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  1. Haha.. 4wd Quonto.. Doesn't make any sense at all.. Going offroad with these oddman will surely result in toppling up.
  2. Hi.. What ever may be equipment level, the price will be quite high. VW is taking all these efforts just to keep buzz around the car and brand. At the same time it quenches the thirst of power of some petrolheads or say dieselheads For sure, these are not the volume churner variants.
  3. Honda was\is well aware of this fact that Amaze will cannibalize sales of City. But the thing is IMO, Honda intentionally did this. As we know current gen City is in its last phase of product life-cycle. So by bringing Amaze with such a price, now Honda managed to push next gen City a little higher in pricing. As next gen City will come with new set of features and equipments. Overall a wise strategy.
  4. Killer pricing from GM. Factors Favoring GM Huge Space Nice handling (as per some reviews) Price (although introductory) Full grown MUV Factors Favoring MSIL tried and tested good equipment list IMO, Enjoy will enjoy a good start and take away chunk from all the established MUV
  5. I don't think that company is planning Rs. 20L + price tag. Because they might not be intending to eat up into already slow selling B-class which retails somewhere in that range only. I don't find any issue if they are using K9K under the hood, it a gem. Who doen't want ultra-efficient luxury car?? But NVH and refinement should be brought to Merc standards.. A think A-class prices will range between 17-20 lakhs bracket.
  6. Disaster...!! Why no Ecoboost available on base trim?? The USP of Ecosport is Ecoboost engine. The prices of top two variants (which will have ecoboost engine in the bay) will surely be over 7.5lakhs. The base diesels also may cost around 6.5-7 lakhs. So even if Ford manages a shocking price tag below 6 lakh for base petrol (1.5 lit engine) it will not at all be practical. So buyable (!) ecosport will retail above 7-7.5 lakhs only.
  7. Out of Chinese Trio, GM India has brought in, Enjoy looks more practical and promising. The car has more things on offer than its competition. We all know it has Chinese connections, but Sail twins now helped in changing perception about those Chinese cars. Also this Chinese connection, in future, may bring in facelift which is currently in testing phase in its native land China. This facelift is comprehensive from the inside and freshened up things inside the cabin (one of the drawback of Enjoy is ageold design of dash) Hope this rolls the good numbers for GM India.
  8. This car reminds me of the Toyota's of my grandfather's era. The basic bodyshell is so oddly designed that even a top-class designer wont be able to make it look pleasant. I just hope Mahindra doesnt dare to price it high in the Swift-Punto terrirtory. This car should be priced below Swift to attract customers and there should be one variant with all the goodies which will be enough to take it to compete with the Segment leaders. I am sure the main bread-butter variants of the Verito Vibe will be the lower variants only.
  9. Practicality of a already 'just practical' car taken to next level. Hope they have not compromised on interior space. ( i think they can't, because altering the wheelbase and indirectly altering the chasis is not allowed to Mahindra as per agreement with Renault). The taxi segment would find it more easy on their wallet. This won't bring huge volumes to the company but may take present sales numbers from 1500 to somewhere near 2500-3000.
  10. Bang on product. Consider this: A car with enough space for 5 passengers as CNG tank may eat up 3rd row.(Eeco has it) Runs on CNG. (Eeco has it) Loaded with creature comforts. (Eeco doesn't have it). Rides like a car. (Eeco doesn't). Comes at a good price. Comes from company like Maruti Suzuki. What else is needed to have a perfect equation.
  11. Hi.. Nice topic to dicuss and its becoming very hot too. Indian economy and consumer mentality is focussing many manufacturers to do so. Same trend is also seen with other countries. We always want all the features at least possible price, which is quite right being a customer. But we are ready to neglect other facts like safety etc and prefer lower price itself. Also the product lifecycle now has drastically reduced to 4-5 years and will reduce further. Thus surviving has become difficult for manufacturers. The act of platform sharing and copying the design or body style from other successful models is output of that only. This situation will evolve further and we can't help that. Brazilian market is much better than us, full of variety and options. Thanks to people are ready to pay more and hence companies are also enjoying good profits and hence can give better products.
