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  1. The DSG gearbox used in all VW cars (skoda, audi, vw) has some serious issues - it is irrepairable! The smallest problem with it and you have to replace the entire gearbox. The ATF oil cooler in my 2006 Laura leaked after they changed the tranmission fluid because my car had done 65000 km. Obviously the leakage can not be attributed directly to the oil change but the net result was that the car started giving a shudder when moving off from a standstill position. The problem did not go away after the skoda dealership replaced the oil cooler and left me with a 30,000 rupee hole in my wallet. After spending 2 weeks in trying to figure out the problem the answer was that Skoda has no solution for the problem and recommends that the gearbox be changed. Cost of gearbox: Rs.5.5 lacs! this is more than the current market price of the car.

    On doing some net search I was shocked to find that the DSG gearbox has acquired quite a notorious reputation worldwide. To save their reputation, in China VW has now offered an extended warranty of 10years on the DSG gearboxes. But what about India?

    Another point, how come one never reads about such things in Autocar magazine or any other auto mag in India?