on the forum and hope to engage in some great discussions.