  12. Guys.. Its Indian economy and other economies like India, forcing all automobile companies to do so. How we expect a all new, totally differenct car with totally different engine and interiors? Everything if it is developed from scratch, has cost associated with it. And as a consumer we(Indians) are not ready to pay extra money for a word like quality. After all Honda is also here to do bisuness, thus they are forced to go this way. BTW why we asociate mass produced car with lack of quality?
  13. Maruti Suzuki is fighting hard to keep up the sales volume. But such lame efforts will help the company for a very small time. But i think the Maruti Suzuki is playing tricks with pricing, Now they will increase the price just to show they are charging for the improvements. Later in a month or two they start giving out discounts (start Showing Discounts). Sales and Marketing team at MSIL is gem. Atleast they are doing something and keeping buzz around their cars. Look at the dumb guys at Chevrolet India, they don't even bother to promote thier nice product Sail Sedan.
  14. Yes. It may bring some good volumes to Force motors, atleast the situation will improve over the current. Afterall its business and Force motors can't afford to let their investment in this platform die so easily.
  15. Mahindra E2O. Nice product, well packaged and tech laiden. Commendable job by Reva and Mahindra engineers. This will be well accepted in European market rather than our homeland, like the previous gen Reva i. I think, Mahindra expected help from govt and have fallen flat on face. Although commendable efforts by Delhi govt, but we need serious actions from our central govt. What i guess is, Mahindra will wait for further 5-6 months or they might plan for a stripped down variant which could possibly cost around 1-1.5 lakhs lesser. Best luck Mahindra-Reva
  16. This how ugly one car can get. Totally out of proportions. After, Quanto which is also an unproportioned car, here comes another.
  17. Nice Idea and Nice render. This idea will work great atleast better than current aria!
  18. Also I have heard that the Paintshop issue, which is stopping Trailblazer's blazing march into India, is going to be sorted out by outsourcing that job to some established manufacturer nearby. I think GM is well aware about the potential of that SUV and will not hold it back because of silly issue like this. Once agian ISUZU looks ugly, IMO
  19. Awesome..... Look at front with sharp lights and grill in AMG version. Merc trying hard to roll in strongly. Kudos!
  20. Looks quite odd to me. This sharper design may not suite Indian taste. Also generous dimensions are also conisdered to be problematic, atleast IMO. Is Isuzu wants to repeat the story of Force One? Heard that HM will carryout the assembly of this monster but what about A.S.S? Looks like Everyone has caught by fever of SUVs .
  21. I think in chasing large Volumes Honda should not compramise anywhere. Not even though if it costs more than competition. So it should not even think of falling in Indigo or Verito's territory. Anyone will pay premium amount to upgrade to Honda's quality. So they should target increase in volumes with respect to current volumes of themselves and not that of Maruti's or Tata's. And i think Honda is also thinking same way. After-all quality and refinement are the characters of true Honda cars.
  22. Now after thorough analysis Quanto looks like 'Jack of all but King of none'. It nowhere scores out on out. And at pricing front it scores below average though. Mahindra's marketing tream is having tougher job on their hands.
  23. photoauto

    Speed Run?

    Nice one Rapper. Such an event now will bring more thrill..!! Coz now we have some more potent cars and enthusiasm for speed is building up more and more.
  24. Look guys, If we are arguing on Price, then we should understand some points clearly. Brio sedan would seat surely below City and above Brio hatch. It leaves a price bracket of say 5.5-8.5 lakhs. Then another fact is that its a Compact Sedan, which can be priced much competetively. Thus we can expect Brio sedan to come at attractive proposition. Also its absolutly worth to pay 20-30K more for a Honda So ithink Brio sedan will shake the market bottoms up.