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  1. Hi, I think you should wait for the Nissan Terrano I know it's not a 4 wheel drive but it will manage most of the off road surfaces , I own a eco sport but I drove a duster recently through some really bad roads it behaved superbly ,the Tata safari can have reliability issues in the long run(just a thought ) Try the Nissan and let me know.
  2. Hi guys I am a new Member and proud to be in the Autocar Forum.I recently picked up the ford eco sport want to give you guys a short Review of my take On the eco sport. I did a drive just to get a feel of the sport from Kottayam to Yercaud,I took the kumily Route since the Palakad stretch is undrivable(you need a truck).What impressed be about the eco sport is its surge of power at any gear,The stability is good but not that good as compared to the duster which is more planted at higher speeds(120kmph),I got around 13 kmpl can improve since I was driving it to gauge its power and stability on the long runs.Overall it's a brilliant package with super interiors (that includes the stereo too)Bluetooth connectivity is really easy!! The eco sport does a good job for its price,will see how the ford service is when it's due for its first service!!
  3. i think its the contessa 1.8 without the power steering