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  1. I've test driven all the Fabias (1.2, 1.4 and 1.4TDI) and somehow they just didn't click with me (diesel engine LOUD, petrols lackluster, ride too harsh, steering too heavy, back seat not comfortable). Overdrive has done a road test of the elegance in the May 2008 issue...the engine according to them is lacking and has an average response. (0-100 in 17 secs for the 1.4 elegance!)


    Our family owns an Octavia and there all niggling issues all the time (eg. the gear used to slip on engaging in 2nd till the engine revved down!)


    I personally feel that Honda City/Verna/Cedia are better buys. If I had to choose one, I'd pick the Verna XXi or CRDI SX with ABS - very driver friendly cars. The light cluth n gearbox make it easy in the city.


    You could also look at the Honda City VTEC...

  2. @Rssh

    I mentioned about upsizing the tires and their aspect ratios coz I personally felt that the ride was way too harsh...plus the OEM tires arn't that great (some Matador brand)...


    anyways...I think the Fabia in both petrol and diesel guise is over-priced...otherwire I would've bought it by now!

  3. I test drove it a few weeks back - I definitely recommend it above the diesel though you'll get a milage of about 10-12  (as per the car's onboard trip computer)....I still think its worth it though - atleast it doesnt give a feeling of "what the ****...is this what I paid for?" feeling that you get on starting the LOUD diesel motor.


    Make sure though that you change the tires - I think 195/65 R14 will perform much better in terms of ride (which I feel is extremely harsh), handling and braking than the standard 185/60 R14 that the Fabia comes standard with....

  4. ok I don't know if the thread is still going but my choice would be Civic any day. My dad has a civic and my cousin's dad just bought the Laura Ambiente. The Laura's ride is much harsher(!), leg space is also lesser but it comes with more features than the civic (eg. rear A/C vents, Anti-Skid Reduction, Projector headlamps).


    Overall, in terms of a total package, the Civic, I feel, is better...


    The Laura comes with 60 profile tires (205/60/R15?) and I think higher profile tires might improve the ride a bit. Has anyone tried that?

  5. well, I feel that if Hyundai can put in the 1.5 CRDI from the Verna in the i30 and introduce it between the Getz and the Verna (it is smaller that the Verna but larger than the Fabia/Getz), they're looking at a super-hit bec of the obvious success of their CRDI motor. After all, the car market growth is coming only in the hatchback segment and the i30 makes a logical choice after the success of the i10...or doesnt it?

  6. I was reading that the Fabia's 1.4 Petrol is a 4 cylinder 16v engine - that should do it for me...


    If there is a 3cylinder 1.2 petrol, it depends on which one - Skoda has the 6 valve and 12 valve ones...the 12 valve 3 cyln 1.2 is really good as per UK reviews.


    So its just a wait and watch for me...


    By the way the prices being whispered around are:


    6L for base petrol

    6.8-7L for 1.4 petrol elegance


    diesels will be +75,000 (should've been +1 lac but they escape the extra excise 8%)


    here's the link to the indian brochure:


    I'm going for the 1.4 Ambiente. Although must say I'm in love with the projector headlamps on the elegance. DAMN. life is cruel.       :(

  7. Saw it in the flesh and got lucky today! yep, I test drove the 1.4 TDI Elegance version of the Fabia a while back....


    My observations -


    1. Very good interiors - comfortable seats, full of features that are not even mentioned!!! Examples - all 4 power windows are auto up/down with pinch guards on all of them, brake assist!

    2. The plastic quality is not AS good as ACI's review states

    3. The diesel engine NOISE is very irritating and it sounds as loud as an indica, perhaps even louder.

    4. As per ACI and the brochures - 1.2 petrol will NOT be available!!! (Although the dealer says that 1.2 is also on the cards)

    5. The colors on offer are too less! I saw it in white and silver today and didn't like either of the colors. Frankly these Skodas will look best in LOUD colors like reds and yellows...

    6. The brakes are just about ok (and I tested the ABS version)

    7. Pick up was good with quite a bit of turbo lag though


    I tested it at Giriraj Motors in Gurgaon.


    I think I've pretty much decided - I'll buy the Fabia. My preference is the petrol version - I'm just waiting for a test drive on that and will monitor the trip computer to see what fuel efficiency figures it throws out. If its above 12/13 kmpl, its a no-brainer.


    Overall, a nice car. Worth the hype? a cautious yes is my answer.