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  1. Hi himanshuagarwal2003, Its gotto be PULSAR - Low Maintenance, Cheap Spares, Good Resale, Ride comfort. My friend has FZ - Low Mileage, YAMAHA Spares, Service & Maintenance costs are too high. UNICORN - HONDA's Spares, Service & Maintenance costs are too high. My bro has YAMAHA SZ-R -Quality is not upto the mark & YAMAHA Spares, Service & Maintenance costs are too high. Hope this helps :-) Cheers, $@!
  2. Whats the point HONDA??? I don't get ur approach? The Number of CRV's sold by HONDA in Oct 21012 & Nov 2012 are - '0', Yes a resounding 'Zerooooo'. Even then HONDA wants to launch a new CRV that too with a Petrol Engine. A 2.2 L i-CTDI Diesel engine is offered in the European and Asian markets. Why doesn't it make it to INDIA? Even this will be a flop.
  3. This will change your Opinion about the SAIL twins: The Chinese market is what, 20 times the size of what it is in India? When a CBU-selling BMW or Mercedes decides to make an exclusive car for your country, you know there’s something wrong with them, or there’s something special about your car buying population. The Chinese market is massive, and I’ll tell you by how much. GM India sold about 3,513 units of the Cruze from January to July 2012. Can you guess how many Cruzes were sold in China this year? 10,000? 20,000? 1.35 lakhs! How many units did the CR-V sell in India this year? 100, 200? In China, Honda delivered 105,596 units. The BMW 5 Series did 56,000 units. BMW India has not sold 56,000 units of all its cars combined together since its launch in 2008. Its not just big sedan and SUVs that sell like popcorn in a cinema theater. The VW Golf for instance, clocked over 70,000 units in seven months. The VW Polo clocked 77,000 units. But if you see the top 5 best selling cars, there’s one vehicle which you would not believe is China’s favorite. Yes, we’re talking about the Chevrolet Sail. The Sail is a massive success for SAIC and General Motors in 2012. GM sold 161,297 cars, an improvement of over 41% over 2011, making it China’s second best selling car. In May and July, the Sail was China’s best selling car. Not shocking? India’s best selling car was for so many years the Maruti Alto. Coming a distant second and third were cars such as the Wagon R, Indica or i10. Its the segment that’s booming, not the product, right? Wrong! The best selling car in China is the Buick Excelle (a rebraded Opel Astra, a C-Segment model), while 3rd place is taken by the VW Jetta followed by the Chevrolet Cruze and VW Passat. Many of these cars are sold in different variations, perhaps by different joint ventures, but none of them compete in Sail’s segment or even in its neighbourhood. There are plenty of local Chinese car companies that manufacture cars at the Sail’s price point, but how come they don’t feature in top 50, let alone top 10? Has your opinion of the Chevrolet Sail changed this moment? Read more: Source: Cheers, $@!
  4. Seriously SONIC would have been a game changer in INDIA! SONIC would have thrashed the SWIFT. GM C'mon..... Buckle Up! SONIC comes in a Sedan avatar too which looks really cool, Far better than the SWIFT Dzire, Then why GM is promoting these Chinese Twins I don't understand. Check out the Sonic Twins here...
  5. Hi Death_Race, 5,00,000 for CHEVY OPTRA MAGUM LT is a Good Deal Buddy!!! I know my friend who deals in cars got a 4yr old i10 for 2,80,000 which clocked around 33k kms and mind you its Petrol. One more Instance where one of my Dear Friend got a BItter Deal by Maruti TRUE VALUE for a SANTRO LPG which clocked 30k kms for 2,90,000 and he was the 3rd Buyer (I was the one to Spot this on the day of the car delivery. My Friend and the Salesman himself din't knew this. After speaking to his Supervisor he confirmed that its a 3rd Buy. Sherlock Holmes me.....) One of my Friends took a Chevy OPTRA 1.6 Petrol for 4.5 lakhs. Mind you its PETROL All these instances are based out of Hyderabad & these are like 2-3 months old examples. Now you decide. The Price Quote which you received is Fab & Moreover MAHINDRA gives the warranty for One year I guess. If you push the dealer, he might end up giving you extra services for free... Now You Decide :-) Cheers, $@!
  6. Well this looks like a carbon copy of the Mini Qualis, But in no way this can be compared to a Qualis or a Tavera. I used to travel in cabs everyday and the Tavera & Qualis were comfortable & for few days, I had to travel in a RHINO. OMG you can tell the difference easily. RHINO looses by a huge Margin. The Suspension set up, Seating, Ride, Comfort, Leg-Room are no good in the Rhino. No way they can be compared with the likes of Qualis or Tavera. The RHINO may be good for Cab People, but not for families & I remember the RHINO ad which was shot in the Himalayas where an East-Indian boy praises the RHINO. Initially I taught that this was projected for that Market. Chhers, $@!
