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  1. Volkswagen Vento Diesel will fit your budget and its the best diesel sedan now. You may even consider Skoda rapid diesel. Drive both cars and choose by your heart. Don't listen to others, including me. You may not enjoy diesel power like the Honda civic petrol. But the mileage and diesel price will satisfy you.
  2. Indian car market is growing exponentially in diesel cars. However with cost factor in mind automakers have not shown much interest in diesel automatic transmission vehicles. In our country with the type of traffic we have, automatic cars makes sense. Diesel prices in India will continue to be subsidized no matter what. There are no diesel automatic cars below 10 lakh right now. When swift was first launched the top end diesel was VDi (without ABS, airbag, music system). After new swift offered top end ZDi (with ABS, airbag, music system), there has been a good demand for top end models even with increased price. Automakers must consider manufacturing diesel automatic in hatchbacks and mid-size sedans below 10 lakh price range. Indian customers prefer more choices though price minded.