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  1. hey guys.. can this be done on a new ford endeavour that i'm planning to buy? if so.. can it be done in the OE assembly? coz i doubt my dad would let me put in the assembly on a brand new car? also does this void warranty?? what about philips BlueVision? if i put those in will it affect warranty? Also.. how do the BVs compare to Osram Night Breakers??
  2. rahman auto accessories in GP road' date=' 28605827, 42105441 he also has osram night braker [/quote'] hey.. how are osram night breakers? And how do they compare to philips BlueVision?? Don't you need special upgrades like relays and creamic holders for the philips extremes??
  3. i think it's 175/70 R13... will check n confirm tomorrow morning!
  4. thanks man... i'll check 'em out. Also... They shouldn't be too bling if u know wat i mean... coz my dad uses the car most of the times... so it should look cool without being brash!!! Also... will there be any suspension problems if i upsize to 185/60 R14s??? coz i heard the suspension can get damaged due to a improper upsize!
  5. Yeah... i found very few good Aura n Neo Alloys.... lenso n stallion had some really classy ones... which ones do u guys suggest?
  6. Hey guys, I have a Accent Viva CRDi. I'm just going to add some alloys n sum new rubber... I was just wondering which ones to go for. Also... wud it be wise to upsize to 14 inches? if yes... how will it affect the efficiency/pick-up? Also... which brands wud u suggest?? Some brands called Stallion, Plati, Lenso keep popping up but i've never heard of them... shud i go for them or shud i stick to Aura n Neo???
  7. Lol. Couldn't have put it better myself! Anyways... Yeah. It's coz my isn't ready to give me another car. The 800 is the only vehicle he'll give me! Coz i won't be legal yet! After my 1st year maybe i'll get another! How much does a good head-unit with USB cost?
  8. Hey guys, i really need help... i have a 20 yr old MAruti 800 which i'm gonna be using to go to college. i need a good audio system for it. Budget arnd 20-25k. It has no ports for the speakers in the front so i'm gonna really need a lot of power in the back. I plan to put in a parcel tray and put in some 6"x9"s. Which brands shud i go in for? for the HU and the speakers. If u have any better ideas, i'm open to them!!
  9. ok... how about the sound system? Scrap the budget just tell me what all i shud put?
  10. Hey guys, I just read in d news dat the fabia's been launched in 3 new variants from 4-5 lakhs. Does anyone know the changes and exact prices???
  11. hey dude, cool car... how much did u get the rims for? where did u get 'em? coz i was looking for good alloys for my accent viva...
  12. ojasp


    doesn't that pic look a lot like the honda hornet????
  13. k... i guess i can convince my father to increase the budget...but what places do u suggest for doing the mods? should i upgrade the wheel size coz i think 13-inches is a bit small.... also... i already have a good HU and basically i'm looking for a budget woofer and amp excluding the 6x9s from JBL for arnd 3k... also... how much do u think i'll need for some relatively good body kits?? maybe around 10k for the stereo and rims excluded... where do i do all the body kits and all?