  7. Agreed! Why to brand it for Girls??? Masy be err..... Yamaha can give us the answer Hero's Pleasure with Priyanka Chopra saying these lines : 'Why should boys have all the fun?' Tanked royally Boys decided to stay away from this so called scooter which was designed exclusively fun for girls. Hahaha HONDA & SUZUKI are the best examples, as these brands don't brand their scooters for a particular sex. Cheers, $@!
  8. Hi Death_Race, CHEVY OPTRA MAGNUM - Cracker of an Engine. Go For it!!! As you said, The Car clocked 33,000 kms in 4 yrs. Lets Decode this., So, The car Clocked around 8250 kms/year (33,000/4 = 8250) & The Car might have done around 700 kms/month (approx) (8250/12 = 687.5) which is very very less for a Diesel Car though. Perhaps, This means that the car was used very less... I always wondered how many kms you need to clock per month if you want to go for a Diesel car??? Diesel Territory is 1000 kms+ But the Guy who owned this CHEVY OPTRA MAGNUM clocked way less than that. Good for you! As you said that "it has been offered as Certified car through Mahindra First Choice" So the Odometer reading might not been Tampered & Mahindra would have checked it thoroughly & Its an Accident free car. As it is a certified car so no Hassles. Peace of Mind Guaranteed. Even though you pay an extra premium for buying through Mahindra First Choice Peace of Mind is Guaranteed. How much is the Dealer Quoting??? & Whats the Best Price he can Offer? A Thumbs Up from me! Cheers, $@!
  9. Hi CarCrazyASTL, Thanks Buddy for your Advice. Road Tax is 14.5% in A.P. & Insurance would be around 20K. which crosses 8.5 mark plus I can get a i20 Diesel Hatch if I am stretching over 8L. I am going with i20 VTVT as it fits the bill perfectly. Cheers, $@!
  10. Hi CarCrazyASTL, Thanks Buddy, Rep to u. Aaaah.... The prices which you have mentioned are Ex-Showroom prices & the On-road price would cross the 8.5L mark easily. Plus i20 is LOADED with features. LOADED .Period. Cheers, $@!
  11. Hi Krudes, The Steering Rattling Issues, Suspension Issues & the A/C Issues have been sorted out in the new I-gen i20. Cheers, $@!
  12. Guys one Quick Question: Actually one of my friend is Interested in a DIESEL Car buy the BIG Q? is How many kms do we need to Clock in order to Buy a Diesel car? Prancing Horse Suggested 2000kms, But I read in one of the posts by another Member as 1200 kms/month is Diesel Territory. Which is the Diesel Territory? Can someone throw some light on this Thanks, $@!
  13. Hi Sstar, I agree, i20 VTVT Sportz on the cards. ABS+EBD+Driver AIRBAG. Safety First! Cheers, $@!
  14. Cars...... FAST CARS!!!

  15. Hi CarCrazyASTL, Its Safety First for me. With an i20 I am getting ABS, EBD, Parktronic, Reverse Parking Cam, Electronic OVRM's & a list of endless features which even cars greater than 10 lakhs doesn't offer. IMHO for 6.75L on-road price, I cannot get the SUNNY & FIESTA CLASSIC with ABS & EBD. i need to push for 10L if I need ABS & EBD Cheers, $@!
  16. Hi Guys, I am in a fix regarding a Petrol or a Diesel Car. Please help me in choosing the right kind of engine. With rising fuel prices, I'm a bit concerned. I am rooting for a Hyundai i20 - Sportz Variant. I travel for 30kms/day. I clock not more than 800-900 kms in a month The BIG Question is should I go for a Petrol or a Diesel??? i20 Sportz On Road Price in Hyderabad. Petrol - 6,75,000 Diesel - 8,25,000 There's a huge difference of 1.5L between the Petrol & Diesel Variant. I even heard that the maintainence, Spares of a i20 CRDI are Higher than i20 VTVT. What do you suggest? Cheers, $@!
  17. The Government of India has introduced a 4 meter rule which distinguishes the Hatchback from the Sedans Back in 2006, the government passed a rule that any car which has a length of no more than 4 meters, powered by a petrol engine of 1.2L or a diesel engine of 1.5L will bear the excise duty of 10%. Anything bigger in size or engine will bear the duty of 22% or higher All the Hatchbacks mentioned by Arjun_M are more than 4 meters. That's the Problem Chevy SRV was pitted against FORD Fiesta Which was ruling the roost at that point of time & it was the time when people actually started buying Diesel Cars & the lack of a Diesel engine for SRV was also a let down. Ford FUSION was highly priced with a higher cc Engine, But that was kind of a No-Brain-er for the Indian Market. Even though it had a Diesel Engine but Pricing was way too high & People were happy spending few extra bucks for a Sedan (Fiesta) at that price rather than a Hatchback. The New Ford Fiesta has a Hatchback Avatar in the West but for India a Sedan is Projected due to 4 meter rule & the Taxation Policy & Perception of the Indian Buyer. On the Flipside, Hatchbacks such as i20, Punto are doing good in the Indian Auto Scene & i20 CRDI Sportz Diesel variant costs around 8.2 onroad and there are so many buyers for it. TIMES are Changing....