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  1. Nice. The front reminds me of the short lived 8 series. I'm happy to see BMW pay attention to weight savings. $300k places it into super car competition bracket . Another car to watch is the renewed Acura Nsx which is coming soon.
  2. The Chevrolet Beat will be the first car to benefit from the 1.2-liter Smartech Engine. It will have an Advanced Multipoint Sequential LPG Injection Technology type kit. The LPG kit comes with a capacity of 26.2 L (filling) for LPG. Chevrolet is estimating that when the car is loaded with both fuels (LPG and gasoline) it can carry on for 1,000 km.
  3. It is distressing to know that Hyundai alone has an offering in this segment. I too get left knee pain sometimes in heavy city traffic while driving the Fiesta. In my case, age also might be a factor.
  4. it's a standard measurement of fuel characteristic of "knocking". from a scale from 0 to 100, 0 is represented by the standard n-heptane and 100 is for iso octane. the less the rating the more the fuel "knocks" inside the internal combustion engine. The higher the grade the better for the engine and for fuel consumption and power..
  5. I really enjoyed reading your short review about TATA WINGER. I had traveled in Tata WInger for close to 18 months as my daily transportation to my work,i feel this is one pure VFM van's available in our market
  6. This unfortunate incident may have its reasons (media reported "casteist" remarks), but we need to understand that this is a spark which lit the fire, the fuel was always there, this cannot be an isolated incident. It is very clear that the earlier strike and workers grouse were not resolved satisfactorily or completely. The biggest problem now is that we may never know the truth. The state will protect the industry management, while the unions will fight on side of the workers and in the tug of war the truth will be conveniently twisted. The MSIL management is definitely at fault as it is in their interests and control to resolve the issue quickly and in the best possible manner.